Pet of the Week: Michael

Chris 6:00 news at noon continues welcome back every Wednesday we are pleased to welcome our friends from Corpus Christi Animal Care Services because they always bring a pet who we hope to find a home for and today we have one that you have named after me thank you for doing that let’s introduce you to this pretty pup who are we talking about here this is Michael Michael let’s point that out again Michael now you can name him whatever you want that’s the privilege that comes with adopting an animal from Animal Care Services but for now let’s go with Michael and why wouldn’t you want to stay with that what can you tell us about Michael he’s about 3 to 4 months old and he also has a brother that they came in together they’re both super friendly a little bit shy in the beginning but they do warm up ok their lap dogs I’m learning something from doing all these segments with you just by looking I say that this is a lab mix what do you think yes yes well look at that I should get a job with you guys and you mentioned he’s not that old I mean he has the look of a puppy in fact he’s ready to go to sleep even though everybody’s doing their best to try to get his attention right now I don’t think he’s highly impressed by this particular segment what do people need to keep in mind particularly if they choose to adopt a puppy like Michael so adopting a puppy has a lot of responsibilities and he will need booster shots so we do give you the first round but you will have to keep on getting them you can vaccinated just for their for their safety in yours right yeah we want to keep them safe while out the shelter so we do want to give them their first shots yeah ok and if somebody wants to adopt Michael how long do they have to wait and he’s ready to go so he’s already been neutered vaccinated how’s his rabies and everything alright so that’s a man this is a chilled dog he was not chilled this way when he came into the studio and I think what happened is having to play with everybody and get his tummy scratched that way kind of worn him out he’s not gonna be with us much longer here so if you’re looking for a puppy who can also have moments of sleepiness of drowsiness here then Michael may be the one for you all you need to do to check him out or any of the animals they at Animal Care Services is to drop by their facility and they’ve made it easy you can do that any afternoon that you want to go over there Monday through well Sunday and if you can’t get by there call them and talk to them eight to six forty six thirty or go to pet harbour calm will you’ll see pictures of all of the animals that they’re caring for at animal care services all right stay with us folks we have woken Michael from his slumber he’s ready to find a new home and we’ll be right back after this [Music]

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