Pet of the week: Jasmine

[Music] welcome back text our station mascot as you many of you already know is on a mission to help Houston area animals in need he visits local shelters and features animals up for adoption on his Instagram page he also has his own Charitable Foundation and so today we’re here with Texas pet of the week from the Houston Humane Society this is little Jasmine I know I know you’re so sweet thank you yes one-year-old terrier mix she came back to the shelter because her new owner was gonna have knee surgery and couldn’t keep her yeah she’s a sweetheart too she’s a little anxious here because all the new smells and everything but she really is very nice you know I already got some love kisses so there we go yeah if you’re interested in adopting jasmine or any of the other pets oh I gotta do is head over to slash pets and see what is more of Texas that pals are up for adoption you can follow him on Instagram he is a man about town oh he is boy is he fella is out in yeah and so if you see him tag him on instagram there as well

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