Pet YouTuber reacts to Slick Slime Sam

lately I have noticed a trend with
children’s content creators using small animals in their videos simply because
it’s a really easy way to get views children love animals I’ve never met a
child who doesn’t love an animal so that’s a really easy way for these
content creators to get views because all you have to do is put a animal in
your video with some fun colors music and a little cartoon character and
you’re going to get quite a few views the issue with these channels is they
are not promoting correct animal care and a lot of them are spreading a lot of
misinformation which is not good when you have such a large audience
especially when they’re children because children are very impressionable it’s
very easy to influence them to do things a lot of these videos are showing cute
animals that can influence a child to go out and impulse buy a pet with their
parent and then the animal can end up neglected because it’s not getting the
proper care it needs because they didn’t do research because these channels don’t
focus on the actual care of the animal for example this channel in particular
is slick slime Sam and they have 3.5 million subscribers and their target
audience is children and this video here is called a lot of fun for your hamsters
unboxing critter ville arcade hamster home and it has 6 million views so let’s
watch it as you can see very targeted towards
children Susie the hamsters escaped again! no they didn’t, I let them out! Aren’t you afraid they’ll escape? No let them be! and meanwhile, we’ll make this house for them WOW Awesome! now basically this whole video is them unboxing this hamster cage and
since this video has six million views its influencing six million people to go
out and purchase this cage which this cage isn’t suitable for hamsters it is
much too small hm whats that? It’s a detailed assembly guide. YAY! I’m so happy we ordered a house for our hamsters Now they’ll have a place to play in! uhhh what are we- and because they have this little cute
squid slime little dude talking and like adding all the fun to it it makes
children wanna also buy this cage ask their parents for it and overall it’s
just it’s so targeted towards children to influence them to go buy this cage
stressing me out because I don’t really want to know how
to build this cage we’re just going to skip to the end when they’re kind of
filling it up Go fetch the hamsters and i’ll add the finishing touches! okay! I’ve poured the water and prepared the food and of course covered the floor with special filling! I think she put this much bedding which
this tray I think that tray is like a two-inch tray in that if she were to
fill out to the top is not enough bedding for hamsters the hamsters are
burrowers they need to be able to burrow and for them to be able to do a little
bit of burrowing they need at least six inches of bedding so I don’t really see
the point of her just like even layering this much bedding you might as well give
them nothing if you’re gonna give them this much it’s just it just boggles my
mind because six million children are watching this and they’re just going to
copy the this video Sam! It’s ready! Sue I can’t find the hamsters! They’re here! so she just whipped out three hybrid dwarf hamsters all
together so while dwarf hamsters are not a
solitary species i highly do not recommend housing them together and
promoting this in a video just showing hamsters together gives people the
impression that they should go out and get multiple hamsters because it’s
really cute to have a bunch of hamsters together and people like to think that
because they’re small you can just put them bunch of them in a small cage and
it’s fine but it’s not dwarf hamsters can even end up injuring and fighting
with each other which is why it’s not recommended to house multiple hamsters
together they do best on their own and hamsters actually don’t get lonely like
other social animals simply because hamsters essentially aren’t social
animals like rabbits and rats are I think hammy, snowy and Ashy How much floor space does this cage have
anyways? let me look so this cage is 18 inches by 13 inches which gives us a
grand total of 234 square inches if you don’t know a lot about hamsters the bare
minimum a hamster should ever have to live in is 450
square inches of floor space that is 30 inches by 15 inches and that’s like the
absolute bare minimum anything smaller than that just isn’t suitable for a
hamster hamsters may be small but they really
need a lot of space to do natural behaviors and this video is promoting
something that just isn’t suitable sigh So while looking around on the channel some
more I did find this video and this is new DIY house for a cute rat now I do
not own rats but my good friend Emiology does rat care videos and she owns
multiple rats so I’ve learned a couple of things from her and I want to read
you quickly the description bar of this video so keep this sentence in mind it
says “the current house is clearly not fit for this beautiful rat anymore it’s
too small and too old she needs a new house” so let’s watch I don’t know if
they are joking with this but if they physically bought this cage for this rat
and they thought it was going to be suitable I really don’t understand
because this rat is clearly a way too big to almost even fit on the levels of
this cage so I don’t really know what was going through their mind There ya go! Sammy what are you doing? Tater Tots might escape! Susie, let me tell you something First of all the cage got rusty and second of all this cage is just too tight for tater tot now now she shouldn’t she really stay in this cage any longer I like that they do notice that the cage
is too small so I guess that’s good its all under control what do you mean it’s under control? SHE’S SUFFERING Sammy’s got a point she’s suffering WOW! look at it nelly it’s a new home for our Tater tot! YAY!! It’s HUGE I mean look at it! huge?! I don’t know if I would consider
this an upgrade it’s like maybe a couple square inches
bigger than the last cage they just arggg also let’s keep in mind that tatertot is a
single lone rat in this cage which if you know anything about rats rats are
social animals it was then at that moment
Victoria realized wait whoa WHOA I just realized they have hamsters who are not
social animals they can have multiple hamsters together but a social animal
they have they’re they don’t abehfbuefiba what why do you have your social animal all
by itself but your unsocial animal you’ve shown with multiples of it There’s a running wheel in here! The size of that wheel compared to the rat that rat is not running on that wheel so
I’m also once again gonna skip forward them setting it up and just go to the
rat part hey! HEYYYY! if if we go back to that you can see
that tater tots entire body is almost the exact length of the base of this
cage from nose to tail how did they not see that as to small? You’re so cute! We’ll do you like it? Do you like your new home? Oh look she found the wheel! ahh maybe later Tater tot isn’t gonna fit
in the wheel at all she’s going to break her back if she tries that wheel is why
how are they not realizing this Slick slime Sam I have no clue if you’re
watching this you have a very large channel so it’s not likely that you’ll
ever come across this video but in the future when you want to use animals in
your video it’s so important for you to be researching the animal in particulars
care to make sure that you yourself are showing proper care in a video because
you have such a big influence on a very large audience and this just isn’t ok
rats need very large cages they need a way larger wheel as well as they are
social animals they need to be in pairs or more I know it says in your
description bar that your “cutie pets are kept in favorable living conditions and
each of them have their own home, tasty food and medical care and every day we
are trying to give them a lot of warmth and care from us” if you want to give
these animals warmth and care from you I really highly would suggest doing the
proper research to get these animals into the proper living conditions
overall I really hope this trend of children’s content creators using
animals in their videos kind of slowly trinkles
and stops because I have seen way too many children’s channels just using
animals for views the there’s a magnetic ball channel who just makes playgrounds
for a bunch of animals which I don’t know where he’s getting all these
animals and he’s putting hamsters with kinetic sand
and slime and it’s not safe and stop stop
so that is it for this video I really hope a lot of us misinformation on
these animals stops and they can correct their mistakes but I’m gonna go take a
nap now so thank you for watching bye

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100 Responses

  1. hoot loot says:

    I myself am a hamster owner and have learn practically EVERYTHING on this channel. I just want to say what a great job you're doing. My hamsters are thriving because of you <3

  2. Time Well Spent. says:

    So today I went to my local PetSmart and when I went in there this little girl was getting hamsters. 2 of them. Anyways she put them into the same box and they bought a cage. It was pink and very tall. Not much floor space. AND another problem was I saw the wheels in the cages and they were wire with holes in them. And the 2 Chinese dwarf hamsters that were in the cage were on the wheel running very fast. I kept pointing out (not to the lady) that the wheel would cause bumble foot. And the wheel on the box that the little girl bought was a 4 inch wheel. They bought Syrian hamsters too! Anyways just pointing that out thanks reading if you read this.

  3. Emily ross says:

    People Might Think You are Mean But I don’t, U just want to help people know what is right!!!♥️♥️♥️

  4. Bettina Barmentlo says:

    Let's just all post this video under the badcare-videos. If only one child sees it and decides to take good care of their animal it's a win.

  5. Andrei Tabuena says:

    Hiii. I just want to ask if it’s ok if I put my hamster in a Wired Cage? I don’t know what it’s called though

  6. DDragons 936 says:

    My first hamster lived in a critter trail and I watched some of your videos and then my dad and I started building a cage for him and he died a few days before he could see it and now my hamster Diego lives in a diy cage

  7. KiDMtheman says:


  8. AG Melody Ellison says:

    My 9 year old sisters watches this channel, so disappointing to see them promote this kind of treatment to hamsters. Luckily, my little sister knows better but I imagine other kids her age don't. Although soon children's channels will be gone because of COPPA so maybe this will stop. I think a large contribution to people's incorrect view of animal care is television and videos like this.

  9. Sid Samih says:

    This to me more looks like a commercial for certain cages disguised as a video for children.
    The petshop told us different (we first had the 'upgrade cage' for the rat) but as soon as we found out i saved money for proper cages. Your video is very important. It all starts with educating the children ??

  10. StacyWolfie Gacha says:

    I used to watch Slick slime Sam when I was 9 so I went back to see it again just to bring back memories and I came across that hamster videos and unsubscribed from their channel.

  11. Sarah Lapp says:

    Why do people thumbs down these videos?

  12. • Kallie • says:

    I was freaking crying when they went to the rats part. So sad. That is animal abuse

  13. Nadine Marlene says:

    These cages are so sad why would you put your hamster in a cage like this

  14. Allana Grant says:

    This spreading of misinformation makes me so angry and the fact that these cages are even sold is insane to me. This is why I'm getting my zoology degree so I can have a better chance fighting for changes to legislations on minimum cage sizes that can be sold. Thank you for making these videos!

  15. billiebabie says:

    UHM WHAT when I seen that cage for the rat my eyes were practically out of their sockets ??‍♀️? THAT- if you can’t afford an animal DONT FLIPPIN GET ONE ?

  16. Jessy Preger says:

    I am living in Germany and my hamster have 15 inches to barrow and he have 1000 SQ inches of floorspace and he is a robo?

  17. pandoric theorists says:

    I commented on their video about this and some know it all just said “How can a hamster be stressed in such a BIG cage?”

    BRUH NO!

  18. Camilla says:

    I so agree with you?this is heartbreaking.
    It is SO SO SO easy to find the right proper care for all animals, so this makes me ANGRY!!!
    How on earth can they not see that they are doing EVERYTHING wrong??
    Pheeew, guess i have to take some deeeeeep breath and cool down?

  19. Moa R says:

    can you have two dwarf hamster brothers together? i have two dwarf hamsters together and you have started my life with hamsters i´m Swedish love you

  20. Beautiful May says:

    Im so happy i wasnt allowed hamsters growing up, I remember looking at the cute tiny cages thinking its enough and not understanding what they really need. Now im grown and have a hamster i got a 75 gallon tank and ALOT of bedding. Hamsters cost so little yet cost alot to take care of. I wish other parents would look into what hamsters really need

  21. Redman Redman says:

    Slick Slime Sam is a children’s channel…….. why are these people not showing children how to properly care for their pets? It’s sad

  22. Kaelle M. says:

    GOSH, that's a hamster cage…. Sighs

  23. GrassWithFlowers says:

    Hhhhnnnn the rat doesn't even fit in the one house they had?? how can you think a rat will enjoy a hiding place half its size?

  24. Carly Morris says:

    I like slick slime sams crafts just not how she doesn’t care for her animals for an example she lets them run around the house without supervision

  25. Eva Maessen says:

    I hope so much that slick slime Sam is gonne react tot thuis video?

  26. E L L E R says:

    How much bedding does a rabbit need in they’re cage ?

    Ik about rabbit cage but my parents are stupid and won’t get me a play pen but I’m saving.

  27. Cutest pets says:

    Me: Just watching hamster vids
    Slick slime Sam: "HELLO"
    Me:'' RUN THAT SCARES ME TO HECC!" turns off vid
    (Im a kid and this mascot is werid for kids…..)

  28. Ember Paw says:

    I feel like this should be said much more, your words said were very powerful and made me realise how awful some people can care for their pets! (P.s love your nails! ?).

  29. Ben Storf says:

    I searched slick slime Sam and you were the second video! Hopefully they see it

  30. Dex says:

    Hamsters are NOT a view generator, especially when they are put in terrible condition.

  31. Gheorghe Timbota says:

    Some people DONT deserve hamsters

  32. Pixelpanda YT says:

    Wow.I just found out that they made a plastic ''play" thingy for ants.This channel Is so annoying,they never care much about their animals

  33. Gheorghe Timbota says:

    When I see hamster videos and if something is not suitable for hamsters I freak out!!!

  34. Lucie Zwartouw says:

    I saw this thing where on cute animal TV on YouTube and a clip was one of them was a hamster 'swimming' in a bath it's terrible

  35. simba the hamster says:

    I just did a project in high school on why hamsters aren't Christmas gifts or for kids how to care for them etc. In our school animal welfare group hopefully it changes some minds ?

  36. Kim Da says:

    You guys don't give that account more views! They already been given so much advice and don't wanna change don't give them more Internet clout 🙁

  37. leyli ozturk says:

    Go look at the rat cage it’s disgusting and this cage!

  38. zoe leavens says:

    All you do is talk about cages and moan and say nahhhh and you de rube

  39. Texting Stories says:

    I have two female gerbils and their cage is like 100x bigger than the rats cage- I-

  40. paige ツ says:

    my brain this whole video le sigh

  41. Lily’s fun time says:

    I love how much you care about hamsters even though lots of people mistreat them you still spread awareness even though barely anybody listens

  42. Alan Kędziora says:

    I find that that cage looks so ugly lmao

  43. Christina Kenward says:

    Ok but the not social animals (hamsters) are housed together, and the social animal (rat) is alone… um?

    Update: haha you just said that too!?

  44. Hassan World says:

    I love your cahneel

  45. xXLovelyCheesecakeXx says:

    Ah, maybe later

  46. L. L luv daisy says:

    Why would you do that?why why!?!? I mean slick slime Sam is maybe making hamsters life terrible!

  47. Tessa Plug says:

    Uggghhh i can get so agressive if i see this kind of hamster owners?

  48. Emiology says:

    I'm suing slick slime sam for my loss of brain cells

  49. TAIYATHEMOUS ! says:

    Ahhh! It just triggers me so much how people just cannot learn! If you don’t know how to take care of a hammie don’t own one!!! Xx (love you Tori x)

  50. TAIYATHEMOUS ! says:

    Also can I just say whenever someone says that hamsters are solitary I explain it to my friends as “basically like all of we are in our rooms, you don’t want another person disturbing your sleep time do you” my fiend (it was that time of the month lol) started crying because she didn’t want her sleep cycle to be knocked

  51. SunRay LPS says:

    🙁 they need to do research before getting any pet!

  52. AlvinTheHammy Care says:

    My baby passed yesterday morning :(.
    He had overgrown back teeth and his jaw was crooked,

  53. Rosies Fluffies says:

    When i read the title I originally saw Slick Slime Scam

  54. cute animals AL says:

    i went to the pet shop and i saw to hamsters in one tiny cage and then they where fighting:(

  55. Trinity Elizabeth says:

    You definitely shouldn’t house dwarf hampsters together because I had two of them and I didn’t know that you couldn’t house them together at the time they were both male and one of the hamsters killed the other one and started eating it so yeah

  56. Paige Rook says:

    They’ve done it with their tarantula as well and gave him an even smaller enclosure. This is disgusting they are mistreating all their animals

  57. Joshua Capell says:

    Hi. I’ve just setup my small animal rescue. I’ve got two detolfs, and was thinking about splitting them to provide 4 homes. Is the size okay? They won’t be in there permanently as we will be put them up for adoption.

  58. butter says:

    The many things I don’t like about the rat video:
    Too small of a cage
    They need to be in pairs
    They don’t use tiny wheels
    Now, I own a rat, her sister passed away a year ago and she’s doing fine (I don’t want to keep owning rats due to personal reasons) so even though I own one rat, that doesn’t mean that they don’t need a friend. Luckily my rattie is still eating and being happy, but it’s not the same with every rat.

  59. simon the siamese cat says:


  60. Nathalie Nordhus says:

    Could you do a video about rats? 🙂

  61. Chatty-Chatty-Stuff-Stuff says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if a children’s channel did a fun and exciting way of doing the right care for hamster just like slick slime Sam but with useful and good information. Now that’s an idea ??

  62. Catharine Roberts says:

    why do u think kids r dum and u think every child is dum it is not right

  63. Rebecca Hess says:

    Finally!! Someone reacts to this channel. They treat the hamsters like toys and spread horrible information!

  64. Fiona McQuillan Duncan says:

    I almost cried when I saw the size of the rats cage??? I know barely anything about rats but anyone with a BRAIN knows that cage is WAY TOO SMALL!!!!!

  65. awake. says:

    i’m glad my mum wouldn’t let me get any pet before doing proper research, now i have a black syrian hamster called cleo, she’s nearly a year old! plus i have a dumpy tree frog, crested gecko n a tarantula! do your research!!

  66. Michael-John Macchiato says:

    OMG you are precious. Also I commend you for spreading the word. I've owned guinea pigs off and on my whole life, in cage size for all small animals is very important for the happiness and health of your pet. Keep spreading the word about cage size, even for those furry creatures I know nothing about! Who would want to own a rat? Just kidding! I actually went to school to be a veterinary technician so I understand that it's very important for your pets to be happy and healthy, and I'm glad people like you are out there making it known ?

  67. Victoria Raechel says:

    To anyone who comes across this video who is a fan of Slick Slime Sam. This is not a hate video, I do not hate their channel. I think their Craft, DIY and Science videos are wonderful for kids to watch and try. I'm disappointed by the channel because of their lack of misinformation they're spreading to millions, animals require special care which Slick Slime Sam could very well help educate millions on the proper care but they've done the opposite unfortunately and that needs to be talked about.

  68. Horsecrazy 101 says:

    I cringe so hard at people that don’t take proper care of hamsters I have a smaller cage it it 36 inches long by 6 inches I believe but it’s the space I have right know

  69. LlapacasYT says:

    Excuse me I have a question,
    my class hamster, Caleb, is sick.
    The teacher explained that he was wobbling around when he walked but he still eats and drinks and plays.
    I don’t know what happened but what does it mean?..
    I love Caleb and I don’t want him to be sick,
    I can’t take him to the vet because he isn’t mine and my classmates already asked my teacher to bring him to the vet.
    If you have an answer of why he is acting this way please respond 🙁

  70. Evie Ann 19 says:

    Is it okay if my hamster is chubby and fat?

  71. Nova Breyers says:

    My dwarf hamster has a bigger wheel then that

  72. Fizzlemint says:

    I was wondering if you could make a video on how to help your friends get better hamster/ general pet care when they don’t want to listen. I’ve had this problem and they just don’t want to listen :/

  73. Samantha Almeria says:

    my robos who were sisters started to fight each other and we had to get another cage for them! listen to victoria, DON’T house hamsters together!!!

  74. Emma C says:

    I want a hamster but my mom said that it looks to much like a rat what can I do to convince her

  75. Confetti Muffin says:

    This is literally animal abuse how are they getting away with this
    This goes past the kids who don't know better, they are clearly adults so should know better and have the money to care for them properly

  76. Al Emersome says:

    I got the cage and added a mother cage and menaced it so I conceded it all to a 100 gallon fish tank

  77. Al Emersome says:

    Sorry I ment another

  78. Al Emersome says:

    I hate same so much

  79. Ella theBun says:

    omg yes! i was waiting for you to react to this! i can across it to and watched it, pretty sad. but what blows my mind is that more then a million small children watched this and it was targeted to them! a little kid would find this cool and get a hamster and a cage like that and find it cool and cute but the hamster would probably just die! like legit just go to walmart and get a 50 gallon clear bin for only nine dollars! its not that hard lol, i hope you react to more and thank you for literally confronting her channel, but i also love that in the description you were still so nice and saying that you loved her vids, this is why your my fav youtube! subscriber forever!

  80. gacha Wolfgang says:

    I made a mistake to put my hamsters together they were toghter till they were a 11 months old I went to the beech for a few weeks so when i went back from the beach my hamster was attacked all on his back because of that I think he got some type disease so a couple weeks later he died but before he died I separated them

  81. Ella theBun says:

    when i saw the rat cage though i screamed, thats way to small anybody even if your uneducated on rats will know that its to small

  82. Kitty Tribe says:

    First off I love you. Second the reason I want a hamster is because of you.

  83. Kitty Tribe says:

    Ps. Do hamsters smell

  84. baldi land says:

    Omg I have a tank 5 times that small size FOR ONE MOUSE why do they HAVE THE SMALLEST CAGE IN THE WORLD

  85. baldi land says:

    OMG that rat cage is so small so sad

  86. Ruthie's sugar gliders says:

    My first pet was 2 sweet female??? rats. they had a 25 gallon breeder cage idk if that is to small. they had a 12in weel to run in and a little wooden house. They lived 4 1/2 years and got cancer and I had to put them down? rats are so sweet and loving I have never been bit by a rat??

  87. baldi land says:

    I will make videos to show how to care for hams and mice

  88. Crystal_Moon says:

    When a hamster is cold does it breath or not

  89. Sour HoneyBee says:

    Not only is that thing bad for hamsters, it’s ugly .

  90. •KawaiiGacha• says:

    I have an hedgehog, and they DEFIANTLY love the barrow.

  91. beansaregood says:

    i really don’t like how people use animals for views and don’t think about the animals. poor things
    and the thing is
    parents don’t usually don’t know how to care about hamsters, unless if they actually research about the animal
    and my hamster loves sleeping in his bedding lol

  92. Black_Foxy 89 says:

    Can a hamster get stuck under the bedding and should I help him if I think so?

  93. Elizabeth Hawkins says:

    I’m pretty sure the rat cage is smaller than the hamster cage. Some people don’t simply understand

  94. skinnypigs1 says:

    This kind of stuff just blows. People with HUGE influence need to be aware what example they are setting for viewers. They need to be down with the knowledge to the best of their ability or else don't post the video.

  95. Emily McRae says:

    I don’t know what’s more infuriating, the hamsters or the poor rat! UGH!!! Thank you so much for bringing attention to these videos and improper care. I am so upset about this 🙁

  96. Lizbeth Bermejo says:

    Omg I had the exact same habitat in the thumbnail for my dwarf hamster, but a few weeks ago I made her a new home with a VERY large bin ❤️

  97. Lisa Rodriguez says:

    my sister said I was dumd for giving my hamster a 40 gallon tank and changing all my hamster thing after watching your videos and other videos of hamster care I didn't lesson caues I was doing what you said for hamster care then I showed my sister your videos and she stared leaning to me about hamster care and now she know good hamster friend and I tell all my friend the right hamster care then think all you have to do is put a hamster In a small cage and food and water and that it and I show her you videos and she watch you for hamster care

  98. Kwong Yeng Chan says:

    Why! Slick slime sam why!! So cruel!!!!

  99. Esila Durmuskaya says:


  100. vids that i make says:

    I have a hamster and i treat him right x

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