Pet of the week: Luna

[email protected] *Brenda* ON TONIGHT’S PET OF THE WEEK WE INTRODUCE YOU TO LUNA. A 1 YEAR OLD LAB MIX LOOKING FOR A FOREVER HOME. 0:00:05 0:10:21 *Brenda* Monday night is here. Time for pet of the week. Ready for blastoff& They shoot for the moon& to land amongst stars& But this satellite inspired pup shows us that reaching the moon is well worth the effort. Coming in at about 1 year old& Meet Luna& Luna is a Lab Mix& she’s fully grown and is one loyal companion. Not very shy& it took a few treats to get her affection& and she stood by us ever since. It was never a dull moment with this playful dog. we’re told Luna was turned in by her previous owners to the shelter. We may not know why& but we do know that this playful pup is perfect for an active family. She’s looking for her second shot at life& and she’s looking for her forever home. so if you’d like to adopt luna or a pet just like her, visit 416 FM 511 or call 547351. that’s the brownsville animal regulation and care center. in the meantime, we’re going to get luna some water because this summer heat can be

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