Pet of the Week – Baxter

I’m Karijah Pinckney and this is Pet
of the Week. [MUSIC] I’m here at Robeson County Humane Society and we’re
with Mendy Morris, the associate director. Hi my name is Mendy.
I’ve been here for about 4 and a half years, this is Baxter. We are estimating Baxter’s
between 3 and 5 years old. He’s a Jack Russell Mix. He’s already
been neutered up to date on all these vaccines. I know sweet pea
and he is heartworm positive that’s only downfall.
Unfortunately here in Robeson County as most places in the
South heartworms are a big issue not only with the dogs, but also with the cats. Currently, on
heartworm prevention to keep him from acquiring more heartworms.
They are passed by mosquitoes. So he will stay on that for the
rest of his life and slowly overtime. The adult heartworms
in his in his heart will die off and that’s what we’re waiting
for the slow kill as opposed to the treatment. But he seems to
be a little bit more mellowed not quite as high strung like a . two year old would be, but he’s a
really sweet dog and will make a wonderful addition to any
family. How can someone apply to take Baxter and his friends
home, we have an application process you can access our
application online. Just go to our website. Robeson County
Humane Society and click on the icon for Forms. You’ll be able to download the application and email it or fax, it to
us or if you’re here locally just swing by the shelter.
You’ll be able to pick up an application actually visit with
everyone we have available. Thanks and I’m Karijah Pinckney
and we’ll see you next week.

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