My nAmE iS PEARLLLLLLLLLLLLL /cLaP/ Let’S gO geT faKe pEdigrEE /ClaP/ What’s poppin’ Youtube? 1outofbillion is in the house. Welcome to “Incognito” World animal day
special. Today I’m gonna tell you how I bought fake
pedigree for a stray dog and increased its market value 4 times. Before we start – leave a like and don’t
forget to subscribe. Moving on! I’m 1outofbillion – an undercover journalist. Different identities, one thing in common
– the art to lie. I’ve told over a hundred stories and now
it’s time to tell mine.    As most of you might know – breed animals
can be expensive. When it comes to cats and dogs with a specific
breed it’s price can be measured in thousands of euros. If an animal has pedigree – It’s even more
expensive. If pedigree says that animals parents are
champions – price rises even more. For those who don’t know what pedigree is
– it’s an official paper which traces animals parents, grandparents and so on. It’s like a family tree. These pedigrees are given out by animal clubs
or associations. For example – dog clubs or associations. These dog clubs for most of the time are private
organizations. And if in some countries there are few big
dog clubs, then in our case there are dozens of small dog clubs which means – they are
harder to control. And that gives a space for possible frauds. /clap/ Lets go get fake pedigree /clap/
So I wanted to check if I can buy fake pedigree for a stray dog. I went to the dog shelter and asked if they
have some breed puppies. They had one puppy who kinda looked like Central
Asian Shepherd Dog. His name was Banjo and he wasn’t a pure
breed but a mixture of different breeds. So I got his documents and started working
on my fictive story. I’m Ray. I’m a Latvian, but all my life I’ve been
living in the UK with my wealthy father. My fake character had to be wealthy so the
dog clubs know that I’m able to pay. I visited Latvia and my friends got me a present
– a puppy. I love this dog and want to bring it back
to my home. But there is one problem. My neighbors are aristocratic and most of
them think that a dog without a pedigree is not a dog. I don’t think like that, but as I’m living
in this area it would be better for me to get this dog a pedigree. To reduce any risks my character also had
to be loving and caring towards dogs. A good owner. One dog club came up to my attention – called
“White Fang”. This dog club has associates in Russia, so
this dog club can be looked at as international, with a great experience. So I called them. We met the same meeting in a pretty unfriendly
neighborhood. I took tear gas with me in case something
happens. I went there by myself. As soon as I saw him I understood that my
worries were false. He was just a regular dude in his fifties. He met me with his golden retriever who was
very friendly and tried licking hidden camera all the time. Smart dog. The owner of the dog club wanted to know if
my dog really is central Asian shepherd. I replied – I think so. And that was all it took to convince him. I gave him details he needed, like the date
of birth and he told me that he will call me once the pedigree is ready. What do you think – How much did I pay? I don’t know what you answered but most
likely your answer was WRONG. By this time Banjo’s net worth rose from
100 euros to 400 euros. Just like that, in a minute.  With 20 euro investment. A great deal if you ask me. Now Banjo is a son of aristocratic breed dogs. His mom is called Cherry and father – Bai. Which translated from the Chinese means “white”. There’s also information about his grandparents
and even further generations. This guy never saw the dog. But when he gave me the pedigree he asked
if I want to breed Banjo with his dogs. It’s interesting how this guy is breeding
two breeds – central Asian shepherd and golden retriever in his two-room flat. But that’s a story for the next episode,
where we will talk about illegal dog breeders and how they export dogs to different countries. Conclusions
Lesson nr.1 If your dog has a pedigree – it doesn’t
mean that it’s real. Even international pedigrees can be faked. Lesson nr.2
Visit a vet before buying a dog. There’s nothing wrong with dogs with health
problems. And I salute to all the people who are taking
care of unhealthy animals. But if you spend a fortune on buying an unhealthy
dog, once you get used to it – there’s no way back. And if you don’t have spare few thousands
to spend on the treatment – it will be really unpleasant. Lesson nr.3
There are so many ways you can get scammed. Adopt an animal from an animal shelter. You save a life and save a buck. What do you think of this episode? Leave comments below. I want to hear your opinion. Don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe
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Peace out!   Incognito

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