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8 Responses

  1. carlos Verano says:

    Thanks doctor!.

  2. DivaBClub says:

    What if my dog is super tiny, like 5 lbs?

  3. m c says:

    when i brought my bichon to doctor was really painfull for my little one.

  4. keegan773 says:

    I took my dog to a vet in Swindon so he could have his anal glands emptied. As the process progressed Max, for that was my dogs name, gave vent to his displeasure. The vet,who was fresh out of college, said "Your dogs growling at me". I pointed out that if he stuck his finger up my arse I would do a damned sight more than growl at him. Dogs have feelings too.

  5. cheryl newton says:

    great video, am going to try now on my Engish Cocker as he is dragging his bottom on the floor.

  6. Linda Icely says:

    My 4 month old Great Dane puppy passes a normal looking stool, but at the very end, on pressing a bit, the last part has fresh blood on the outside of the stool. Could this fresh bleeding be from the anal glands? Or is it more likely to be haemorrhoids in a 4 month old?

  7. DankMemez Garrett says:

    So helpful! Best vid yet

  8. Gayle Eckstein says:

    Best Vet !!! Great info & speaking voice, loud enough too !!! Rare on these videos.

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