Pet Store Employee Horror Stories

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  1. D Fletcher says:

    Should have released the angry rat out into a forest somewhere. Poor thing

  2. Tiffany Minton- Elizondo says:

    I don't get why people keep saying to adopt not shop. When there are a lot of pet stores that give the humane society space in their stores to do adoptions. An if a dog does not get adopted from the pet store or the humane society it gets put down. They get two weeks at the humane society and then they'll get two weeks at a pet store. If they don't get adopted within that time they get put down. Just because they're at a pet store doesn't always mean that they are not up for adoption from the humane society check your local stores that work with the humane society. To be able to have a larger area to shop for what you looking for in a dog. There are many humane societies that run out of room and many stores that will work with the humane society's to give them extra space for dogs. I know one of the local pet stores by us is always taking in sheltered cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, and whatever they have where you can adopt your pet out or if you have to re-home them. They have a whole section in the front of their store to get animals from. So you don't have to buy a animals if you're against it.there are many people that have to re-home their animals for one reason or another. An our local pet stores that lets people put ads up. So other people can look through so they can adopt an animal or taking a home animal that needs rehomed.

  3. Favourite Cat says:

    Love the love she showed for rats <3 It's funny that she compared them to dogs, because I used to work at a small pet store and I always compared them to cats <3 They really are super intelligent, curious, and playful! Also, they NEVER ate their babies, whereas the stinkin mice were constantly eating their babies. The mice would always bite any hands that came in for any reason, while the rats just gave tiny harmless warning nips if you got too close to their babies.

  4. Sofía Olivera says:

    -Hi, do you have cat towers?
    +Excuse me, I have a snake on my hand, you better ask someone else

  5. Queen Julianne says:

    Do u like snakes bc I dont

  6. KatzRtheBest says:

    Interesting how they focused mainly on rodents/dogs.

    I work at a pet store (coming up on 3 years) that specializes in fish and reptiles. I’d love to see people talk about that, less poopy stories, more customers confining large fish in tiny bowls and trying to cheap out as much as possible. Still, there are some great people and I’ve learned so much.

  7. c c says:

    do zoo keeper horror stories

  8. Nilly K says:

    Pet stores shouldn't exist especially if they sell animals.

  9. Lola Fillion says:

    6:09 -now brown my diarrhea

  10. Kaitlyn Wright says:

    I work at local pet store and its rough

  11. Felixmima says:

    I have a rat like that I feel ur pain girl😂

  12. Raequel Suina says:

    Pet stores are awful. Why would you keep a male and female rabbit together, obviously they’re going to breed constantly. It’s unnecessary, just house them separately for God’s sake.

  13. Allison Todd says:

    i agree with the girl that said that rats are really sweet

  14. Bèia Bear says:

    Ok so the one customer that was like "never mind, I dont want that snake"
    DINT BE A B**CH LIKE THEM. Instead get help and stuff.And also, if they obviously look scared of hold the snake, TAKE A HINT

  15. Marichard Shander says:

    Try to get this comment to 777 likes

  16. Itscookiecat100 says:

    This is how many people are CAT LOVERS

  17. anshu saha says:

    Moral of the story,if u love animals and dont wanna hate them,then dont get a job at the pet store

  18. •Chilla_ Scrizz• says:

    God……There’s always a mean noodle..or spaghett…..Damn

  19. Victoria Powers says:

    What happened to the baby rabbits?! Mother rabbits DO NOT eat their babies!! I’ve had rabbits for most of my life and the female rabbit has never ate a baby no matter how much I have handled her and them.

  20. rahul Mukundan says:

    White shirt. Now drown. Bloody dog

  21. Anatolia says:

    This reminds me of when I got a job in a vet clinic at 16. I wanted to be a vet literally my whole life until I worked there and experienced some of the most horrifying things I can't even put into words. Needless to say, life goals changed up pretty quick by the time I graduated high school.

  22. GrovelandGal 12 says:

    Yep, bit by a rat, loose snake found by customer that hated snakes, had a bunch of finches get loose once ( they are hard as hell to catch), and the iguanas would all whip you with their tails anytime you reached in their cage.

  23. Ashlyssa says:

    Blood stool ?? Poor animals )):

  24. RoseisoutofherTOGA says:

    If you wear a white shirt to your job 👏🏼 at 👏🏼 a 👏🏼 pet 👏🏼 store… you deserve whatever happens, sweetie

  25. cantfeelthesame says:

    The fact that they still sold these animals that were obviously aggressive just shows how shady those pet stores were. WTF

  26. Justina Hamilton says:

    "The customers were like never-mind" 😂😂 And why did so many of the dogs have bloody poop? Uhm that's not normal

  27. Levi MacMurray says:

    If a snake bites you apply hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol in front of the snakes mouth. They will let go.

  28. Dahlyla Swingke says:


  29. Savanah says:

    If they ever do a petsitter/dog walker episode, I have a book full of horror stories. These sound like my every day routine

  30. Aaron Smith says:

    Guy: Gets attacked by snake and has blood coming out of his hand
    Manager: “ok time to get back to work”

  31. Goldie Fatale says:

    a snake bites killing it. not walking around 20 min with a snake attached to me.

  32. Sydney5291 says:

    The stories about the amount of bloody stool they dealt with should be a reminder to everyone to adopt don’t shop 👍🏻 get an animal that’s overseen by vets, not high schoolers.

  33. Whiskered Shrimp says:

    “Rats are smart”

    Rat: step in a trap with cheese

  34. Whiskered Shrimp says:

    So the rabbit was raped?

  35. Whiskered Shrimp says:

    Dogs having periods 😂

  36. wetsockks says:

    Yesss I love the rat lady

  37. MinYoongi says:

    Still waiting for somebody to talk about how the male rabbit raped the female rabbit. And got babies overnight.

  38. Sophie M. says:

    my mom used to work at a pet store and this girl was grooming a dog and accidentally cut their toe off…

  39. Ashleigh Bailey says:

    Wonder why all these pet store animals are mad angry and shitting blood…

  40. Emma the edgy unicorn says:

    I'm glad to know I wasn't the only Crazy Rat lady😁😁

  41. Pastel Sky says:

    For the snake one you should have lifted up the jaw. I know it may sound bad, but IF DE SNAKE IS TRYING TO KILL HIM YA NEED TO DO THAT

  42. celeste menich says:

    I love 💗 love love rats I want one ☝️ so bad

  43. Carla Dakota Franco says:

    Just a FYI , animals only feel the need to eat their animals when they feel like their babies are in danger or won’t survive in the environment aka being caged . That’s the only reason why they’d do that!!

  44. Fairy Gamer says:

    I love all pets except tarantulas.

  45. asyoz says:

    Is it just me, or is there anyone else who wants to know WTF the manager did with the baby bunnies??!?!?!??!!
    And, no, mama bunnies don't eat their babies, as a rule!!!

  46. dilara Köktas says:

    Pet stores are really bad places to get pets from. They misinform people, the animals are most of the time very stressed (I don't really remember the reason why, but I think it's because they've been moven a lot to get to the pet store). Local rescues or breeders are way better places to get pets from.

  47. Suraya Ranjber says:

    Do you really have to learn that rabbits have an urge to eat their babies to realize the animal kingdom is messed up because I just look at humans and realize how messed up the animal kingdom is. Having that we might even be the worst animals on this planet.

  48. Clayton Paisley says:

    OMG selorm is so pretty I can't get over it

  49. Vanity says:

    If I got bit by a snake at work I'm not staying.

  50. Diary of the Rose says:

    These really don’t seem like people who should be working in a pet store. If your caring for and working with animals you should be EDUCATED on how to do so before you get a job doing so!

  51. Kaitlin Lawless says:

    Wow if this doesn't highlight that you shouldn't listen to pet store employees then I don't know what will. Do your own research on your animal before you go, you'll save money and probably your animal's life. Contrary to what she says at the end, you should always go the breeder route with exotic animals, do your research on them and their husbandry and you'll find most are massively more ethical than chain pet stores.

  52. rin a says:


  53. Mrs. Excithsepy says:

    Let's not forget the snake was 100% underfed, a snake only bites like that as a food response. It was starving.

  54. Anonymous Guy_2 says:

    The constant camera angle change is so annoying.

  55. Freaky Freddy says:

    I had a dog ad before this video😂😂

  56. Itz Nikk says:

    I love rats but I'm allergic 😭(I break out in hives but that's it..)

  57. Maya Achab says:

    So basically your telling me that a rabbit raped another rabbit that then wanted to eat it’s unwanted babies?

    Ok… That’s normal

  58. Simone Mösle says:

    I‘m actually so disgusted that in the US you can buy any pet at a store.. those poor animals 🙁

  59. Tay Anderson says:

    Hey, quick note because I'm seeing a lot of this in the comments! Worked in multiple pet stores for the last 8 years. If you're worried about where their animals are coming from just ask! Lots of us (in my country at least) only get our animals from registered rescues and have them in our store as like a foster of sort to help them get adopted! We do NOT sell animals, there is always an application process involved. We aren't monsters, I genuinely love animals and treat them with all the respect and dignity in world.
    …and some pet stores are literally scum. Just researched and don't write us all off!

  60. jgoodman76 says:

    This is why I like cats

  61. The Road to Cosplay and Comic Con says:

    A pet Rat ? No thanks if I ever have a pet Rat I am naming it Remy from Disney Pixar's Ratatouille

  62. W B says:

    Wtf these aren't even bad. 6 years at a big chain pet store, I'VE GOT STORIES. These stories are NOTHING.

  63. Feathered Fids says:

    This isn’t hate but I’m seeing a lot of comments saying ADOPT DONT SHOP! Well I say SHOP & ADOPT! Shopping for dogs doesn’t only give you a pup from scratch and also saves that breed from extinction! There’s tons of awesome breeders!! Not all breeders are after money. I breed dogs my self so I’m a breeder and I have bought my dogs a lot of stuff they are spoiled rotten! And yes there’s tons of horrible horrible breeders I’d never get dogs from. Adopting helps by getting a dog out of a sanctuary and giving it a forever loving home! Adopting can also give you a awesome friend that will change you life but a breeder can do that too. It depends on what YOU want to do start from scratch or rescue. Your choice! Just think of if you can adopt and want to I say go for it! If you want a pup that’s pure bred and start from scratch then go for it! It depends on you and what you want to do. I’m saying this cause not all breeders are bad there’s tons of awesome ones you just got to find them ❤️ don’t always put breeders down as some are good breeders too. I just hope I’m able to help things out a tad as I don’t like how people put all breeders down like we all breeders are horrible there’s bad and good breeders just like everything else there’s bad and good. You just got to find them ❤️

  64. Taylor Richmond says:

    Oh those cockers 😂

  65. Bree McCray says:

    As a driver/tech for a dog rescue I get pooped on peed on and vomited on everyday. This is daily stuff not even horror stories. Try coming in at 5am and a dog is walking on the top of its industrial run and it’s like 100lbs and you have to catch it when it jumps.

  66. Echo Roks says:

    Wait did they show a bull snake while talking about king snakes? Or am i just blind

  67. VIolet gacha says:

    One time I was taking care of my neighbors dogs and there was diarrhea on the floor so one of the dogs slipped on the poop and got it all over me

  68. Arya Stark says:

    My mom needs to be on this. For a while she was a vet tec and everyone knew she was terrified rats and mice so they decided to trick her by not telling her that they were bringing in a hairless rat. So the owner of the rat brings the rat in and everyone hears her scream. Luckily the person who decided to do that was fired.

  69. Smartest DumbAss says:

    I dont even work at a pet store but even I know these are very common things that happened.

  70. Nomaswazi Madi says:

    Literally like dogs? So we millennials have officially changed the meaning of literally and I didn’t get the memo?

  71. Desiree Stoddard says:

    Why did this video make me want to go to a pet store more?

  72. Raz B says:

    so basically
    chick: takes off super thick gloves meant to prevent bites
    chick: gets bitten
    chick: pikachu meme

  73. Leah Horseman says:

    I love animals but my biggest fear is handling a spider

  74. Maxx Hill says:

    So you say don't buy from a pet store that doesn't work with breeders are you telling me to buy a pet from a pet store that works with animal mills instead?

  75. Bee Phenix says:

    I love rats but my dad is afraid of rats

  76. lindsey says:

    if there is blood in it, get that checked out 😂💀

  77. Perla Rodriguez says:

    Girl with black shirt:I love my job!
    Girl with rainbow shirt: I HATE MY JOB!

  78. Kevi Mc Donald says:

    Everything is not what it seems
    -Wizards of Waverly place

  79. i20 PRODUCTIONS says:

    I got bit by a rat (pet) and he broke my nerve
    The doctor didn’t do anything and said that it would get better in some months
    But it didn’t and I had to have a surgery. 😆 🐀

  80. 「 melon boba 」 says:

    🤡 🤡 🤡

  81. Jessica Conroy says:

    I work in a pet store, and we recently had two male rabbits in who would not stop humping each other. We had to explain to so many customers they weren’t fighting, they were taking turns doing it (I know how weird it sounds). We also have this tortoise in at the moment who spent a good half an hour flipping himself over, and every time he did we had a customer come up to us saying he flipped himself over. He is annoying. We love him

  82. 24Karat says:

    This how many people are Animal Lovers


  83. Ginta0616 says:

    If you have a snake trying to eats you just put a bit of vodka in it’s mouth

  84. ButterflyFam says:

    I wanna see one with dog daycare employees lol. Dog daycares give you some adventures for sure xD

  85. Tanya Brown says:

    Dogs with bloody yellow poop? I wouldnt like to be buying a puppy from that pet shop.

  86. cookie thehamster says:

    No one:

    Not a single soul:

    No one in the universe:

    Mouse-capade: we wore incredibly thicc welding gloves

  87. Emily Chappell says:

    Female rabbits only usually eat their young if they smell other scents on them so yeah if you pick them up or touch them now shes likely to eat them but if left alone are good mothers

  88. O Power says:

    Most people who work with selling animals love it …

  89. Lily & Emily says:

    Ok so i have a kingsnake and he bit my dad and to get him off we just put hot water on his head

  90. Matthew Green says:

    A critter tote 😂

  91. MEME Lord says:

    i addicted with this kind of interview buzzfeed are making
    whenever i see it , i cant do anything but pause my stuff to watch it

  92. Schy Bux says:

    Ugh that’s why I don’t let customers touch our milk or king snakes they musk all over and are way too wiggly to be shown off lmao. Same with hamsters they swan dive off customers hands all time time so I don’t let people hold them anymore 🤷‍♀️

  93. Sadie Thibeault says:

    Who is a dog lover because I am I love dogs so so so much

  94. Jessica J says:

    It’s extremely negligent to sell aggressive animals from a pet store. They need to either be humanely dispatched or sent somewhere where an expert on the species/breed can handle it.

  95. alissaskorikofficial says:

    Pro tip- if you want a snake to release you just drop a little bit of mouth wash on their nose. It contains a low enough level of alcohol to not cause serious harm whilst causing enough discomfort to release (this goes for constrictor snakes – no clue about hots).

  96. Stawberry Chan says:

    I gotta baricade my door when it's like really hot at night and the ac is in the other room so i leave the door open and my rabbit would see the door open and would pee on my chair also i gotta hide my shoes cuz he pees in them🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  97. kayonyx20 says:

    Someone worked at Petsmart all the terminology

  98. Ella Sutton says:

    Ima start work experience at a pet shop/vet clinic… I'm kinda scared now

  99. Tessa Mazzie says:

    poor rabbit

  100. briankulbaba says:

    Rip Baby Rabbit 🐰🐇

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