PET SEMATARY Official Trailer (2019) Stephen King Movie HD

– So many trees
– It’s beautiful right? It’s definitely not Boston Here we go. Okay. So what do you think? Wow, this whole place is ours? I even got ’em to throw in a
whole forest as a new backyard It was a myth Kids used to dare each other
to go into the woods at night They knew the power of that place They feared it Those woods Belong to something else The ground is bad. [man yells] It may be just some crazy folktale but there is something up in those woods Something that brings things back Sometimes dead is better

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100 Responses

  1. Stefano Costantini says:

    Sometimes no remake is better.

  2. Den End Studios says:

    Somehow i seem to already know the ending, i must have time travelled again.

  3. IGRETRO says:

    I hope this is third part. First one was hilarious with funny doll instead of a kid 😂 , but the second one was really terrifying!

  4. john says:

    A jump scare in the first 10 seconds of the ad? That does not bode well for the rest of the movie.

  5. T00L1993 says:

    What a joke. The original is perfect. They need to come up with new ideas.

  6. Dracula The Vampire says:

    What is up with that ugly af thumbnail

  7. MUSIC LOVER says:


  8. chanonx says:

    Great editing!

  9. crucialreedy says:

    the og is soooooo good……..why fuk with it?

  10. Rolling Herd says:

    I'd like to see The Shining made again. One that is more faithful to the book. I love Kubricks take but it's not really the same story.

    Revival would be good too.

  11. Jack lynch says:

    John lithgow said it wrong. “Sometimes…dead is bedaw “

  12. some random guy says:

    I love how in every movie where a family moves into a new house, they rock up & the kids are seeing it for the first time. that shit never happens every house my parents bought we seen before hand you think parents are gonna buy a fucking house without their kids seeing it first & making sure the little bastards aren't gonna destroy it first aswell lol

  13. Bernard P says:

    All these remakes👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

  14. needsbeermoney says:

    If you burry your dead baby in an old Indian barrel ground, your gonna have a bad time.

  15. needsbeermoney says:

    And it's "dead is betta" not better

  16. E vazkee says:

    Hollywood is a fukn joke

  17. E vazkee says:

    Remake the fukn "CAR"

  18. Leon Greeff says:


  19. Dameon Robinson says:

    Wonder if Gage says …. “No fair no fair” is this movie

  20. Annalise DraculaBride says:

    I'm pretty excited to see this Remake of Pet Sematary! It might be a real good horror remake like the new IT was. I'm a big fan of the original Pet Sematary from 1989 and also the novel too. I just can't wait to see how scary this new Pet Sematary is going be like! I hope they put Jud Crandall's wife in the remake, Norma Crandall. I also can't wait to see the new undead evil Gage Creed and how would they do Jud's and Rachel's death scenes near the end. Jud Crandall's death scene from the original scared the living hell out of me! Evil Gage was so terrifying in the original!

  21. Common Sense Gaming says:

    nothing beat the old man from the first movie. "sometimes dead is betta"

  22. diskuse diskuse says:

    "Sometimes, the original is better.."

  23. Ginger Vitus says:

    I'm just wondering if they're gonna dig up the Ramones to reboot the soundtrack…

  24. swenpai says:

    damn my boy Stephen King on a rampage

  25. Malik Futurenow says:

    Ok. Next remake will be The Stand. Right?

  26. JT says:

    Yes yes yes yes yeeeeeeeeees! Cant wait to see this!!!

  27. billy whitcombe says:

    so when will they make the following? rose madder, all dark towers need at least a mini series, and sleeping beauties deffo needs a series.

  28. Froste says:

    Wtf is this movie even about. The trailer made no sense.

  29. Siva Guhan says:

    the damn truck

  30. Alex Spurr says:


  31. Trojan Man says:

    I never thought John Lithgow and horror before but now I really wanna see this

  32. Island Boii says:

    I want a Thinner reboot

  33. ChonchBurger says:


  34. oliver hardy says:

    I’m sure it’s gonna be ….

    “rated PG-13”

  35. L. Salisbury says:

    Why remake this? What's wrong with the 1989 version? (With Herman Munster and the Ramones!)

  36. Auspicious Autonomous says:

    I will watch this, loving the original. ~ However we are all critics… Changing the line from, "The Indians knew, The ground went sour" to the new line, "The ground is bad" reminds me of when the movie 'Event Horizon' said a line, "We have such things to show you" to me obviously a ripoff of the Hellraiser movie when the character says, "We have such sights to show you." – (Changing one thing doesn't hide the fact you wanted the same form of reaction) Nitpicking with language however this is like the opposite!? ~/- "The ground went sour" vs. "The ground is bad." -/~ Just having fun. Have a good one.

  37. Eddie says:

    The original is creepy as hell. This can be great if they treat it right.

  38. DANIEL LATTEO says:

    I'd say The Wicker Man + Pet Sematary here!

  39. Kylief Johnson says:

    Why are they making us relive gages death 😱

  40. David Szakacs says:

    The problem with most movies made from King's books is that his books are so darn good it's extremely hard to translate them to the screen. One of the best, which stayed true to the book was Misery. Kathy Bates Oscar-winning performance really made that film.

  41. Brandon Bolia says:

    That foreshadowing hits you like a truck…..

  42. Mr S says:

    21 century is the century of remakes…sad times when artists only recreate things rather than making new ones.

  43. B2D 327 says:

    Lithgow is a great actor but Fred Gwynn will forever be Judd Crandall.

  44. Ian Cassidy says:

    Ill see it absolutely loved the book might as well see the movie I don't think they can make it any worse than the 1980s one I mean I know I don't want to be like one of these nostalgia Killers but that's some pretty cheesy Stuff. I was born in 1982 maybe I was just too young to see it

  45. ron paul says:

    we have 1.2K people on here who lack good taste.

  46. Hal 9000 says:

    trying to hard, looks kinda weak

  47. Tom Sizesmall says:

    Gonna have to be good to stand up against the original. Possibly my favourite horror film of all time

  48. Cordyceps says:

    I hate how you don't need to watch the movies because the trailers already tells you AAAAAALL the spoilers. You can make trailers without spoiling the full movie, ya know? /:

  49. junior third says:

    Stupid Hollywood make something original.

  50. Steve Jang says:

    Just leave that fucking house!! Oh Americans!

  51. isturbo1984 says:

    The nature of the story… it is hard to make a good movie out of it. the first movies sucked. This second one looks like it will suck too. A lot of King's books are hard to translate onto the theatrical screen. One of the best examples of good translation of one of his books is probably Dream Catcher.–But it still didn't translate into that good of a movie. There is an art to written storytelling that just doesn't translate well on screen.

  52. Misfit says:

    Ok, I dont know if i should see the movie, everyone saying original is better, but i never watched it, so im just curious on this movie. Looks really interesting in my opinion, sometimes i think that if the majority of people say something is bad i dont know what to think, cause they sure know about this stuff, if i just go to the movies and see this ill just be like "oh that was cool" but then i see bad things about the movie and feel bad because i liked something other people that can actually compare and analyze every scene didnt liked i feel like i shouldnt liked it either.

    The question is, should i pay to watch this movie and see what its about? Is it worth it or not?

  53. KageBunshinNoJutsu says:

    Man these fan boys just complaining are getting me pretty annoyed, they all sound like a spoiled 9 year old kid

  54. Camille McALoon says:

    Looks disappointing

  55. Camille McALoon says:

    Et remake comin up

  56. Fruzsina Mészáros says:

    Looks like every horror movie lately…. so overdone..

    The original haunts me til this day. And because it was simple. And not this bullshit … horrors these days forget that something that looks like it can happen right next door is more scary than an obvious spooky foggy dark screen.
    Not interested in this remake.
    And people out there do yourself a favour and watch the original.

  57. MrDoggo boi says:

    1:13 GAY!!!!

  58. Squirrel Attackspidy says:

    You know this movie is going to suck balls, judging by every cheap and goofy sound and camera effect they use to try and make the trailer scary. Don't screw with the original.

  59. Martin the Warrior says:


  60. Varun Mani says:


  61. Generic White Bitch says:

    The new remake is way more scary. The resurrected kid comes back as a vegan soy boy and nags his family to death.

  62. Pete Rice says:

    "Hello Church.. Today is Thanksgiving for Cats" that line better be in there

  63. Max Poshtar says:

    That cat on the road looking at the camera looks so badass. But that voice on the other hand…

  64. Daniel Ismay says:

    N O T M Y J U D C R A N D A L L

  65. Tee says:

    John lithgow? I’m in

  66. the emanon says:

    this cat is a very good actor

  67. niconestra says:

    Something tells me that burial ground will have the same effect on this movie.

  68. Sandstorm ! says:

    Intense trailer… oh cemetery is spelled wrong lol

  69. Stoatwarbler Mangrove says:

    Christ could you imagine Sam Eliott as the old man???? Lithgow is great but I was just brainstorming.

  70. supreeda villareal says:

    I might judge this movie remake too fast from its trailer but I LIKE THE ORIGINAL of Pet Cemetery better, it’s classic!!!!

  71. Israel Padilla says:

    Oh hail nah some kinky shitt

  72. Jose Gallardo says:

    No Ramones song? byeee

  73. Eric West says:

    Don't like the kids in animal masks. Make it seems like a Disney movie lol

  74. RetroTube says:

    Honestly I was scared when the truck happened at minute 0:21, to scare with just the trailer it looks like it will be very good in my opinion

  75. da96103 says:

    This time they add a sister.

  76. Jay Lin says:

    I remember that truck! Lol. Pet Smart.

  77. The crazy pony family says:

    Can't wait to watch it

  78. Marley says:

    You should have hired South Park’s trey Parker to play Jud, that would have been hilarious and people would go to watch it for that alone.

  79. Dylan Grigg says:

    Watching Halloween in theatres and that truck drove buy during the commercials

  80. Ian Rogers says:

    I normally like John Lithgow, but he was completely miscast in this. John isn't pulling off being a Mainer at all!

  81. Spookychris01 says:

    Overtones of the 'wickerman' going on there

  82. shauna twining says:


  83. Holden says:

    So many horror films start with that scenic drive with the family to a new place.

  84. MissMeliss says:

    The ground is not bad….it's soooouuuurrrrrr

  85. Charlie Ramone says:

    Too bad there's no Ramones music in it!

  86. Thomas Herzog says:

    We can't (and aren't supposed to) get much from a trailer, but even so, those goofy masks are new to this version, and really silly IMO. They are putting me off big time. Might be anthropologically interesting to represent that the kids created their own grief culture etc., but what the hell are they doing popping up inside the house???

    In an interview, the director promised to dispense with cheesiness of the original film (which scared me as a kid, and still creepy) and bring many of the horrifying details from the book to life, that were left out of the first film. One Case in point being the Timmy Baterman flashback scene in the film was not scary at all, but in the book its terrifying as you see him walking up the country road, possessed of the windigo demon, and makes a comment to a lady in passing as she's hanging up laundry that he'll "come visit some night soon, and we'll cut a rug". Later, when confronted by young Judd and friends, demon Baterman proceeds to tell every ill thing they've ever done, in a gravelly demon voice in order to scare them. Judd comments that it knew things it shouldn't, but only the bad things because it was evil….

    Therefore, It doesn't look like they are keeping their promise. This is "Pet semetary for the next gen", not for fans of the book, or even the original 80's film…… 🙁 Read the book, watch the original film, read the interviews promising "If you like the book, you'll like the movie" then you'll know what the core fans are bitching about. There are even rumors floating around of a leaked script, with Ellie instead of Gage, as the kid dies… so much for bringing more of the source material to the big screen……….. I'd really like to know what King himself thinks of this. If he endorses it, I'll shut my mouth. 🙂 😛

  87. Lindsey L says:

    No one could ever top Fred Gwynne in the role of Judd Crandall. Sorry.

  88. RapmiX says:

    This is a movie about a truck that drives over the speed limit which is very scary, do not watch if you are scared of trucks driving fast!

  89. Filipe Rock Gamer says:

    Faltou o clássico do ramones no final.

  90. Roy Stalin says:

    As much as I love stephen king's novels, his movie /tv adaptations pretty much always miss the mark.

  91. itsoliviastuckey says:

    Why another??

  92. R. Young says:

    The Ground is "SOUR", And where is Jud's accent? John Lithgow is a great actor, one of my favorites in fact, but he has to nail the part or the movie is shot.

  93. Betti Fulan says:

    Love Stephen King

  94. Brian Van-sprouse says:

    Got my fingers krossed on this one.

  95. Asura O says:

    Cujo needs a remake cuz it was a really good movie

  96. Hueva says:

    Full of cliches and imagery that's all been done. Nothing new here. See the old one.

  97. ONE Media says:

    The NEW Trailer of PET SEMATARY is here 😉 >>

  98. Henry Windsor Rurikovich says:

    pet senetary sometimes dead is better.

  99. Iskra Magdalenić says:

    Omg this isnt a horror movie this is a comedy 1:13 somone said GAYY

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