Hi guys and welcome to another video Today I’ll test two firecrackers that a subscriber gave me 18 grams of NEC, that’s the only info it has They have a 7,7 cm tube and 2,2 cm of diameter Seems to be sweets
It weigh 39 grams and should make a nice bang.
So let’s try it, and see how it goes Here it goes then Damn Damn What a big bang guys
What was that?! Look 123.5 DB 2 meters away and this massive crater on the ground
Woow What a power! So I have the other one here and along with it I’ll also test a Shock Bulldog witch is also a 18 grams firecracker and one day I’ll make a video
but now I’ll use it to compare ‘Spite this is homemade and this one not They have the same NEC, let’s see if they’re equal or not I’ll run away Jesus, what a power Look guys, 124.6 DB and look at the crater
Awesome Now the shock bulldog Woow, what an impact Look Jesus, what a bang guys! This one exploded near the DB meter and measures 124.4 DB and also left this big crater Well guys, both homemade and shock bulldog are awesome I wanna thank the subscriber who gave me the homemade firecrackers, are really awesome If you liked this video don’t forget to leave your like,
comment what you found, subscribe to the channel and ’till next video! Get out smoke
Get out

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