Pawder Patrol: Declare or dispose (English version)

Officer Goodboy: Is here fine? Cameraman: Yep, stay there Officer Goodboy: I’m a bit far away…should I come a little closer? Cameraman: No, stay there, stay, staaaaay. Officer Goodboy: Uhh, well…I’ve been working as a Biosecurity Officer for about a year now. But sometimes it seems more like seven. My job’s to sniff out the stuff people forget to declare or dispose of… Like these… In my line of work, all fruit and veges are considered rotten since they could hide diseases and pests harmful to New Zealand’s clean and green environment. Sniff sniff…sniff sniff Eggs Meat Honey! Cooking ingredients. Even herbs, seeds and spices need to be de…de…de-clared! (sneezes) Gets me every time Used outdoor equipment does, too. Brrr I don’t know what that’s been in, but that is not allowed! If they haven’t been declared though, you’ll be fined $400. Which, as we say in the industry, …is ruff (rough). Hey, hey, hey. Take a few tricks from an old fella like me: save yourself a heap of trouble by throwing any risk items in the airport amnesty bins after landing… …and be sure to fill out one of these puppies (passenger arrival card). And… if you’re not sure what to do, just ask an officer like me… or my handler, who probably won’t expect a treat afterwards… Sorry, you might want to wipe the slobber off that one.

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  1. Virgil Scarborough says:

    looks like Jemaine Clement

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