Pet Power

JOHN: Hello. Tonight we
meet with experts and take a look at the effects pets
have on human wellness. We think you’ll be shocked
by what they have to say. Hamlin, great to see you. Love the sweater, by the way. HAMLIN: You don’t
look so bad yourself. JOHN: So let’s get right to it. Backstage, you were telling
me about the latest studies on pets and the health
related benefits they offer their
human counterparts. HAMLIN: Yeah. JOHN: Now I’ve heard
that you can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. HAMLIN: Sure can. I’m working
my magic on you right now. JOHN: How is that even possible?
I mean, you’re a dog. So I take you for a walk,
and you make me feel better. Doesn’t that seem kind of– HAMLIN: Yeah, that’s the gist. You help me. I help you. JOHN: Right. I guess it’s a win-win. HAMLIN: Let me take
you for a walk. I’m going to show
you how it’s done. JOHN: I like the way
you think, Hamlin. Reducing blood pressure
and lowering cholesterol isn’t the only way
that pets can help. We talked to another
expert about improvements in mood and self-esteem
among pet owners and the positive effect on
loneliness and depression. JOHN: Hello, Watson. WATSON: [MEOW] JOHN: Right off the bat, can I
just say, I want to hold you? Or is that too forward? WATSON: Oh, why, thank you. That sounds nice. JOHN: Am I hearing
this correctly, that just by spending
time with you, you can reduce the
effects of depression? WATSON: Yep, that’s
what the studies say. JOHN: Even in just these
few moments, it’s– WATSON: Oh my,
was that a mouse? JOHN: –it’s quite
startling, actually, how much better I feel already. So thanks for being here. WATSON: Sorry, I got to
run and catch that mouse. JOHN: With a little
digging, I found out there was even
more to the story. Turns out, pets
can help children by increasing their immunities
and help the disabled. While researching, we learned
that there are other pets besides dogs and cats. GENA: Sorry, y’all,
I got to run. I think I left my water
bottle feeder on at home. JOHN: Just one more
sound bite before you go? GENA: I’m sorry, but
I just got to go. JOHN: No– well,
your driver’s coming. Just give me– give
me anything on health. Mr. Fish, thanks for being here. MR. FISH: [GLUBS] JOHN: Can anyone else hear him? No, no, I can’t hear you. All I’m getting are glubs. MR. FISH: [GLUBS] JOHN: Yep, no, another glub. MR. FISH: [GLUBS] JOHN: Still glubs. MR. FISH: [GLUBS] JOHN: It doesn’t matter if you have
a dog, a cat, a hamster, or a fish. Pets can reduce blood pressure,
increase physical activity, and decrease feelings
of loneliness. After spending some
time with our experts, we think you’ll agree that
pets are more than just cute, cuddly companions. The health benefits they
provide can change your life. I know they’ve changed mine. HAMLIN: For more information,
visit this website.

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