Persistent Faith—Part 2

GLORIA: Oh, boy, here
we are. Friday. GEORGE: Here we go. Ooh! GLORIA: We’ve
had a great week, George. GEORGE: We’ve had a
great week, Gloria. GLORIA: Glory to God. GEORGE: I have so
enjoyed doing this with you. This is wonderful. GLORIA: I’ve
enjoyed. You’re easy to preach with. GEORGE: Well– GLORIA:
Hallelujah. GEORGE: We are talking about bulldog faith. And
we’re talking about how people can–how you can build up your
faith, develop it to such a degree that no matter what the
devil brings to you, you are strong, you’re determined,
you’re aggressive, you’re persistent. And we’re not
talking about– GLORIA: It’s a consistent thing, though.
GEORGE: It’s consistent. GLORIA: You’ve got to stay with it.
GEORGE: Well, I remember a woman of God saying, “In consistency
lies the power.” GLORIA: Not in– GEORGE: Not
“inconsistency,” but– TOGETHER: “In consistency–” GLORIA:
“–lies the power.” GEORGE: So
when we are constant. And thats
the thing that I observe about you and Kenneth all
of these 40 years. I’ve
known you 41 years. But–but I’ve worked for the
ministry for 40 years. And just watching the consistency of the
two of you, just watching– GLORIA: It gets to be a
lifestyle. GEORGE: It does, doesn’t it? GLORIA: It gets easy
after you do it– GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: –40-something years.
You know, it doesn’t take that long. But gets to be a habit.
First of all, you decide– GEORGE: That’s good. GLORIA:
–“I’m not talking any unbelief.” GEORGE: There you go.
GLORIA: We’re not saying any unbelief. GEORGE: Yeah, yeah.
GLORIA: We’re not saying anything that we don’t want to
come to pass. GEORGE: Mm-hmm. GLORIA: And you have to have
certain things that you lay out like that. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA:
I’m staying–I’m going to get in the Word every day and keep my
faith strong. GEORGE: That’s right. GLORIA: Certain things–
GEORGE: That’s right. GLORIA: –that you do to stay. And you
can be persistent, and you can be full of faith the rest of
your days in the earth– GEORGE: That’s exactly right. GLORIA:
–if you’ll do the right things. GEORGE: And I’ve watched the two
of you. You really have never backed down from this. It’s just
gotten stronger and stronger and stronger around here. And we
called–we called Brother Copeland the other day. He was
on the treadmill. He said–he said, “Let me turn Brother Hagin
off here.” GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: He was–he was feeding on the
Word. And–and with the two of you– GLORIA: That’s what you
have to do. GEORGE: You just inspire us to do that. And in
this discussion that we’re having about–about bulldog
faith– GLORIA: Mm-hmm. GEORGE: –I’m telling you, no matter
what is going on in your life, you get back up on your faith
right now. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: You believe God. You get
in the Word. You hear the Word of God. You listen to the–the
materials that we provide from Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and
you get your faith strong, because in this day and this
hour that we’re in, it is vital, it’s important. GLORIA: That’s
right. GEORGE: And, you know, you see things in the stock
market and things that go up and down. With–with God, there is
no change in the kingdom. The kingdom is on a constant rise.
And it says, “The violent take it by force.” We take the
kingdom of God. We take everything that– GLORIA: That’s
what faith does. GEORGE: –God has for us. And in this Friday,
this Friday broadcast, we’re talking again about persistent
faith. And we started yesterday, Gloria, by talking–I’ve got
something else that–so much that I wanted to share with you.
We–we were talking yesterday about the–the widow woman–
GLORIA: Oh, yeah. GEORGE: –the persistent widow woman. And if I
can just kind of go– GLORIA: Go ahead. GEORGE: –back through
that again. GLORIA: Go ahead. GEORGE: In Luke 18, there was an
unjust judge that he–he did not give into this woman that was
coming to him and asking him– GLORIA: That was his first
mistake. GEORGE: That was his first mistake. And in Verse 3 of
Luke 18, there’s a widow that–in the city that kept
coming to him, saying, “Protect and defend and give me justice
against my adverse–adversary.” And then it says, in Verse 4,
“For the time, he would not; but then later he said to himself, I
don’t have reverence or fear for God, or respect or consideration
for men, but yet because this woman continues to bother me–”
GLORIA: In today’s vernacular, we could say, “She’s driving me
crazy.” GEORGE: “She’s driving me crazy.” GLORIA: “I’m trying
to get rid of her.” GEORGE: He said, “Because he–she keeps
bothering me, I will protect and avenge her, lest she give me
intolerable annoyance and wear me out by her constant coming or
at the last she shall come and rail on me or assault or
strangle me.” GLORIA: (Laughs) GEORGE: And, you know, we talked
about the phrase yesterday, Gloria, about “persistence wears
down resistance.” GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: And we have to be
the persistent ones. And so the unjust gave into her–judge gave
into her. And we read–we’re picking up with Verse 8 from
yesterday. “I will tell you, He will defend and protect and
avenge them speedily. However, when the Son of Man comes, will
He find persistence in faith?” Or you could say there, “Will he
find persistent faith in the earth?” GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE:
And the answer to– GLORIA: Well, he will if I’m still here.
GEORGE: Yeah, he will. He will. GLORIA: Glory to God. GEORGE: He
will. GLORIA: That’s what you have to determine. “I’m going to
be persistent in faith.” GEORGE: We have to determine that. So if
you look on your paper there, we’re going to this “Persistent
Faith, part two,” which is–where is that? It’s right
there, “Persistent Faith, part two.” And I wanted to
remind–remind all of you that all of these outlines are
available online. Outlines that are available on
prosperity alone. And we need this to prosper.
You’ve got to have– GLORIA: You’ve got to
have the Word. GEORGE: You have to have a faith determination to
do it. GLORIA: And not just have it, but act on it. GEORGE: And
act on it. Be doers. GLORIA: Doers, yeah. GEORGE: Doers of
the Word. So, in “Persistent Faith” here, we’re just kind of
reviewing what this woman said. She did not take “no” for an
answer. You do not take “no” where the Word of God is
concerned. You bite down on that Word. You bite down on your
healing, you bite down on your prosperity. Whatever it is, you
get aggressive about it, and you don’t take “no” from the devil.
GLORIA: That’s right. He’s the one. GEORGE: The devil says,
“You’ll never be debt free.” GLORIA: He’s come to talk you
out of it. GEORGE: That’s exactly right. GLORIA: Because
nothing belongs to him. So if he can’t get what’s yours, he
doesn’t have anything. GEORGE: That’s right. GLORIA: But we
say, “You’re not getting mine. You’re not touching mine.”
GEORGE: That’s right. He tried to do that with Jesus in the
wilderness. GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: When Jesus was there, he
just kept trying to offer him in this. And Jesus would say, “It
is written.” GLORIA: “It is written.” GEORGE: “It is
written.” GLORIA: That’s the answer. GEORGE: “It is written.”
GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: He finally said, “It is said,” and it said
the devil left him for another time. GLORIA: The devil gave up.
GEORGE: He just–but Jesus’ persistence wore him down. This
woman did not take “no” for an answer. She was relentless. She
was insistent. She did not stop until she got what she wanted.
GLORIA: We can do that. Women can do that. GEORGE:
Women–women can do that. GLORIA: But men can do it too.
GEORGE: Yes, that’s right. And we have to be. She refused to
give up. I’m telling you today, refuse to give up. I don’t–it
doesn’t matter what kind of situation you’re in the middle
of. Refuse to give up. You get back on your faith. You get back
in the Word of God. You get these materials that we’re
offering here, or you go online There’s a lot of
free material on there that you can order or listen to. But you
get the Word down on the inside, and you stir yourself up and do
not–you–you be just like this woman. You refuse to give up.
Her persistence wore down–her persistence wore down the
resistance of that judge. He didn’t get to her. She got to
him. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: And everything changed.
GLORIA: She did. GEORGE: She tenacious–tenaciously,
stubbornly, and persistently kept coming, and she would not
quit. And now yesterday, Gloria, we talked about this definition
of “persistence.” It’s a–you read the definition there of
“persistence.” What is that telling you? GLORIA: “Firm or
obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of
difficulty or opposition.” GEORGE: Mm-hmm. GLORIA: You just
don’t quit. GEORGE: Hmm-mm. Nope. GLORIA: “Persistence
applies nonstop, constant, continual, steady, relentless
pressure to a situation.” GEORGE: Mm-hmm. GLORIA:
“Persistence–persistence does not let go or give up until all
resistance is broken and the desired result is attained.”
Persistence in the faith. GEORGE: Persistence in the
faith, that’s right. GLORIA: If you’re believing for something
that didn’t come when you thought it ought to– GEORGE:
Yeah. GLORIA: –you don’t quit, unless you don’t want it
anymore. GEORGE: That’s right. GLORIA: You don’t quit. You
never quit. GEORGE: You don’t quit. I watched you and Kenneth
when the Lord spoke to you and said, “Believe for the Citation
X.” I don’t know exactly how many years it was from the point
that he spoke to you. GLORIA: I’m not sure, either. But it was
a while. GEORGE: It was a while. It was– GLORIA: Because we were
not borrowing money. We were paying cash. That makes a big
difference. GEORGE: Exactly. And there was– GLORIA: In a lot
of ways. GEORGE: We don’t talk “borrow” around here. GLORIA: We
didn’t pay for it two or three times with interests. GEORGE:
No. And I remember, year after year would go by when Brother
Copeland would play the video of the Citation X. GLORIA: Yeah.
Believing God. GEORGE: And–and in that video–remember, it was
“Amazing Grace,” singing the song, “Amazing Grace”– GLORIA:
Yeah. GEORGE: –and watching the plane. We did that year after
year after year. And I remember one particular convention, I was
sitting in the partner meeting, and I was watching this again.
And the thought crossed my mind. I thought, “Lord, when is that
going to come? When is that going to come?” And I sensed the
Lord just inspire me. He said, “Keep going. Just keep
believing. Keep believing.” And then, of course, we were all
here the day that we–we acquired that airplane and flew
it– GLORIA: Oh, hallelujah. GEORGE: –here on the property–
GLORIA: Victory. GEORGE: –and landed that plane. GLORIA: Yeah.
GEORGE: And–and celebrated with our partners the fact that that
thing was overcome. And, you know, you’d think that the world
would be really excited about an entity believing God for an
airplane debt free. They get upset. GLORIA: Well, why
not–why are they upset? GEORGE: Because they don’t have one.
GLORIA: Because they didn’t get the thousands of dollars in
interest– GEORGE: That’s right. That’s exactly right. GLORIA:
–they normally get. GEORGE: That’s exactly right. The point
that I’m making about the 10, Citation X, was you stood in
faith, believing God, and you–we were persistent about
it. We did not give up over it. I remember, when we had
another–a smaller jet here, and we could have sold that jet and
put the money towards the 10, but the Lord spoke to Brother
Copeland and said, “Sow that into another ministry.” And–
GLORIA: It was a seed. GEORGE: It was a seed. It was a seed. So
you have to really–you–you know– GLORIA: Sometimes when
you’re dealing with Brother Copeland, you just have to hold
your breath and say, “ugh,” and obey. You know what I mean?
GEORGE: Yeah, that’s right. But it’s–you know, he’s got–I must
say he has– GLORIA: But it works. GEORGE: He has– GLORIA:
He’s proven it out. GEORGE: He has, and he has the most
inspiring faith. GLORIA: He does. He really does. GEORGE:
I’ve never seen anything like it. And it’s something that I–I
aspire to. I do. I aspire to that kind of faith. I like to–I
like to say things to Terri that–you know, she’s usually
the one–she’s very much like Kenneth. She’s–she
is–sometimes she’ll look at me, and I see that face, you know,
and– GLORIA: Yeah. GEORGE: –and the eyes. But–and
she’ll–she’ll challenge me with something. “George, let’s
believe for this,” or “Let’s–let’s give our house.”
(Both Laugh) GLORIA: Yeah. Some little idea like that. GEORGE:
And–and I must say, Gloria, I–I’m not walking in pride over
this, but I–there have been several times when I’ve–I’ve
said things to her that she’ll go, “Hmm, I’ll have to think
about that.” GLORIA: Yeah. (Both Laugh) GEORGE: But we–we must
be persistent in this. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: We cannot
let go. We cannot give up. We cannot throw in the towel. And
we have to have that–that obstinate continuance in that
course of action, that we do not give up. And I’ll give you a
couple of examples here. Here’s one in point C down there. This
is Luke 11 in the Amplified translation. It said–Jesus
said, “Which of you has a friend who go to him at midnight and
say to him, Friend, lend me three loaves of bread, for a
friend of mine who is on a journey has just come, and I
have nothing to put before him; and from within will answer, Do
not disturb me; the door is now closed, and my children are
all in bed; I cannot get up and supply you with anything? I tell
you, although he will not get up and supply him anything because
he’s his friend, yet because of his shameless–” GLORIA:
Shameless. GEORGE: “–persistence–” GLORIA: Yes.
GEORGE: “–and insistence, he will get up and give him as much
as he needs.” Now, isn’t that something? Shameless
persistence. GLORIA: We’re supposed to learn persistence
through that. GEORGE: And insistence in this. GLORIA:
Yeah. GEORGE: We go to the next page there, Gloria. Here’s
the–here is the situation with Bartimaeus. Bartimaeus was
persistent about his healing. And it says, in the New Living
Translation, in Mark 10:47-48, “When Bartimaeus heard that
Jesus of Nazareth was nearby, he began to shout, ‘Jesus, Son of
David, have mercy on me!'” And then it says, “‘Be quiet!’ many
of the people yelled at him. But he only–” TOGETHER: “–shouted
louder.” GLORIA: (Laughs) GEORGE: “Son of David, have
mercy on me.” What was he doing, Gloria? He was persistent.
GLORIA: He was persistent. GEORGE: He was tenacious. He
did–he wanted his sight. And it says, in Verses 51– GLORIA: He
was not going to quit. GEORGE: He was not going to quit. And in
Verses 51 and 52, Jesus said, “‘What do you want–what do you
want me to do for you?’ And the blind man said, ‘My rabbi,'” he
said, “‘I want to see.’ And Jesus said to him, ‘Go, for your
faith has healed you.’ Instantly the man could see, and he
followed Jesus down the road.” GLORIA: He just wouldn’t quit.
GEORGE: He wouldn’t quit. He wouldn’t give up. And, Gloria,
that’s inspiring to me. GLORIA: It is. GEORGE: That’s inspiring.
GLORIA: Now, when you start out to believe for something big
like jets and houses and even cars, you have to just decide,
“I’m here for however long it takes. I believe it won’t take
long, but I’m not quitting. I’m not giving in.” GEORGE: That’s–
GLORIA: I–here, that’s what you do. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: And
you believe you receive when you pray. That word, “take it”–
GEORGE: Exactly. GLORIA: –we know that. That helped me a lot.
If I want something that, you know, it’s a situation you’ll
have to believe for, I take it when I pray. I keep it till I
get it, till it’s manifested. If it’s a car– GEORGE: That’s
right. GLORIA: –if it’s a house– GEORGE: That’s right.
GLORIA: –“I’m living in it, I’m driving in it, I’m flying in
it.” In Jesus’ name, you don’t quit! GEORGE: Glory to God.
GLORIA: You say, “Yeah, but it’s so slow.” How long does it take
to pay off a 40-year mortgage? TOGETHER: 40 years. (Laughs)
GLORIA: If you can do it. GEORGE: Yeah. Yeah. GLORIA: So
it’s–it’s just– GEORGE: You know, here’s a– GLORIA: It
becomes a way of life. GEORGE: Here’s an interesting revelation
that the Lord gave me about time. “Time can–you can
even–you can decide whether or not time will work for you or
against you.” GLORIA: Yeah, that’s right. GEORGE: And when a
period of time goes by, what are you going to do with that time?
Let’s say you are believing for that house, and time is going
by. What are you doing during that time? Are you complaining?
Are you griping? Are you feeling sorry for yourself? Are you
being like I was when we were–when we were frustrated.
We didn’t have–we had to move out of the–the house that we
were–the rental house and move into your house. And I was
frustrated with that, not that we came to your house. It was a
wonderful experience. But I’m like, “I want–” GLORIA: “I want
my own house.” GEORGE: Yeah. And the Lord got on me. He says, “I
want you to get aggressive about your faith. What are you doing
with your time?” And–and here’s what the Lord showed me. He said
that, “If you will use your time wisely, you can use it for your
benefit if you’ll take that time that you’re standing–” And
that’s what it is. It’s a stand of faith. It’s a–it’s a
persistent, determined stand of faith that you don’t get off.
But you stand firm, and you just stand there, and you don’t move.
You stand there and don’t let the devil intimidate you at all.
GLORIA: Don’t give up. GEORGE: And he–don’t give up. GLORIA:
Don’t turn coward. GEORGE: So whenever there is a time lapse
that’s going by, I’ve made the decision, “I’m going to get in
the Word. I’m going to listen to the messages. I’m going to use
that time. I’m going to confess the Word of God.” GLORIA: Say,
say, say. GEORGE: I’m going to declare it, and I’m going to use
that time. It will be a faith builder for me. GLORIA: That’s
right. GEORGE: As opposed to– GLORIA: Now, what–what’s going
to happen? The devil’s going to figure you out, and he’s going
to say, “If I challenge–” GEORGE: “Forget him.” GLORIA:
“–him, he’s just going to get stronger.” GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA:
“And he’s going to eventually get it anyway. This is a losing
situation with George.” GEORGE: That’s right. That’s right. He
did it–he did it where the devil was concerned. Jesus was
so– GLORIA: Right. GEORGE: –tenacious and persistent, and
he just kept saying–the devil would say something, he’d just
look at him and say, “Well, it is written.” GLORIA:
“It’s written.” GEORGE: “It is written.” GLORIA: “It’s
written.” That’s what we ought to do. GEORGE: And that’s what
we have to do. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: “Devil, it
is written, ‘By the stripes of Jesus, I’m healed.'” GLORIA:
Amen. GEORGE: “Devil, by the stripes of Jesus–or by the Word
of God, it–it is written that he meets all of my need to the
full, according to all of his riches in glory.” And you just
get downright obnoxious in the spirit. GLORIA: That’s right.
GEORGE: Have you ever been– GLORIA: Stay with it. GEORGE:
Have we ever been around somebody that’s been obnoxious,
and they just–they just– GLORIA: Same thing over and over
and over. GEORGE: “Ah-da-da-da-da.” We can be that
way. GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: You can be that way
where the devil is concerned. GLORIA: Let’s use “persistence.”
GEORGE: I’d say, “persistence.” GLORIA: So much better than,
“obnoxious.” GEORGE: Okay. I’ll–(Laughs) GLORIA: We’re
persistent in it. GEORGE: Persistent. GLORIA: In Jesus’
name. GEORGE: We are persistent. GLORIA: Hallelujah. GEORGE: And
what do we got? Two minutes left here. I’ll read a couple of
things. GLORIA: Okay. GEORGE: In–in the incident with the
widow woman and with Bartimaeus, he got up–he got fed up with
being blind. You know, there’s just a point where you have to
get fed up. “I am fed up with this car situation. I’m fed up
with this money situation. I’m fed up with whatever it is that
is standing in my way.” And the same thing with these two. They
got persistent with their faith. GLORIA: Yeah, that’s right.
GEORGE: She was persistent. He wouldn’t take “no” for an
answer. He didn’t care who was standing around Jesus, and he
didn’t care that he was yelling, either. “I’m getting to that
man. I’m getting to my need.” And he was not about to shut up
until he got what belonged to him. And that’s–we have to be
that way. GLORIA: Well, we start out with one thing that is
absolute truth. When we believe we receive, based on the Word of
God– GEORGE: Mm-hmm. GLORIA: –we’re going to get it. Now,
the devil may talk– GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: –try to talk us
out of it. Might look like it’s taking too long. GEORGE: Right,
right. GLORIA: But if you don’t move off of it, you’re going to
have a manifestation. GEORGE: Yep. And you said something very
important. The phrase you said, “Based on the Word of God.”
GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: Whatever you see in the Word,
you can have. Whatever you see in the Word, you can be.
Whatever is in the Word belongs to you. We just have to access
it– GLORIA: That’s right. GEORGE: –by faith. GLORIA:
That’s right. GEORGE: Declare it and receive, by faith, from God.
Take what belongs to us. GLORIA: I worked on that–I started
believing God for a house when we live–well, I don’t know when
I started. But I remember when we were in Tulsa in the little
rent house. GEORGE: Mm-hmm. GLORIA: I really got behind, you
know. And at that time, I had to–I mean, I–when–I had so–I
had enough money. This is all I had. GEORGE: Yeah. GLORIA: I had
this certain amount of money. And I–I was pray–when I went
to the grocery store, I was praying in tongues that I didn’t
have to put anything back. I mean, I’d pray. Now, this is
when I started believing for a house. GEORGE: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
GLORIA: Say, “Well, you can’t even buy groceries without using
your faith.” And–but it–I tell you, I wouldn’t let go of it.
GEORGE: You wouldn’t let go. GLORIA: I didn’t let go of it.
And it came to pass. Well, it took a few years. But how long
does it take to pay off a 40-year mortgage? GEORGE: Yeah,
that’s right. I’m so glad we didn’t borrow money on any of
these buildings. GLORIA: We’d–we’d still be fighting
over the payment. Jesus– GEORGE: Glory to God. GLORIA:
–is Lord! GEORGE: Hallelujah. GLORIA: Hallelujah. GEORGE:
(Laughs) GLORIA: And our provider. GEORGE: He is our
provider. GLORIA: We’re out of time, George. GEORGE: Okay.
Well, we’ll have to be right back, then. GLORIA: We’ll come
back and see you in a moment. CHRIS NEHER: I’m Chris Neher,
and this is my wife Cathie Neher. We’ve been married
for 26 years now, this coming week. So I’m attending the
leaders conventions every year for–at least myself, for 26
years. Cathie’s, what, 30? CATHIE NEHER: I get every new
book that comes out that Kenneth has. And when they send you the
partner letter, sometimes they put little bookmarks in there,
but they have confessions on them. So that’s something, like
in the morning, I get up and I–I just read through all my
confessions. I mean, it’s not like it’s–I’m just reading, I
mean, my heart is in this. I pray over the horses before I
get on them. And that’s just what I do all day long. I’m
praising the Lord and repeating all these things I’ve learned.
This horse was young. She wasn’t ready to be out on trail rides
or anything. All I was getting on her for maybe 20 minutes at
the most, and I was putting her away. And for some–I have no
idea, either I touched her wrongly with a foot or
something, and next thing you know, I was on the ground. But I
went to get up, and the bottom of my leg was not moving. And I
went, “Uh-oh, something’s wrong here.” And I thought, “Okay,
here I am out in the pasture.” So I just started dragging
myself to the barn. I kept thinking, “Okay. If I can get to
the barn, there’s a phone there.” So I just started
dragging myself, but the bone kept trying to pop up. So I was
holding the bone down and dragging myself. Took me about 4
1/2 hours to do that, just to go, what, 125 feet. NARRATOR:
Cathie Neher was in that field for several hours with a broken
and twisted leg bone until a neighbor finally heard her cry
for help. CATHIE: So he called 911, and he called Chris. And,
plus, all that time, I was saying, “Body, you will not go
into shock. My blood pressure’s going to be perfectly normal.”
And for me, that’s 110/65. “And my resting heart rate will be
65. You know, but I’m going to be fine.” Then paramedics came,
and they’re doing all what they do, you know, taking your blood
pressure and your temperature. And he went, “Oh, my gosh.” And
I went, “What do you mean, ‘Oh, my gosh’?” He said, “Well, your
blood pressure’s normal, your heart rate is normal, your
oxygen level is great. You’re not in shock.” I said, “Well, of
course not. I’m healed by the stripes of Jesus.” CHRIS: Well,
most people that have that type of injury, and lays in a rural
area, a field, for four hours, usually bleed to death, as a
rule. And for 4 1/2 hours being out there, she was being watched
over. NARRATOR: Surgery was performed to repair the
traumatic break. And the hand of God was evident to Cathie and
Chris throughout the procedure and the recovery. Even the
surgeon was well pleased with the results. CATHIE: After the
surgery, he said, “Now you’re really perfect.” And he said,
“But I could not have done–done that to your leg if it hadn’t
been that your–your bones were in excellent condition, your
muscle tone was in excellent condition, your arteries were in
excellent condition.” That’s what he told me. He said, “I
couldn’t have done what I did if that hadn’t been that way. And,
you know, I’ve been lifting weights and working out for 30
years and playing “My Youth is Renewed as the Eagle’s.” But
see, I learned all that from KCM and all the teaching, and coming
to the conventions. I’m not going to leave this earth one
day sooner than God wants me to because it’s taught me how
valuable I am. It’s taught me how to change my words to think
differently about renewing your mind and that life and death is
in the power of the tongue. NARRATOR: What can you do today?
How are you? CATHIE: Well, I can walk my three, four miles again.
I can use my treadmill. I can use all my exercise equipment. I
have started riding a horse again. I can wear my high heels
again, and go to church dressed the way I like to go to church.
And people go, “You’re wearing high heels!” I said, “Well, of
course, I’m healed!” ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed
today’s teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and
remember Jesus is Lord.

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