Pet All the Fluff at Lazy Acre Alpacas

Lazy Acre Alpacas is an Alpaca farm
located in western New York, upstate. We’ve been raising alpacas for 18 years
and we have families come out, couples come out, we’ve had people get engaged
here. Typically we give organized tours so people call for an appointment
typically do on the weekends at one o’clock on Saturday and Sunday and then
throughout the week we can customize the time to their time. They’re very gentle
animals, very docile. Once we’re out there and and they understand that we’re not
going to go out there and chase them around they’ll start to get comfortable
and start coming up to us which is really a nice experience. And they have
the whole year to grow this beautiful soft luxurious fleece and in the
springtime right around Mother’s Day we will give them a haircut, we shear them. It’s
comparable to cashmere, if people have ever experienced cashmere, it is seven times
warmer than wool and as far as how long it’s going to last you it’s five times
stronger than wool. Socks, gloves, hats mittens, scarves,
rugs, area rugs, you can buy yarn the concrete from our animals.
And we’ve got some people that come every year I’ve seen their children as
babies and now I’m starting to see them as they’re going into junior high and a
lot of times they come out they do the exact same thing they take the tour they
go through the barns and then they set up and we open up our backyard and they
just sit here and take in the moment of the farm and it’s beautiful.

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