Pet-Inclusive Kit – Pasco County Disaster Preparedness

If you have pets you’re ultimately
responsible for them, even during a disaster. Just adding a few items to your
own go-kit will ensure you and your pet have everything you need to make it
through any disaster. Each of your pets should have their own carrier with
medical records and a two-week supply of food, water, and medication. Even pet
friendly hotels and shelters will want to see proof of your pet’s shots. Ask your
vet for a copy of your pets records, including any of their disease results. Be sure to include proof of ownership for your pets, like a recent
photo of you with your pet. Include any special instructions for anyone else who
might be taking care of your pets. Don’t forget to bring waste bags or litter box,
litter, and a scoop along with cleaning supplies. Having all the items you and
your pets need ready to go at a moment’s notice can make a big difference in how
quickly you’re able to react to a disaster. Whether you end up staying at
home, at a pet friendly shelter, or evacuating, use the list of items that can be found in the Pasco County Disaster Guide on our website,, or in the MyPasco App, to help you put together a pet-inclusive Go-Bag.

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