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what’s up super told I need that man Jane – hi had to see me just occasions there’s
nothing inside for me too at masquerade my disguise along along all right what is up everyone Oh Jay
over here from player essence welcome back welcome back to another another PE
live we’ve got a good show for you guys today
have a lot of good stuff to talk about man there’s been like all sorts of crazy
stuff going on today is production day here at player essence so you guys see
the green screen up you guys see my equipment in the back and I didn’t feel
like moving it cuz I got some more production to do so I’m recording some
cool videos for you guys and those will be up tomorrow one of them will be up
tomorrow I’m gonna record another one maybe tonight with some Nintendo lab old
stuff so maybe some VR lab will stuff we’re gonna record so so yeah should be
a good day today good day been real busy I’ve been real busy I’m gonna have
probably an exclusive video for a patreon member at patreon and backers
nothing crazy just kind of like a little thing that I did with the Call of Duty
game that came out so I’m probably gonna have an exclusive video for you guys so
look out for that probably in the next probably tonight or the next day or so
so if you’re a patreon or if you’re a YouTube member you will be able to see
that it’s pretty it’s just gonna be exclusive I’m not gonna make it live for
anybody else so so there you go so yeah doing that what else
ninja news for the day yeah we had a death stranding video this morning and
it did well enough for me to say alright I’m gonna keep doing videos for right
now for now for now and it’s doing well enough I mean like it’s doing it’s been
well enough and oh my gosh my phone’s ringing right now let’s see here no I
don’t answer unknowns let me put this on silence sorry guys or
vibrate at least so so yeah I’m gonna be doing that video for you guys as well in
terms of ninja news ninja can tell it’s gonna get into it guys boys and girls
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alright so VC will be on tonight alright so tea pianist with a three
dollar donation thank you so much tea pianist appreciate that with that shimmy
and he says you know J watching from work I remember last year you said you
do a Toby III review is that coming this year Toby had been mi a has been
chilling with the cup of commercial dimension music Zelda brother the wall
Gerudo talent theme yeah I will be doing some funny skits with toby toby is
deftly making a comeback at this year’s e3 I needed some Toby needed some some
space he needs some time to breathe IC party man in here – what’s up party man
but uh I totally needed some time to breathe and now that he’s got in that
time he’s gonna be back we’re gonna do some funny skits with Toby um at this
year’s e3 you’ll never see it coming so so you guys will get something like
that so look look out look out TP I just look now alright so let’s start on
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happen one of these days man when I meet angry Joe alright guys shall we get into
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to let’s get into this content here so now I got a special video for you guys
right before e3 I don’t know what I’m gonna I’m gonna try to see if I can get
some production done tonight on it but I got a really special funny funny as hell
video for you guys I’m glad I’m laughing even thinking
about it I got a really I got that I I got the basic gist and the idea of what
I’m gonna do but I got a super funny III video for you guys so look forward to
that at some point before e3 jobs like I said I’m doing some more production
stuff you guys saw like the return of the you know me being on the face cam
behind you know stuff like that when it comes to the the backdrop you know so so
yeah yeah you guys are gonna get some better call higher quality videos and I
figured out my cameras like slanting that was going on so I got that bounced
out for this video today um today I got to just recorded the e3
video today I wrote to e3 video about Nintendo’s e3 so that will be up
tomorrow morning so look forward to that that’s gonna be hype that’s gonna be
really good so yeah no Theory Tiger was good theory tacit
what shimmy and he says play some battle theme from octopod oh and I like your
doctor boy oh my god I’ve never had so many weirdos in the chat then my doctor
Mario video oh my go look in the doctor Mario video
and go look at the people that are commenting on that video that’s all guys
and I mean weirdos in a good way but oh my gosh I feel like it’s like
PewDiePie’s comments section or something like that
goodness gracious that’s maybe why I don’t want people to think that that’s
the type of confident I’m gonna be doing on this channel is content like that
like that’s the reason why to be honest that’s the reason why I haven’t done
another one it’s just like I don’t want to do content like that I really don’t
want to do content like that yeah it’s gonna get views but only because of
brentalfloss the song not because of what I’m doing it’s because of the song
more so than anything alright so you set off the fury tiger
yo fairy tiger that does make it the top stream engine for today thank you so
much and of course you are Hokage mode as well so you guys give some love
shooting guns and emotes for fury tiger showing the big support to the village
today man and for the whole month really what the Hokage mode so thank you so
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you well it’s early it’s somewhat early for me it’s afternoon for me but it’s
late for you but I mean it’s better than what we had before it’s better than
before so shout outs alright so let’s go and get your octopod battle theme octo all right so let’s see here any other
any other goo that I haven’t said hi to I think I’ve said hi to everybody I
think I’ve got everybody here crow Jake and what’s up man how’s it going good
you see here tuba what’s up tuba how’s it going dragon lady gaming UK what’s up
dragon lady all right let’s going to get into this
first concert here guys how’s it sound guys how’s the audio is it too loud not
loud enough let me know in the chat so it looks like Nintendo is adding some
amiibo support and VR support to Super Smash Brothers ultimate I don’t know why
you’d want to play Smash Brothers ultimate like this but then again I
don’t know why you’d want to play Legend of Zelda like this either and instead
those still added in it looks like they’re gonna try to add it to all their
big games you know all their big huge ten million plus sellers are probably
gonna get lambo support you know what’s up Andre how’s it going my boy good to
see you here what’s up Keith how’s it going on them so so yeah it’s getting
support and here’s the reason why we know this is an official quite yet but
it looks like people have data mined things out and the end game notice from
this this updates going down tonight guys so VR mode is not available a whole
new perspective on the smash action awaits to play VR mode using the toy car
VR goggles sold separately maybe down to in the volume okay I told
you guys let me know how it sounds nobody let me know how it sounds so so
that’s basically what’s going down here guys
also the amiibo supports a little bit more exciting that’s not all for the
update says Nintendo everything now you can send your amiibo up on journeys to
train via the games and more amiibo menu send your battle-hardened FPS out out
into the wide world to spar with other FPS amiibo you’ve sent on on a journey
will relentlessly pursue their training until they come home
FPS can now join battle arenas show everyone the power of a trained amiibo
so let me tell y’all something right here man let me tell you guys something
I had a freaking nasty cheek FP oh my gosh this sheep was dope I trained the
heck out of this sheet it was strong it was built up and it was bodying my
brother and other people man I remember I gave it to my brother and him and his
friends could not beat that amiibo dude like I remember doing that him and his
friends could not beat that amiibo so so I think I’m gonna do I think this might
actually get me to do this to see if you guys can beat my squall she’s trash in
this game so maybe I’ll train like my wolf amiibo and I need to get the Joker
amiibo I’ll trade that so maybe I’ll train you know I have a wall oh I don’t
want to open up my wolf of evil though so I got I’ll just train another chic
amiibo you guys would probably be able to body that one but anyway I don’t have
a I don’t I don’t have enough I have to buy another wolf amiibo and I have to
wait for the Joker and you go to come out so I can show you that one but
that’s actually a pretty cool feature I like that feature being able to send off
your amiibo and it can battle with other people and it can also join battle
arenas so that means you can have like an amiibo battle off so somebody can add
their and B go into an arena and we can have we can see who’s amiibos
better I actually like that we can have an amiibo tournament little around Robin
with amiibos let’s go it sounds good to me train a little Mac
amiibo I don’t have the Little Mac amiibo I don’t have one I can go get one
though they have a bunch of them at Best Buy have a bunch at Best Buy it’s not
that amiibos are dying people still buy amiibo Nintendo’s are stop pushing it as
hard as it used to be but people still buy them whenever there’s new ones
people buy them like you can’t find like a ridley amiibo anywhere like people
bought all the Ridley amiibo so Nintendo makes like stock of them they all sell
out and then like they’re not around anymore so people just kind of forget
about them and then with antennae prints more of them people buy them so it’s not
it but amiibo is just it’s not Nintendo’s not really making anything
off I think that’s the biggest reason why Nintendo just kind of in my can with
them because they don’t they barely make any profit off you know so I’m about 30
let’s go yeah sounds pretty cool I mean I think it’s dope we can do some dubs
with amiibos Miami bow and a dub versus party Bennett is amiibo and it would it
be a it would it be a tax on actual like online play you know so yeah that’d be
cool I’d be down for it I’m down for it this update is bigger than I thought it
would be I think they would hold this stuff for 4.0 well I don’t know but I
mean like LeBeau support that’s not gonna be something that’s really I don’t
think they spent that much time on that and then if you look at like you know
amiibo stuff like it’s not even really like amiibo like suit like really really
had crazy immuno stuff I mean you can send it off a fight it’ll come back you
know so I mean I understand yeah what you’re saying about the same time it’s
not like it’s anything super super super crazy you know but it’s cool it’s nice
little support added in I think I’ll check my Paul Tanner I mean
well JC boo you you don’t really play with those do you when you uh oh yeah
because you said this your Internet’s kind of garbage and that’s why you don’t
play okay either way shoutouts what do you guys
think about this you guys let me know your thoughts in the comment section you
can tag me at player essence or hashtag player so I’ll be more than happy to
answer you guys’s questions on this one so let me know in the chat what you guys
think shout out because I’m still waiting on my Atlanta and si amiibo from
Ohio Warriors I know it’s not happening but I can still hope but arenas are
awesome I have the entire solid collection okay cool
a mule tournaments and arenas sound like fun I could part like a round-robin kind
of so yeah like a round-robin th says with this update I’m starting to bleed
for point it was coming this june 12 with the challenge effect well yeah any
time if they released a new character that’s gonna be 4.0 like hands down you
don’t release a new character and that’s not 4.0 absolutely it’s gonna be 4.0 I
think there’s gonna be one more update before I think they’re gonna there’s
gonna be one more update to prep and then 4.0 will job so we have three point
one in my three point one one and then they’ll drop a new update cuz there’s
gonna be bugs or there’s gonna be some type of issues with this update when it
drops and you don’t intend I’m gonna have to fix that update so then they’re
gonna fix it with 3.11 and then 4.0 is gonna drop like at e3 I
think that’s gonna be the shadow drop is the character I personally think the
character and 4.0 is gonna shadow drop that III like BAM like oh you guys gonna
download it tonight or you guys can download it this week because it’s
already been what April May June yeah it’s been two months been so I mean I
think I think we’re gonna see it man I think we can see it
I had a student 3 point Mon would have come Tuesday to fix anything I don’t
know about three point five that seems like a big jump you know unless they add
some more features but I think they probably this is probably the next few
next week’s is they lacked so so III you know but walk the
wait-and-see we’ll have to wait and see how everything rolls down with it that I
mean I’m just excited for Smash Brothers I mean this has been smashed but does it
definitely has its faults here and there but this has been a crazy ride it’s only
been out for what December December January February March April May it’s
only been out for five months you know we’re going on five months six months at
this point because June early June will be six months but man it’s been out for
half a year already which is nuts because the amount of time you know when
I started first started to play the game I obviously I’m still not that great at
the game now but like I was so bad at the beginning of the game I was so bad
at the game of to be getting cuz it’s so it’s it’s the same as smash for in some
regards but it’s so different then smash for it just doesn’t you know it just
doesn’t feel the same but all like if you go back to smash four you put it
you’re like wow this is like a completely different game even though
the game is based off of regular base off the movesets from smash four but it
just feels so different man it feels so different let’s see here Dawson says are
you gonna be trying lab oh and smash yeah I’m gonna make a video that’s gonna
be my lab on video I’m good thing I didn’t do the lab old video yet or at
least the first one got corrupted because then this is this is my lab with
video that I owe to you guys so I’ll be doing a lab Oh video with Super Smash
Brothers illegal term into the marina sound fun yeah with this update started
okay I already read all this stuff let’s see here this is pretty cool feature I I
may actually get a peach and be able to trade her face you yeah you should do it
bad you should do it let’s see ta says I just like how nearly everyone is
balanced although I’m still waiting or living to put Sheik and Robin into the
game yeah I mean I wouldn’t say that he gave is extremely balanced it’s the most
balanced smash brothers game that we’ve had I think it’s it’s it’s more balanced
than 64 and it’s more balanced than you know melee it’s more balanced than brawl
it’s more balanced – smash 4 it’s not more balanced than project and probably
em is pretty much perfectly balanced but it but that that’s a fan game so that’s
different but yeah it’s the most balanced but there’s still some things
there’s still some some things here and there but yeah out of all because
people still know there’s still no unanimous best character in the game
which we’ve always been able to have kind of like not unanimous but like most
people think like if you look at like 64 we know you look at melee it’s Fox if
you look at brawl its Meta Knight you look at Smash 4 it was it was Diddy Kong
or people could say did he come or Sheik but even after all of that it was Diddy
Kong for a long time then it was clearly Bayonetta after that but it was clearly
Bayonetta but this one people are still kind of like okay is it is it peach is
it Xena is it like is it snake you know is it all the more like people still are
like yeah like what is it you know like who you know who is the best character
in this game so that’s a good thing that’s a good thing that that’s really a
good thing honest everyone is in balance but the most balanced yet but I think
you meant overall it’s like the kid everybody’s character
everybody’s are like though overall like the whole roster it’s not completely all
balanced but it’s the most balanced that we’ve seen I think that’s what he was
trying to get at you know let’s see I think in this game the most people say
peach but the gap between one and two is a huge or isn’t he just good most people
do say peach but unfortunately peach isn’t winning peach isn’t winning as
much and there isn’t a lot of super super top-tier peach players I mean you
see the snakes you see the all of ours you know what I’m saying you see a lot
of these other characters coming through and winning tournaments you know but
like with peach I don’t know like I said if she is number one then that’s that’s
that’s that’s great because peach is easily peach is beatable by far she’s
not she’s not like she’s oh my gosh I cannot beat this character all she’s
tough she’s hard to be you know but she’s not like crazy she’s not as like I
said she’s not as good as any of the other top tiers and any of the number
ones right so if you look at the number one from 64 number one from melee number
one from brawl number one from smash four I don’t think she’s better in terms
of in her respective game than any of those number ones so if she’s number one
that’s good you know but you’re saying yeah I don’t think the gap is as
as it used to be there used to be huge gaps like smash4 by the end of smash 4
there was only one sta it was Bayonetta been in my opinion Bayonetta was the
only s tier character everybody else was a year below
Bayonetta was on a whole nother level Meta Knight was on a whole nother level
Fox some people say he’s on a whole nother level of melee but Fox can be
easily get man like Fox can be super easy gimped in melee that’s that’s the
Fox has a very big weakness in melee you know so that’s another thing but he’s
super strong on the ground so that’s that’s the issue the best character in
Smash is Rob’s gyro Rob’s gyro what I don’t think so uh you just reflect this
gyro back let’s see here with any character that has a reflector or
absorbing like palutena like other top tiers can just shoot a shoot a thunder
jolt from Pikachu you can you can stop Rob’s gyro in lots of different way so
it’s a good move though it’s not bad by any means let’s see here it’s just
samsara you are like super good with peach yeah there’s a couple other good
peach players too uh you meki there’s some Japanese PC players that are
actually super super super good they just don’t get to travel as much but uh
but yeah I saw the same thing lol peach is very good and tough for people but
she isn’t constantly winning many tournaments yeah she’s constantly
getting top aides you know which is Sam Sora but I mean like worst mutase you
know like he’s going a lot of tournament and he’s not getting top eights anymore
so it’s just like yo I mean like you know I know he’s a really good player
you know III think the biggest thing with peach is what people are saying is
that you’re fighting against peach a lot there’s a lot of like a lot of people
use peach may be that she’s not winning as many turns were a lot of people use
her and people are just adapting to peach just like you’re starting to see
people adapt to Oh Lamar adapte Oh Lamar right like the buzz hasn’t been making a
cup noun in the past few tournaments or the past couple tournaments the bus
hasn’t gotten top eight yet you know but no shoot on tho if shoots on was here I
think shoot on could be winning these tournaments you know but shoot on just
can’t travel but he might be the best player in the world he just he just
can’t travel like he just doesn’t live here that’s the only problem was shoot
on is it he just doesn’t live here but when he’s here oh man he is very
difficult to be with all them are so I think shoot I might be the best you know
but like I said we have to sea snakes missile is the real s 2 s
plus 2 characteristics Nikita oh absolutely Nikita is by far the best
projectile in the game easy the best projectile then probably next would be
Wolf’s laser but Nikita is definitely the best projectile in the game by like
that’s a s tier projectiles I would say Wolf’s lasers also s tier but that
Nikita is definitely s tier superest here sometimes the best Omar pretty
pretty free and the top three best in the world yeah he is definitely which is
it’s unfortunate it’s unfortunate that he can’t travel more because if he could
travel more who those top aides would be a lot harder you see a lot more people
that are in the winners side you’d see them in losers you know and he’s
actually I mean MK lay I was kind of going on a little mini tier here MK leo
and twiki give those two a run for their money cuz that’s pretty much what people
are saying right now it is like it goes you know MK leo tweet shoot on or shoot
on MK leo tweak or tweak MK Leo shoot on it’s like that and those three so if
you’re talking over more you’d probably see him more constantly mentioned in the
top three as lab OVR sold well well enough it’s a it’s cardboard with some
crappy software attached to it he says I kinda hate most ladies wolf lasers
really annoying it’s really annoying I’ll see this we gonna test my skill
against a friend of mine I’m gonna bop his Luigi all right there you go that
Boyd the buzz is out here stunning with that 20k he don’t need any more wins you
know what to be honest man like if you look at a lot of the pops for these
tournaments yeah that’s like that’s like five that’s like three or four st or
tournament like if it’s like five grand for the winner that’s like three or four
of them right there so you’re right I mean he doesn’t really need anymore s
tears for a while you know when it comes down through it but I mean you know
government’s Uncle Sam’s gonna take a bit of that but uh either way you still
that’s still a lot to just stockpile on the bank so good good for the buzz on
that one so yeah all right any other thoughts
well of course 20k is not enough but you know the buzz is sponsored by liquid by
Team Liquid though right so he’s getting a salary
so it’s not like oh it’s just 20k that’s all he’s got he’s getting a salary every
single month and he also streams so he’s making you know he’s making money off of
the stream he’s a twitch partner you know so he’s making money off the stream
he’s getting salary from liquid like what’s a good team they pay well so he’s
the buzz is okay you know the buzz is okay yeah I mean Momo Karma’s only like
well forty five hundred it’s pretty good that’s actually really good for ass
master I mean smash tournaments without the help from Nintendo funding these
things most I mean that’s that’s really good that’s a good payout like the only
reason why some of these other ones like combo breaker like where they get their
the payouts are bigger is because NetherRealm and because Capcom they’re
they’re pumping money into the pot Nintendo isn’t pumping anything into it
so multi forty you know four thousand five hundred for
the first place I mean that’s the best they can do you know what I’m saying
like everybody’s not made of money in like you can’t be charge of people you
know 50 60 bucks for venue fees not if you can charge people you know 50 60
bucks per tournament then register like you know in terms of venue fees like if
you can get like a hundred something like 150 out of every person that comes
in then you can increase the pot but you can’t you know like you got to make it
to where it’s affordable for people to you know so that’s the only issue so I
mean like you know 45 4500 you know it I think that’s fair considering that
there’s no external help you know so yeah yeah most poor players turn
earnings or salaries don’t come from from tournaments absolutely did the
large majority of triple the large majority of pro players the large
majority of pro players actually have salaries that come from their sponsors
or whatever the case is I mean one second guys okay um so yeah now yo buff boy Macduff
erson how’s it going my man good to see you here like always for the
most part characters need buffs overall not many nerfs in comparison to previous
smash games yeah I think that’s really much what it is I’m that’s what I’m
hoping for for the 3.1 update is that characters
get a lot of buffs so for example a character like Sheik
you know I’m trying to I tried to say that with the straight face uh so a
character like Sheik for example you know she could use a buff or two you
know she can use a buff hold tough luck to some dude and also dank memes dank memes go alright yeah absolutely was it you the funniest thing the
funniest thing is that dank meme is that your name is called its dank meme sensei
on here but your twitch is dank meme center spelled right and it exited that’s the funny thing that’s what I was
laughing at um anyway let’s see bail needs a buffaio Bayonetta does not need
him up off a bomb Bayonetta does not need a bus no she doesn’t
she’s still a solid be to your character she doesn’t need a buff you know who
needs a buff Robyn needs a buff Robyn needs a buff she needs a bump those are
the two priorities right now Robyn’s chic and probably corn again
Robyn she can corne those three needs need buffs those
three needs buffs Little Mac is broken so there’s no way you can fix a little
Mac because of the way that he works if I was if I was Nintendo I would have
removed Little Mac completely I would rework him and say okay guys we’re gonna
have a fair Little Mac into play I take away all the super armor and make him
just a normal character with the somewhat good recovery and just make him
strong on the ground Mike cloud-like you know I quite cloudy’s but he doesn’t
need to have all the super armor and all the weird old properties that he has
like he needs to be removed and completely fixed and put back into the
game but you can’t really balance Little Mac because of his damn super armor
because he has sebastian attacks with super armor he has like a KO punch you
know and he has these really dumb things about him that make him stupid so then
they have two ridiculously gimp his his his recovery because of how strong he is
on the ground so he doesn’t need any buffs he literally needs he needs to be
a new character he needs to be completely retooled and reworked to not
be so dumb he’s the only character in the game that’s that’s stupid I don’t
understand the reasoning with Little Mac being the way that he is in this game I
don’t think you’ve baited a dot of Bayonetta gets a block the whole maeda
the whole meta dies I think that’s an exaggeration but I just don’t think she
needs a buff buff she yes you’ve been drinking the happy juice no
I’m fine I was just laughing at big beam Center
when he thank you for the Twitter Follow guys some dude and also dig beam thank
you for the Twitter followers guys appreciate that you guys have not
following me on Twitter yet make sure you follow me you get a live shoutout
for all my new subscribers if you want to follow me feel free to do so
and you will get a live site out shout out all right excuse me
but Baio is bed in the ultimate I think you mean bad really bad she’s not really
bad most most most players put Bayonetta and be tier be or even low eight-year
she’s just nowhere near as good as she wasn’t smash or she’s just not broken
that’s the reason why you think she’s bad because she’s not broken like she
wasn’t smashed for but she’s no she’s feel good she still sucks she’s still a
solid character she still can kill she can still give her back there still
kills her smash attacks are lagging and slow but they still kill
you know what I’m saying like she’s like I said she still has a backer that she
can space and kill you if she can still edge guard the hell out of you so nah
nah she doesn’t need a buff at all there’s other kids that need bus before
her she’s decent enough like I said people are just comparing her to her
being broken like if this same style of Bayonetta was in smash 4 nobody would
say nobody would be saying in this commission needs a buff it’s because we
saw how broken she was in smash 4 and we want her to be or people who like
Bayonetta want her to be that broken but she was nerfed so bad to the point where
people say oh my god she’s horrible now no she’s not horrible she’s still better
than a lot of the lower tier characters in the game she’s still better than them
she’s still better than chic because she hasn’t back there that can kill she
doesn’t she cast a gimmick you out she cast to hit you with the frickin grenade
or she has to do something stupid to kill you and even then it might not even
kill you because you could just di she cause the weakest freaking character
she’s nearly useless I’ll explain that it still has combos you know Kirby needs
above you know what to be honest I don’t know if Kirby need I don’t think Kirby
needs above too much to be honest Kirby the way they even work the way that
Kirby’s made is that Kirby’s just a character that’s just like like kind of
silly to use because of how small he is I don’t really think Kirby needs a buff
they’ll believe it or not I think the meta needs development I think more
people more good players just need to use Kirby I know he’s at the bottom of
the tier list but I don’t think Kirby is so horrible in the game do you think
everyone needs a boss no I don’t think King K rool needs above either no I
don’t think he does because the reason why I don’t think it does because kinky
rule is so fat dude he’s so hard – he’s so hard – to kill offstage like the
thing about it guys is that not every character is gonna be able to be
freaking st.pete as good as peach there’s heavies in the game there’s
there’s there’s the way that the weights work and it’s like you just can’t you
can’t make king K rool super super super good because he’s so damn heavy or
otherwise you got to make him lighter you know so it’s just like I don’t think
King cable needs but if he’s a solid beats here so I beat here maybe low
weight here you know he doesn’t need a buff dhaka needs about Falcon I think
needs a little bit of a buff yeah balconies a little bit cuz he’s too easy
to give and you know he just has some issues I think
Dhaka needs a slight bow you know so yeah sonic talked to say meow and now I don’t
think so is it III smash character drop gonna
crash the eShop like Joker probably yeah probably so yeah wait was vici saying
that kink everyone needs a buff oh wait let me guess
DC’s a kink a roomie a main right yeah of course V sees saying that of course
of course everyone doesn’t need a buff though he does he doesn’t need a buff
he’s good enough man he’s good enough he’s got guaranteed setups like you down
throat you got guaranteed you got guaranteed kills you got a guaranteed
setup off of a grab he’s got kill throws you know what I’m saying like kinky
rules good enough he just got a and he’s super big his recoveries s tier you know
what I’m saying he’s got projectiles he’s got a reflector he’s got super
armor what does King cable need a buff for what does it mean a buff boy you
should be a steer naw a heavy and s tier is a problem dude like somebody has
heavy as king K rool and add zest here bruh
that’s gonna be too much yo buff boy mcbomb ik buffer said with
the Dalit but yeah ballast in your pockets and he says hey buff J
I was talking to Sheik after I finished the fist at the gym and she says she
doesn’t she doesn’t want my help she said she is happy where she is she told
me she is tired of caring players in smash 4 and wants to give her give her
back arrest play that song oh my gosh buff boy big buffers in here to here to
hurt all of our ears guys this let’s see buff bro what do you think of
Diddy Kong or Donkey Kong game buff Diddy Kong could probably use a little
bit of a buff yeah Diddy maybe not really did he come to solid BTW or a CTF
character so I don’t know if he really needs above too much but I think any
character in the sea tier needs a buff you know would be dope if it was just
like the str8 here and beads here or if it was s tier and a tier if that was all
we had and we didn’t really have anybody below that that’d be dope so all the CT
see to your characters and up should get a buff every seat to your character and
up should get him Oh donkey is a mid to high B Donkey Kong Donkey Kong’s it it’s
tough to buff heavies though you know I don’t think Donkey Kong really needs to
avoid did he might did he did he might need a little bit of a buff but bought
the puffs I think the biggest problem with Diddy is that people compare him to
smash for guinea but did he’s still good though the problem with Diddy is
offstage like the edge guard in this game is a lot more vicious and Diddy’s
do Diddy if you’re below the stage and you got to do the rocket barrels to come
back oh my gosh you’re probably just gonna die
the thing with Diddy Kong’s you’re probably dude if you try to do the
rocket barrels man like unless you’re holding it for quite some time
oh my gosh you’re probably just gonna die um so yeah um this yes it’s that
song he likes buff boy likes that song um he likes the song so yeah there you
go you want your hoo-hah back bro you know
I’m not a fan of the hoo-hah I’m not a fan of the hoo-hah at all I’ll be honest
man so I’m kind of glad that God’s not really here like to be honest like but
Diddy’s did he still got plenty of power oh and did he’s down smashes don’t by
the way like did he’s down smash like you can spam like his – attack and for
some reason like you can like almost cancel almost like the ending lag
animation if you do like a spot dodge and then down smash people like with
like I mean think I was fighting Juba and I tested this out when I was just
doing a little bit of train and yeah after Diddy’s – attack like you
can just spam the the the spot dodge a down smash like like instant that’s I
think that’s why you got caught with that because like you thought I’d have
more lag after it but if you spam that that spot dodge you can spam the spot
dodge and and if somebody tries to grab you with punish oh my gosh the down
smash is really good it sends them flying so that’s the one thing about
diddy kong’s that diddy kong is still super strong like his up is up smash
kills as far as slash kills his down smash is super fast he still he still
has some tools he has a great aerials did he’s up there’s good back here is
good for there’s good down there spikes did he still solid it’s just that his
recoveries garbage and his banana peel doesn’t work anywhere near as good as he
did he for some reason goes like banana peel goes flying to where you can’t be
like a back air and catch it like it was before so it’s just it’s just so it’s
just the banana peel is just so awkward they’re trying to catch them like it’s
not as guaranteed as it was before i mean you can still do it but you have to
like a full hop to catch instead of a short hop back here to catch so yeah nerfed the level 9 cpu brett this man
trying to get some CPUs nerve do level 9 CPUs will sit there and parry everything
they look like frickin die go vs justin wong have you guys a level 9 CPUs are so
are so crazy they will sit there sometimes they’ll just be like garbage
but then other times they’ll sit there and parry everything that’s crazy buff the cpu unlockable characters again
i’ve already got all the character so it doesn’t matter to me if they buffing or
not whatever yeah they take everything to which is in saying they do which i do
like that they tech everything I do like that because if you’re fighting against
like let’s say you’re fighting against like it you know the buzz or something
you know you know they’re gonna attack pretty much everything or you’re gonna
expect them to tech most of the stuff so I can I understand why they take
everything that’s that’s a good thing you know okay you gotta tag me if you
want me to notice you okay fire Blade tag me if you want if you want to if you
want to ask me a question if you have a comment to say to me about smash
brothers tag me at player essence I’m actually kind of excited for the new
amiibo update because we can just make a battle arena and let our amiibos battle
while we watch using voice chat or have teams with our me bows to see who has
the strongest I use Kirby up smash a lot lol maybe even too much okay fire fire
blade fire blade if you want to get good at Smash Brothers you should join up
here with a player essence tier 2 or up on patreon or you can join up as an
elite ninja and we’ll get you good trust me we’ll get you stop using that up
smash cuz you’ll get punished a million times after use that up smash so we’ll
get you good at the game my boy you should join up here and maybe you should
show them the other smashes TX says I’m so bad at smash I’m a ZT r
yo I’m telling you guys that we got the smash camp here for you guys got the
smash camp yeah I’ll join up y’all want to get good
at smash come play with us gunslingers getting better VC everybody here that’s
been playing getting better party man getting better
everybody here playing getting better Kirby’s up smash curry up smash isn’t
even that good nice not it’s not great Joker’s up smash this hot garbage Joker’s like you like you like you’ll
try to hit them and a little his blade will go right through Joker’s up smash
is hot Garbo hot Garbo oh man um are we playing
games after the stream I actually think we can for a bit um till so I think
maybe four we’re going to go for another hour that I can play till about four and
then I got to get ready for the PE podcast I got to get the topics ready
and all that so so we can play for a bit so if you want to play smash sign up you
can sign up now if you want if you want to play today
but like I said I can’t play for too long afterwards because I have
productions that are going on and the PD podcast tonight so but I can’t play
after the string for me I only have one win in smash ultimate since the launch
day all this time only one win only one win any special guests tonight we got VC
tonight yo what up shoutouts to tow tell me so has to Tobey with the city and
Tobey donated $1 and says Toby voice hey yo Jay I have some questions to ask why
am I so fat all I eat is mayonnaise and drink a full tank or a full fat milk why
is smash neck up so bad I play a Wi-Fi while my mom watches netflix and it lags
there the net must be the problem pink play buff boy song oh my god shoutouts a doctor told me
that you can do domination Toby I appreciate that we are smash bros yes we are smash for
this tonight I’m gonna be playing in VR mode the whole time by the way guys so
you guys gonna get you guys gonna be planting into me while I’m playing in VR
mode you guys gonna get body if you only got one window DX 11,000 you need to
sign up and you need a smash camp bro yeah you can’t be getting bodied this
much this is not good this is not a good look this is not good look you’re gonna
get bought you’re getting the body so bad
you’re freaking children or your grandchildren are gonna be bad at smash
so you need to sign up so we can get you so we can get you better it’s gonna be
in your DNA to be bad at smash and that’s the last thing that you want
let’s see yeah I don’t know if Jordan picks his computer I don’t know my GSP
goes up and down all the time it goes up every single day or every single week or
whatever it goes up but like it goes down if you if you lose it goes down
especially if you’re not an elite smash when you lose one magic you lose up to
200 300 thousand points some people even lost half a million points half a
million on one match I remember when I was playing with Diddy Kong I was
getting body dude I lost like 400,000 points in one match I was like you know
this sucks I need to get to your spacing strategy down when I play you in smash
the more you play me the better you’ll get versus me let’s see here imagine going to a
tournament and getting bodied by some guy playing with joy Khan’s in lab OVR
dude well he couldn’t he wouldn’t be able to do that because lob OVR you’ve
got a you’ve got if you’re playing out at one station you know it’s gonna be
hooked up to the tvs so you have to take out the level of the R unless you’re
just like playing for fun on the side or with everything yeah that’d be funny but
I’m pretty sure some pro players could be could beat us with lavell of ER I’m
pretty shot me because really if they just still have it there it’s just like
maybe someone who could still be playing normal but yeah the playing smashed with
the joy cons is really like I can’t stand that it’s almost it’s pretty much
on playable for me the buttons are too small for that type of game makai family
in gaming what am i talk about we’re talking about Super Smash Brothers
ultimate we’re talking about the game itself I’ve talked about okay is it off
topic we talked about smash that’s not off topic but I was two wins from elite
smash samus but then I ran into a stamina battle Rosalina whom spammed
Ariel’s tell me to get items I read sword oh my gosh somebody’s out here
plain stamina battle bro I came in for the buckets not lots of game news this
week to discuss yeah I hear you it’s gonna be pretty good tonight make sure
you guys check out the podcast tonight 6 p.m. Pt 9:00 p.m. Eastern tonight it’s
gonna be pretty good those whack and Wilson I don’t really run into the whack
rulesets and even to be I mean I ran into a I only ran into a recently I ran
into a freaking Lucas which I think I told you guys about that was spam that
was playing one stock one stock seven minutes BB one time and left I beat him
we were playing my rule set seven minutes three stocks bodied him he
played his real set submits one stock he beat me once and bounced I’m like oh my
gosh this dude I haven’t ran into a stamina battle yet I have not ran into a
stamina battle yet Martin McCarthy I already talked about characters for
deals yeah I got a whole video on that so check out my video I mean I don’t
want to be constantly answering that same question over and over and I come
home with joy Kahn’s with joy Kahn’s right he didn’t beat
anybody good with joy cons I’ll tell you that right now
anybody get with joy gone um let’s see any other questions when it comes to
smash or anything like that guys I want to join your channel but I just don’t
want to tell myself done it to all my favorite youtubers I’d be broke uh no
I’m not asking you you don’t you don’t have to bro
that’s up to you I’m just saying if you want to play if you if you want to play
against me and be on our private discord and all that stuff then you got a member
uh but if you don’t want her then that’s up to you bro you can just come chart
watch if you want to know it’s up it’s up to you man but yeah what you do here
it doesn’t mean you have to do it for somebody else I mean most other
youtubers or whatever what their membership they don’t give you the
access to actually play against them you just member up for emotes and that’s it
so if you remember up here you actually get to play against me you actually get
an exclusive disc or there’s actually more stuff that comes with it it’s not
just oh here’s some emotes and that’s it you know but like I said you don’t have
to bro if you want to just watch feel free feel free to just watch um see
every frame she says I think Dante DMC will ever be in smash yeah I made a
video about that I already talked about it I think he’s potentially one of the
characters make sure you guys check out my video if you guys like smash with us
check out just type in smash and look at the channel I got plenty of stuff one
DLC characters and all that for it so for everybody keep something asking me
every single time we come into these I already got I got
plenty of videos on that stuff so you guys I mean that’d be a lot more
entertaining than me talking about it here so so yeah I’m Allison don’t
complain about rulesets if they haven’t changed it at this point I don’t think
they will no I don’t think they will either I see no reason you complain
anymore at this point it’s just it’s just the fact that it’s just it’s just
gonna be there it’s just gonna be there so it’s unfortunate it’s unfortunate I’m
not answering any smash DLC questions guys I’m not answer so he keep on asking
me Spanish DLC questions I will not answer them I already I already said I
already got plenty of videos who I think is gonna be in there so you want it you
can watch that I’m not gonna be answering smash DLC questions every
single time that I stream alright let’s see yeah I’ve been watching the watching
since before the great ninja war bread shoutouts
I want to play against you in another game well it’s not just smash for those
guys when you join up we play Mario Kart we play we’re gonna we’re gonna mix it
in pokken we’ve played around Morial we’re gonna play a lot of different
games that come out we were gonna play dauntless until dauntless decided not to
work but I think it’s working now so maybe we’ll head into some dauntless
we’re gonna play a lot of different games
so when poke into if there’s a pokken tournament – so whatever games that you
guys are into you guys can always suggest it on the community page and
things like that so we’re gonna play a lot of different
multiplayer games but so far right now the rotation is like Braille memorial
we’ve played that a couple times we’re gonna play Super Smash Brothers ultimate
we play that Mario Kart we play that we need to mix in some pokin I believe the
Mario Party before no I didn’t say fortnight we played fortnight before but
I don’t I don’t really like fortnight we play realm or yeah Romario I think m’kay
lil wouldn’t Evo what do you think who do you think will win Evo um I think
shoe Tom’s gonna win Evo if chute on is that I think she talking wouldn’t you go
with orlimar my joy constic snapped off what should I do
I don’t know send it into Nintendo buy a new one I would play but my internet is
heart Garbo alright hot Garbo got you how come no one how come nobody uses
villager or Yoshi and smashed ruins people use Yoshi villager not so much
just because villagers is just he’s good but he’s just a little weird just none
of the top players using because in order to kind of get kills with villager
you got to do some like weird setups and stuff like that so there’s just other
characters that they can use that’s easier to use than villager but if when
I was actually planning it maybe we’re and I could use them but a few people
use villager but just villagers not as possible
oh my gosh shoutouts the stream labs with the dollar donation he says hey Jay
it’s me stream labs I quit all you do is say become elite and follow me on
Twitter guess guess you are gonna have to
reinstate night bar I am not like I am NOT night bought doing an impersonation
of stream labs as revenge for enslaving me play that song you’d know it stream
Labs labs it’s a cool being mind-controlled be mind control
completely mind control I literally just said look look I I just said that I play
Super Smash Brothers ultimate I play Mario Kart and I play real Maria I just
said that so of course I plan on them to go switch super special ultimate is only
on Nintendo switch so yes I remember the language some cartoons mind transfer
jutsu yes that Ben mind transfer jutsu alright let’s move to the next topic
here guys we’ve got a destiny Kinect is launching
on October 22nd here in the West I’m actually followed up no no there we go
there we go destiny Kinect is launched on October
22nd in North America October 25th in octo or in Europe
October 25th in Europe out in October October 25th in Europe so awesome stuff
here this is a NIS America game I’m actually really looking forward to this
one here it’s an RPG and there’s like time travel in it and some cool stuff so
I like that the town of clock knee is celebrating
the advent of the new millennium when time suddenly comes to a halt and a
horde of hostile animated machines appear it it’s up to a young girl named
sherry her friend is it the peg beg row and Isaac peg Aereo
McGary Oh something like that and the time-traveling robot to unravel the
mystery behind the strange events together the revisit the past appeared
to the Future learning some new interesting things about their families
and peculiar town so there you go key features time Walker
it’s for the ignited town of Clark being I’m actually super excited for this game
I want to play and watch the world shifts around you based on your actions
gear grinder use the mechanical skills to fend off hostile machines and
manipulate parts of the environment it’s a turn-based RPG this game and
fixer-upper and enter workshops where you can improve your items and equipment
using gears yay alright so let’s see you let’s see let’s take out this new
trailer see if the chairs dope – it’s New Years Eve and the town of clock knee
is about to clock out meet the fearless Sheree her friend peg Rhea and Isaac the robot to save their town
they must traverse history and solve the mystery gear up for adventure learn from the past save the future and take history by the hand together tick-tock travelers those who want like
a physical addition it’s coming physical too so there you go
somebody said what is this and I literally just explain the game
beforehand I set it to turn-based RPG I said it’s from NIS I explained
everything that somebody still says what is this how how I literally just
explained the game and what it is I read off the whole explanation of what the
game is the features told you guys what it is and somebody still says what is
this it’s on ps4 I think it’s on it’s not on PC it’s on
ps4 and switch you don’t have a switch or a ps4 you don’t have to switch your
ps4 come on you gotta have one of those you only got PC – Magnezone oh man no switch or ps4 bread this man out here
only with the PC oh no that’s not good that’s not good you got to get yourself
a switch or a ps4 dude let’s see here why does this game feel so much like
evolution Jim guys give a guy I kind of has that style of it yeah kind of has
that style I like the time-travel stuff I’m big into time travel when it comes
to RPGs if a game has time travel I’m ready I’m ready for it so it’s pretty
cool I like that I hope to before sword and shield alright there you go it’s all
good – man as long as you get one at some point but yeah I don’t think it’s a
although it might be PC actually hold up let me double check I think it might be
PC ah no it’s just it’s just ps4 and switch
for right now everybody sorry about that yeah ps4 and switch I’m looking forward
to it looks dope you have a charity that’s a piece yeah I thought maybe they
just left it out but nope no PC no PC no PC at this point alright you guys have
any questions on this game or anything before we move on to the next topic or
before we move on to random QA the update actually nobody’s asked about the
update but no the update is not lied not yet
and nobody’s actually asked about let’s see here shoutouts to shoutouts the buck
boy McDuff person he says I want to be real for a minute to all the people in
here who are struggling finding a partner and being confident I give you
this advice work out and eat healthy two years ago I started taking that advice
and my life is so much better play Effie music shout outs Bluff boy listen to my
man buff boy listen to boy side off the buff boy let me know how it sounds in the chat
here guys well not loud enough let me know following a new song yeah just gotta go
just gotta go Bluff bro yes five matches but when does up they go
live I don’t know when that people die but should we go five sometime today man
that if I knew how to I would tell you exactly what’s up oh my god six before
what’s up man alright looks like you guys don’t have
two questions on this game that’s the new Kinect so we’re gonna blow up a
random Q&A if you guys have questions I’ve got answers for you baby you’re
more than happy to answer your questions just tag me a player syntax tag player
essence I’ll answer your questions and then we’ll play some we’ll play a little
bit of smash before like I said but we can’t go past we got to start smash like
at three o’clock so I got about maybe about 30 in 30 minutes or so we probably
start a little bit before three o’clock my time we’ll get about maybe an hour of
Smashing or so and then I got I got to get back to do some video production
stuff and then I guys and then I gotta get ready for the beep on that so and
then probably tomorrow as Friday so we can play we can play games for a lot
longer well how’s that using sponsor battles for 12 months or
so probably yes when you put Busboys other songs to the
higher the nation yeah I mean since that song is so stupid
it’s kind of a gun troll song I could but I can’t do it not at this way that’s great oh thank you despite a
minister I like them subscribe did you subscribe
nothing popped up here I think there’s been some issues with subscribers
popping up I’m not sure what’s going on so if you subscribe thank you ma’am for
subscribe and I appreciate that welcome to the village there’s supposed to be a
pop up for anybody news right I don’t know why it’s not but if you guys have
questions it should be five for everybody else as one for me to give out
the clock well no you can still request any song for a one dollar that’s fine
it’s just that that stupid resident evil’ song they weren’t saying that you
only every song that you want a request it’s five for you only I wouldn’t that’s
that’s I wouldn’t do that but it’s like when people were taking advantage of the
bug fungal song you know and just like donating $1 the bug bumble how’s it okay
no it has to be black so for bug buffer and then they significantly went down
you know in terms of like what the price robot bubble so I think that’s the issue
or something where it’s saying that song does everyone say that song is trash
when people like to like football but me I can’t stand hearing buck level so much
I think that before say not every song you actually fire and once again we do uh we do you want
to request a song my boy just drop the donation event the song shadow fee says we’ll be discussing the
best licensed game of all time that remastered that was just an LP podcast
you know what I just slipped my mind but yeah ghostbusters is getting remaster
there I’m pretty high I love the Ghostbusters game off the song who you
gonna call ghostbusters I love that song when I was a kid do Ghostbusters was the
thing well Ghostbusters was 80s so it wasn’t I mean like I was on the tail end
of the Ghostbusters hike but it was still around when I was a kid it was
still super um my brother was like like headfirst into the Ghostbusters hype you
know what I’m saying but yeah when I was a kid Ghostbusters was still super
popular and then but like the midnight it pretty much already died out by then
but man dude early 90s Ghostbusters I watched all the movies my daddy got us
all the DVDs I used to watch ghostbusters all the time and there was
the toys there’s a whole lot of Ghostbusters toys there was uh shirts
there was just man it was everything was ghostbusters it was a stupid TV show oh
my gosh dude when I was a kid Ghostbusters was so big so yeah that
game when the game came out in 2009 I was like oh this is dope there was a wee
version of the game which was a little bit different had a different art style
then there was the Xbox 360 ps3 version and PC which had like more of a
realistic style and they’re both good games they’re both really good I beat
the Ghostbusters game on the Wii and I beat it on the Xbox 360 it’s really good
I’m down to play Ghostbusters again so yeah
Ghostbusters the videogame it’s a remaster of the HD game it’s already in
HD it’s a HD remaster of a game that’s
already in HD on the Xbox 360 and ps3 it’s good it’s good if you like
Ghostbusters to play even if you don’t like ghostbusters play it’s freaking
awesome the game is really good so who you gonna call
ghostbusters oh let’s see I’m still high pedestrian
there you go watch my video um let’s see here uh when could the Avengers project
come out I think probably early 2020 I’m thinking 2020 yeah that’s long as fire
that song is fire dude it’s so good I love the Ghostbusters song I’m gonna get
copyright claim though if I play it so but no it’s it’s super super super good
man those the video game is real good because this video game is really
good so yeah it’d be dope if they brought over the Wii version to like you
get them in a double pack but they’re not gonna do that because The Weavers is
actually a different game than the ps3 360 version but yeah that was sad outs
the buff board big buff person with the dollar donation he says I found a new
Resident Evil song Island Yoshi clan okay
shout out thank you so much also set off the hunter in 64 with the shimmy and he
says please play Pikmin the forest of hope okay Pikmin the forest of hope
gotcha gotcha we’re gonna start off with the Yoshi clan song this song might be
the songs gonna be all jacked up thank you for the donations today boys and
girls shout steadily ninjas thank you Yoshi Yoshi planned wait a minute if
this is Gunnar Silva I’m not playing that crap yeah
I’m not playing anything from Gunnar silver so I’m not playing his weirdo
music but I’ll play the regular one version of the baseball I like the Ghostbusters cartoon I don’t
like the Ghostbusters crying to that much but to each their own
hi Oh J what I found residue before we edition just four threes at British
pounds or euros one of those two in my local gaming store
I wonder if kept them gonna learn okay sponsored multiplayer for ghostbusters
if they bring it back with online ghostbusters oh yeah absolutely
absolutely this funny song I think this is better than the Resident Evil song
there you go Yoshi plan there was a gunner silver
version of this one so I wasn’t Bob wasn’t about to play that he said not by
but it’s a bit better though it’s a little bit better it’s a little bit
better I don’t I haven’t played Delta room so I’ll know what route Buster is
that the buck bumble remix to this on anything like buck level do you think do
you think we’ll see Diddy Kong game a Diddy Kong game no I probably not man
probably not Diddy Kong Racing is dead Diddy Kong games are dead maybe you’ll
see a new doctor Kong game what did he can’t get it to slicer says I don’t know
why but for one and a half years I can’t finish you know – any tips why you can’t
finish you know – what you mean like you’re stuck you get beat too much grind
man love a lot it’s RPG level up oh yeah your Pikmin song sorry that Yoshi Clan
theme completely threw me off the loop sorry about that hunter let’s get your
your Pikmin suck a little bit stop I got stunned just a little bit with that
stupid Yoshi song that alright then it damn it damn it damn it damn it
thinning it all right this one’s great actually hunters song should be playing
it is playing I’m grabbing it at least the switch version of ghostbusters
they’ve not got the switch and ps4 like I did for telling this video yeah I’m
probably gonna pick up the Xbox one version and this version of the game you
think we’ll add more liable their compatibility with first and third party
games in the future well not I don’t know about third party games because I’m
control that first party games yeah probably
how likely is petroleum or Sui to be shown off at e3 just say yes to give me
hope I’m sorry I’m not gonna say yes how likely is a metric prime for will be
canceled because of the devil now won’t be canceling but they rebooted it mister what as the name of gnosis it stopped
Yoshi plan whatever Yoshi Yoshi plan yoshi-p I think we possibly get captain
told lab of yours of course on 83 yeah maybe what’s up how’s that how’s it
going any other questions guys setups to jump on with the dollar donation biggest
nut job with that shimmy and he says play credits one from China strikes
again how about that
let’s see your buff J who is stronger you or the hundred year old man probably
oh man he’s 100 years old a lot of experienced strength comes in many forms
and factors any guesses for third party tiles announced for switch at e3 Shadow King says do you think Capcom
overcharged without my pants which and make it digital only probably yeah
significant bit over overcharge really there I failed you have to pro
controller I want to get smashed version you think it’s worth getting one what I
want to get this fast version control I think this isn’t the smashers in
controller if you already know you don’t need this match controller unless you
really just want to smash controller what’s the thinking this is picked them
but I get persona q – yeah I’ve already said that it has one in the West it
might get them guys tonight what do you have to do to get a to do a livestream
fitness box and wearing boxer shorts and looking come on some shorts and nothing
else a fitness trade dude I have no idea out of box though about a boxer those viking emotes got a couple viking
emotes for my dude ferry target let’s go and just rise up i see one of these days
when money is I’m gonna sponsor stream to make you play shadow of war mortar
forgot what sway shadow avoid Eid or shadow of mordor whatever it was alright
that’s cool man one of these days get us on some stream
feel feel free feel free some try to hear back from ferry tiger about this
now I’m not sleeping watching some see us from Dallas okay cool alright so
we’ll get we’ll get we’ll get jump on song next javis strikes again
what was it credits one said it’s in a playlist I think this is it let me know
if this is a jumbo the Wolfenstein is not mine fred is this the song right
here credits one is 62 in up close why I mean I don’t know like everything that
you type is not the safety night typing guys so is this the song it says credits
music so is this is this it or not your your
song request they can’t be in play they gotta be easy for me to find I get can’t
be in playlists and stuff guys yeah because I don’t I’m not getting any 62
playlists thing coming up you know so just request songs that are easy for me
to find cuz like I’m not trying I scrolled through playlists and all that
type of stuff you know what I’m saying unless you provide a direct link to the
playlist and provide a direct link to the playlist and say hey it’s in this
playlist and then this like I don’t make me like find it on a playlist because I
don’t see it pop it up yeah I don’t see a 62 song playlist at all pop it up yeah
I don’t see it okay just play the credits team yeah
just um jump on you’re a mod so just can you link me the playlist link if you Inc
link me the playlist in the chat and then I can find it from there so since
you’re a mod you can do that so link me the playlist and then I can find it from
right there we’ll play will play fairy tiger song
quarters of time while you do that okay yeah I guess I just let me that link of
that Stevie subclasses Bob weren’t even born
when this game was out shut up I’m sorry man my hand moved to the mouse over here
I was gonna top yeah I’m not gonna oh that’s not a damn Mario tracks freakin
Chrono Trigger some respect on chrono triggers name please you get 30 games tonight yeah a rash I
already say that with the place to be Spanish I’m sorry it’s okay it’s okay
it’s more of a joke most of the main joke but it is kind of Blasius to borrow
something champions any other questions guys gotta let me
know when you do that two minutes and it’s been too loud nobody said anything
I put the DS version of credit record plate through it during a dark time of
my life so it’s definitely close to my heart okay that’s cool man that’s
awesome man well the talk time of your life is not
awesome but that’s good that it helped you through the bad times you know
absolutely Chrono Trigger is one of those games I’ll definitely change your
perspective of life absolutely you know absolutely say Chrono Trigger music can
never be too loud he said you did okay did you I bought it twice for the DS
lost since I lost my first copy yo that’s awesome all right so let’s play
this credits one theme you used to did you use a grip when
playing at 3s a bit of an out of the question not it use a grip let me get Barry Tigers name up here
with this cubby blaster though thank you so much for Tiger man i apprec–
I appreciate the support this month appreciate the support in general you
know you’ve been amazing for the past year dude so I appreciate that you
really do bitch up for over 25 bucks on the new CEO to each other looks alright did you get that listed on the first
attempt on the crowd of strong opponent right here remember Bank is a little
long time ago that I played mothers just I put to get you many times so the composer of appendage occurs
music worked so hard he put himself in the hospital I think me home enough not
to complain about a t2 out yo bro chrono trigger I mean like
Matsuda he’s the same guy we did Xenoblade soundtrack to so you can see
like the awesomeness you know still continues 20-plus years later 20-plus
years later so what’s up become brash how you doing
say my man here looks like there’s gonna be a new
Darksiders genesis game coming to the switch and it’s taking the franchise in
a fresh direction huh interesting chanu Darksiders game is coming to
switch called Darksiders genesis but it’s gonna be it’s probably gonna be
like a 2d side-scroller game that’s what I’m guessing it’s gonna be that’s my
guess go beyond plus also when you talk about
knocked off my hero left uses since none is asking gaming questions do you think
the Raptors have a shot I hope people owners made them in the team Raptors
have a small chance but a very small chance there’s also those Darksiders
three good it’s good not at this point yet but the updates they made it a lot
better I like it although every review really bad and
maybe people consider Darksiders morning to better
but if they had all the updates that have had at launch I think we’re doing
better this is music from Travis Rex again no
more heroes have I played roblox before now roebucks looks dumb so I haven’t
played it I’ve watched it though the fact that it’s called darkside of
Genesis still makes me sad I’m still miffed that that that the three games
and they still refuse to move the plot forward well they have to they have to
do all the the darks of map and do all the four horsemen
so I mean what do you what do you mean they have to do what they have to do all
the Four Horsemen before they move everything forward I don’t really play
for a99 i already got like top if you want to
know Mike my top games on the Nintendo channel that check out my videos already
got plenty of videos and stuff on there like with top videos and all that so
that that’s what’s more entertaining to watch the PAX watch my videos instead of
asking me questions about that you didn’t really like Darksiders oh that’s
cool it’s not for everybody Darksiders 3 me go what’s up cyber kitty
how’s it going but any enough to imply that they were moving the plot forward
with three I understand but I mean you still got a you still gotta do the four
horsemen and you can’t have the plot moving forward with the four horsemen if
there’s still some issues with what’s going on with war so I understand but at
the same time like you should stop boring about the plot and just have fun
with the game about that stop boring about the plot and just have
fun with the gameplay in the game how about that there you go call duty
campaign coming soon what do you mean by call duty Kim I mean the game that call
duty modern warfare the trailer was released yeah it’s it’s it’s a reboot of
the modern warfare so did you watch your anime in lumps or by new episode lumps I
don’t I don’t sit there and watch can’t wait for the new anime like I don’t I
don’t sit there and wait for anime to be released I just wait a couple weeks or a
week or so or a couple weeks and then I just watch a bunch of them on Sundays on
my time off after I stream go to church get back stream for a couple hours
and then I watch on it and then I eat candy and watch anime till I pass out
and then I wake up and go to and then I wake up and work for Monday oh yeah
we’re in QA I haven’t played Black Ops for nah I
don’t I don’t play black ops games like the last one the last call dude he gave
my plate was called duty black ops 2 that’s the last one money but I didn’t
play black ops 3 black ops 4 I don’t think I don’t put the original
black ops but I played black ops 2 you only call duty games that I’ve acted
that I’ve played like that I purchased or had myself or call duty modern
warfare call of duty modern warfare 2 and call duty black ops 2 was it yeah I
heard about not 2 minute and that’s a new Harvest Moon mad – I need 3 yeah I’m
not really big into Harvest Moon so yeah but I heard about it have you ever had
ever have a game that you hated but you couldn’t stop playing for me with Sonic
oh 6 as a kid a game that I hate it but I couldn’t stop but I could I kind of
stopped playing um nah if I don’t like a game but I’ll stop playing it no I don’t have an Instagram not yet any other questions guys if not we can
move into smash so we can get at least a few more games and do you think star
citizen is a scam dude I don’t know I haven’t heard about
that game in a while do people actually have copies to play like do backers
actually have a conversion of that game that they can play or like how was it
with that game I haven’t been keeping out no so nobody can play the game
nobody’s been able to play the game at all this whole star citizen game okay
well it’s not a scam if they’ve got a beta version for them to play then there
you go then it’s not a scam right because they got a version for them to
play so they never pro did they ever promise us like it’s gonna come out at
this point at this point now maybe if they’ve got a version of it that plays
then it’s not a scam cuz there’s a version that plays and people are
playing it so I guess it’s not a scam all the discord like the discord is long
the line oh man that’s nuts alright we better we better cut to it
right now yeah we better cut to it if it’s a long I didn’t know it’s gonna be
like a crazy I’m gonna be like three or four people let’s take a look what the
hell is this discord popping up full screen for garbage is this all right
there we go play other characters what do you mean by play other characters let me see 1 2 3 4 5 ok there’s 5 people
ok that’s manageable super smash sisters did they steal that name from the actual
smash sisters I should start paid some royalties to the smash sisters yeah I already know about that I like the music how about now better how am I waiting
playing an item’s whoever said that you go go without him you get a profile
picture I’m playing with my daughter and if I’m playing a bunch of people here
Mowgli with items yet it’s fun but now online good one on one I’ll play with items like because I’m
finally put my daughter if I’m playing with a bunch of casuals then yeah we
play with items on like local that’s fun but online Wow Jeff items for like if
you’re playing with like children like young children if you’re playing look
like you know like I said like your kid or your nephew ease items are fun for
that yeah that’s fun that’s fun for that but not like if you’re trying to get
better at the game like you’re playing again still the fun it’s like party man
and the people that are playing here they’re good like a lot of people are
good here so I’m not trying to say here though items Oh oh my god bro I could not get down with
this dude Oh the return 30 stock okay trick trading
three stocks yeah return shading three stops wonder what’s this I wonder what does
this party man gonna three stop me here Wow Oh God come on damnit Gee’s items are critically underrated
and utilize mechanical smash not really alright we’re gonna go next
up next up is good games we’re gonna do three games for this one party van next
up is ch3 ch3 is next up I don’t really think items are underrated I think items
are just there for items to be there and people who want to play the game and
know the mechanics and the depth of Smash Brothers I can play it I think to
be honest I think playing the game without items is critically underrated
because most people play with items most people don’t play without items so I
think people actually understanding and learning the mechanics and if you hear
people who from the outside who look at smash they don’t know how deep the game
is so I think it’s actually the other way around playing without items and
what you can do in this game is critically underrated compared to what
people normally see it as which is just a game a party game where you throw
items at each other and jump around in everything people don’t see it as a game
there’s a lot of skill to it so I think it’s actually the other way around the hell I lost my job too I’m done with in center warfare right
now okay I’m gonna go random you don’t have to go random go th and I can
understand what people like using items and why items are a thing and that’s
fine you should be able to play whatever way that you prefer you know but for me
it’s just ever since I saw the smash documentary and I saw what people can do
I was like yo I’ve been playing smash wrong for me at least because I’d get
tired of throwing items at people I expect alright well like I’m tired of
just cinder throwing am I ever gonna be skilled in this game you know and that’s
the thing I never played before before smash we’re always gonna get into I
never played smash brothers removing like 300 400 hours of it on any of my
systems you know I never played it more but it wasn’t until just gonna throw
smash brawl who I really started getting to the competitive scene and that’s when
I really started getting into it you know and it made it made it a smash
where there’s so much better boys Oh God ice it’s a jump I saw a shadow powers to the side behind I mean that’s
the way that you know the game was intended to be played but I think you
can play the game on a lot of different IDs you know all all Salem’s come back
with sholde was amazing I’m starting to pick up show up a little
bit okay don’t know what I’m doing he doesn’t
have a doubt spastic that goes back and forth Oh God good game all right good games hi next up Dustin
gee you’re up good games th and no one from yo charity what’s up
good to see you here okay the gameplays looking better now
midas Magnezone it’s it’s no it’s Dustin G Dustin gee or
Mordo I know you’re busy I know you’re busy
it’s just good to see you that’s all or it’s good to see your profile picture there’s a little hey wait a minute does
the paint refill on its own right how do I refill with the pain hold still gonna be okay you’re stuck forever something that
somebody got on Netflix somebody out here streaming streaming everything to a
4k I got this McDonald’s connection it’s still frozen
gabay okay is he still here public library computers Usenet fresh
public library hey just make sure you pause the stream while you’re playing
mortal I don’t know if you’re listening to unite madness or death things you
just pause the stream while your plant that can reduce lag oh all right so next
up is uh Dawson Dawson 31 is next up my man my man immortal disappeared so
Dawson you’re next up dude feel free to hop in Dawson’s the what’s a time into Donkey
Kong he’s playing in stadia just make sure
you pause this room while you guys are playing you can unpause this you can
hear what I say after the match but during the match just make sure it’s
possible usually his connection doesn’t lag that bad so there must have been
something there’s something wrong with this connection right now usually it’s
not that bad usually it’s much better yeah yeah yeah
I was figuring your head another screwed up there’s no way your connections your
connections not not that bad oh that’s unfortunate Wow or set the router if you can get me an
apple no we’re gonna play we’re gonna play three I’m gonna play two more with
Dawson and then we’ll get you right in after we’re gonna substitute you back in
right after Brasa so we’ll get two more with you after this we’re gonna play two
more with Dawson then we’ll get you right back in man so good thank you for
supporting the channel my man unfortunate SB on one of those farms oh
man I see today Oh yo Nana’s back Isis players I don’t care if they do random what the hell Oh God what am I
I thought I could air jaws back to the stage but I did it delicious after and what’s the point in
getting the weights time what’s the point what’s the point of getting the
waste out of its active all right Mordo comeback going and hop
back in Mordo that was the dumbest thousand no it’s
it’s more no more nose up next more nose up next I’ll jump on we’re gonna get
we’re gonna get you in just a bit we’re gonna get two games with mortar then
we’re gonna we’re gonna get you in yeah it happens in super smash smash four but
dang I didn’t expect it to happen to me like that yeah that was crazy
like what’s the point all you can really do is just grab in that situation man
just grab I did a charged up smash and they’ve been killed even sure it’s it that’s a claim a claim
that how a dash attack is stronger than a Clank it causes a when two attacks are
like almost equal in power more dough can you hop back in my men if not really
like we’re gonna let the next person hop in because they do have a limited amount
of time here so put a knot back in all right so whoever between morto and
jump on whoever hops in here first is gonna get the game because I can’t be I
can’t be waiting for minutes it’s gonna be wasting time
so Morneau or jump on whoever hops in there first go ahead now go ahead jump on whoever gets in
there first if we’re already played a match please hop out whoever doesn’t
like if you see a match in progress just go ahead and hop out you’ll get back in
the river ops in person the water seems stable if it camps on
the second game I poured for today sucks I had to pick I felt like I was doing
good uh yeah jump moms in here first so we’ll go
ahead and we’ll get jump on in a couple games and if you want to try again maybe
I’m not really sure but either way thank you for the support
I got the bird I got the brother okay I forgot it’s not it’s not the other
girl what’s your face what’s your name Isabelle acts the jump on chilly this days the jump on
killer nobody’s have more as easier than jump that that does not come out even on a
short hop sometimes this counter and from airplane eternities counterpick
jump month of this days look at the game three just counter picks up month of
this stage you’ve got that you got that you’ve got the Dove jump I’m not pleased although oh here we go across the whole stage y’all all be
doing stuff that nobody else in this game can do I grow a grill jump on there you stipple
chuckles territory problem on a grown-up mod is that you’ve got a guess where
he’s gonna land so it makes it official bumpy I actually should have finished
with my beef yeah jump on my uncle a way uncle bun gets towards the end buggabugga towards the end was that
three what was that two I think that was – yeah that was
definitely unga-bunga – okay oh here we go we got Party
minutes party man so I feel so top tier with goodness
gracious look at all the stuff peach can do
she’s so tight here combos everybody not broken anymore good game stepmom all right right little
you’re next up right loading good stuff good stuff the JEP mom rylos up next
let’s go so why they’ll go ahead and hop into the
arena I’m gonna use joke there first and I
feel like using joking rival it’s your up my man rylos up next
if father doesn’t happen within the next 30 seconds to a minute we are going to
move on to the next person which would be Nick Nick war so I’m sorry my riders
acting weird all right it’s cool dude alright so we are gonna have Webber
between Rilo or war liqui little whoever hops in their purse will be able to get
in into the match learning to apologize those doesn’t gia
happens man supplies my router was messing up the other day too all right still can’t wait any details the music
you’re doing game playing for a while I’m not going not going your usual me Oh the stage frame one spot just this stage is that slant that
little snap the bottom literally stops attacks it stops attacks it stops you
can I can even being hit like this is the one this might be the worst stage it
should be bad that state should be absolutely banned
it’s so stupid that’s not bad the clubs not bad at all actually yeah I
think I’m gonna take it off but although it is a counter pick though it is a
stage that can be counted too but can somebody look up a little stage anymore
legal station Oh smash I don’t know when that thing goes we’re
still waiting what they’re gonna be doing balance
changes they are gonna be done balance you talk about bladesmith I was really
shocked about those two stuff we all know man it’s out there it’s coming to ps4 xbox locked in Jesus Christ Wow got a really got ahead of time yeah in fact that suture oh wow he taught my second job that’s
rough geez all right next up is tubas next up it’s okay dude Dustin’s your good man good good projectiles all over the place got about this dude I totally forgot
about that setup I don’t know why I did yeah that too no time to waste
oh we got lucky because I give them twice ready for the podcast tonight and
get some more editing done oh how that back you’re not head Oh daddy aimed it down I didn’t know if
you could doing it oh I just Chuba good second game daddy’s pretty
hard counter hey I can’t deal with the Richter offline I could probably more
deal with it but with the input delay you got to pick somebody with a
reflector we already got enough to the PE podcast
this week we have but we can definitely get you on next week okay how how likely
is that Wow that’s so cool did that size until what the hell off the stage Oh we didn’t you can say which one is rids
and what times my favorite podcast just wanna know for future reference it’s in
about an hour so the game she booked all right guys we got to wrap it up right
there thank you guys so much for watching –
appreciate it make sure everybody who played tonight I
gotta get ready for the PT podcast and then tomorrow morning we’re gonna have a
video for you guys they eat three videos so that should be fun
but alright I will see you guys back in about an hour and a half hour and a half
it up the PP podcast going down so we’ll see you guys back in about one hour and
a half okay there’s no matter where you live where you are in the world that’s
gonna be at about an hour and a half okay alright
so thank you guys so much for watching do appreciate I’ll see you guys for the
next one Boosh very soon six o’clock 9:00 Eastern PD podcast make
sure you watch it’s gonna be fun alright peace out guys

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