Pet of the Week: Poodle’s nose will catch your eye

SALVADOR, GUATEMALA AND HONDURAS… WHERE THE MAJORITY OF MIGRANTS CROSSING THE SOUTHERN BORDER ORIGINATE. “The president’s cutting off aid to these countries will not solve that problem,” BE GETTING THE RECOGNITION THEY NEED TO GO MAINSTREAM. BURGER KING AND SILICON VALLEY STARTUP IMPOSSIBLE FOODS ANNOUNCED THE ROLL-OUT OF THE IMPOSSIBLE WHOPPER IN 59 STORES IN AND AROUND ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI. TO MARK THE LAUNCH ON APRIL FOOL’S DAY, THE BURGER GIANT RELEASED A HIDDEN- CAMERA-STYLE PROMO VIDEO SHOWING THE SERVING OF PLANT- BASED WHOPPERS INSTEAD OF MEAT TO CUSTOMERS WHO MARVEL THAT THEY CANNOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE. THE IMPOSSIBLE WHOPPER COMES AT AN EXTRA COST – ABOUT A DOLLAR MORE THAN THE BEEF PATTY WHOPPER. OUR PET OF THE WEEK IS A REAL GEM… SHE IS A POODLE, AND WE GUARANTEE YOU’VE NEVER SEEN ANOTHER POODLE THAT LOOKS LIKE HER. SHE’S UP FOR ADOPTION AT THE MOBILE SPCA. Hello there, we’re here at the Mobile SPCA, and we have a gorgeous and such a unique PET OF THE WEEK. Joining me is Janine Woods. Hey there Janine. Hey Devon! Now tell us who we have here? Your second most favorite dog. I know, I know. Is it your second or first? I’m starting to make it my first. I have a poodle mix, I do love beagles, but this is a gorgeous poodle. Oh she is sweet isn’t she? A gentleman found her over a month ago and he has been looking for her family. He could not find her family. He finally took her and had her groomed and took her to the vet, and now she is coming to live with us. He has quite a few dogs, and couldn’t keep her. She is a very nice dog. She’s a poodle mix. I think she’s a Poodle. I don’t see any mix in there. But she’s not as tall as a standard poodle. She’s not bigger than standard poodle but she’s not little, but clearly she’s a lot to her. When I walked in and I saw her, I said oh my gosh look at the little black about them. They’re so smart, they don’t shed, they are just so loving and this one is a very loving dog. Yes, she is very sweet. She’s just been the best dog here and poodles can be very very nice dogs. They’re just wonderful all around dogs, they like people, about two. She’s not old at all, and just going to be a perfect family dog. She’s a little shy at first, so probably not good for a rambunctious family. She is a little quiet but I think she’s going to warm up and do just fine. She’s been a stray she’s been lost, and now she’s here and she loves being in your lap. She’s very happy. And she’s warm. Her name is Bernadette, I love her Devon. IF YOU ADOPT BERNADETTE, OR ANY OF OUR PETS OF THE WEEK, YOU CAN GET A FREE COMPREHENSIVE PHYSICAL EXAM

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