Pet of the Week: Lucy

and before we leave you this morning we have someone special to introduce you to everybody meet Lucy she is a sassy seven year old French Bulldog with a better wardrobe I think then both of us Jacob this lady’s previous owners had an extensive wardrobe for her and she loves to flaunt em she is also in great health for a dog of her breed French bulldogs typically develop problems with breathing but Lucy she’s had multiple surgeries to improve that condition and Lucy does great with cats and kids but not with other dogs she really is a people love her and needs a home where she can get a lot of attention oh yeah she loves people that’s all she wants if you have a lap you will be her best friend forever and if you want to hold her for the rest of your life then she’s happy too and if you’d like to meet Lucy in person this is a great chance on October 30th the Lewis and Clark Humane Society is hosting wag a wee yeah bring the kids in from 3 to 6 p.m. to see the shelter and get some Halloween goodies all you have to do is bring a small donation the Humane Society’s in need of supplies like blankets laundry detergent and storage bin bins yeah and during this event staff will not be facilitating adoptions so if you are looking to take a new pet home they will be open during their normal business hours the rest of the week and will have all of that information on our website KTV acecomm

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