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ANNEL SNYMAN: My name is Annel Snyman, I’m 35 years old. I’m the owner of Loebies Predator
Park and I’m outside of Bela-Bela. ANNEL SNYMAN: I started the park in 2009 with my first servals and now 9 years later, we
are now established predator park. ANNEL SNYMAN: To manage the park, it’s really, it’s hard work and I have a dedicated staff.
Neil is my assistant or the head guy. ANNEL SNYMAN: The park is visited by a lot of public and school groups. We try to educate
people personally about all the cats. A lot of the feedback that I get from guests is,
“Do I trust my lions?” ANNEL SNYMAN: I know they can turn on me anytime and you don’t know what’s going on in
his head. You don’t know if he is not feeling well. I’m not scared but I’m just cautious. NEIL VAN DEVENTER: You can’t be scared going in around the animals. You need to have respect, otherwise they feel it and then you think you’re higher
than they are or bigger than they are and they want to show you who is boss. ANNEL SNYMAN: There’s always someone outside
the enclosure when I’m inside the enclosure. Feeding time, there is both always two; outside
and inside. So, we always have a back up with the gates and if I’m working with the animals.
Everyone can bite, everyone can attack; everyone is dangerous on his own level. NEIL VAN DEVENTER: And I was very, very close
to the animals. We have a very special bond and relationship with each other. ANNEL SNYMAN: I have 17 South African predators
and scavenger species on the farm and there’s 35 animals in the park. My relationship with
the animals all differ; everyone has their own way of talking to you, everyone has a
different personality. The banded mongoose is they are very sociable, so they love to
give you all their attention. ANNEL SNYMAN: Pierre-the honey badger, you need to be loud because he is always busy. ANNEL SNYMAN: My house is actually in the
middle of the park that we call it the zoo house. Currently, animals living in my house
is Pierre the honey badger and the cubs, the lions cubs are staying in my house. When the
animals is in my house, they can get up to mischief and Pierre loves to go into the closets,
take out all the clothes, to climb on top of the sofa, watch some TV. ANNEL SNYMAN: I do have a few scars and stories
to tell, but that was not of aggression. So for 220 kilograms to jump on top of me, you
get, your nose broke, that’s normal. So, but, no aggression. They don’t know they’re
bigger than you are, they think you’re part of the pride, you’re part of the family.
And they give you cuddles and they jump you and that’s normal for them. ANNEL SNYMAN: So for me to raise a baby from
small and I can raise him up as big animals and they still love you. I do it because the
passion they have and my passion for them and the love they give me.

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100 Responses

  1. Fernando Siqueira says:

    Parabéns todos podemos conviver bem com os animais é fantástico!

  2. Nikhil Nayyar says:

    are the big cats given sufficient space to live? Thats most important. They should n't be living in too small in closer.

  3. Garrett Bischoff says:

    Release the cats smithers

  4. Isaiah Adams says:

    I want a pet lion, leopard, tiger or cheetah so bad. They're my favorite animals

  5. Hoa Doan says:

    I love you 😘😘

  6. Appie Forever 34 says:

    Realy cute

  7. nyan cat fan lol says:

    This makes me so happy I wanna be friends with a llama

  8. Adem K says:

    I think she wants to speak to the manager

  9. Debbie Kinney says:

    You are awesome I love you

  10. Karthik Keyan says:

    You are in heaven madem already

  11. Jacob Lalonde says:

    how many cats do you have now

  12. BMW W. says:

    She is weirdly sexy..

  13. Tyran Stephenson says:

    Is it just me or does everyone get bored of the robbing the house comments

  14. Husam Kathim says:

    This year is my birth

  15. Ina Victoria Alqueza says:

    Lion cubs are so cutee

  16. Gugu Mothata says:

    one animal escaped i saw it on the road

  17. Chandrika A says:

    Adorable! Kudos to you..

  18. KORI-LYNN GINTER says:

    I would freaking love that if I was there

  19. Hashirama Senju says:

    ❤The Honey Badger tho❤😂🤣 Dude just runnin around the house all happy & don't care lol. He eatin the cub lions food and messin up their den too lol🤣🤣😂😂

  20. Shaun Currier says:

    Can I be this person

  21. Mishaa says:

    How do u have the money to take care of them?

  22. tazzer the wolf says:

    She looks like the person from something but I can't remember what it is it might Be Americas got talent please correct me if I'm wrong

  23. Ava World says:

    Are you from South Africa because I am

  24. #My3SONS says:

    35?!? She looks alot older… I guess taking care of all these animals would age anyone fast.

  25. Hotdog Cat says:

    Me in the zoo place: KITTTYYYS

  26. Addison Grays says:

    The lion Cubs are so CUTE!!!!!

  27. Meghan Sisson says:

    I honestly think those animals love her

  28. Susi Susi says:


  29. Alexandra says:


  30. ThaiBeagle Gacha says:

    Started when my bro was born

  31. Hiratsuno Aura says:

    Damn, i wished i had a black panther or a golden eagle

  32. Laiza Torio says:

    The guy : Im gonna rob this house

    Animals : your messing with the wrong house

  33. Cherry says:

    The Honey Badger awweeee

  34. Mia Jansen Van Rensburg says:

    Ek is ook afrikaans

  35. Kristine Curry says:

    I love how you care for dangerous animals I do to care for dangerous animals too

  36. Alicia McFadden says:

    She has no fear I salute her 😄

  37. CaptainManzana says:

    That honey badger is adorable

  38. RodnieFactaoVlog says:

    Secret? Just feed them all the time.

  39. اسماء شعبان says:


  40. hasan hasan says:

    Sevgi yetiyor işte enyırtıcı hayvanı bile yumuşatıyor

  41. Black Eyes Friday says:

    3:47 jajajajjaajaja laugh so hard

  42. Jenna Zombie says:

    She has a nice set up for them, she is one brave lady bringing that meat to them but you can see she is passionate about taking care of them

  43. Gracy Moreno says:

    Dude it would be so cool if I had a amazing relationship with big cats 🥰And in my opinion I think they are the most beautiful creatures in the world

    Even tho they can be dangerous😂

  44. Stock123 Future123 says:

    lovely to watch

  45. Ahmad Hamwi says:

    I bet she is the happiest person on Earth.

  46. Babyhurk#You Already Know Waltiere says:

    Do u feed honey badger snakes

  47. Navin Mckanzy says:

    mam i salute to you

  48. Sweetie MoviestarPlanet says:

    Dang your lucky…

  49. Rat says:

    2:28 those are the only things I would have

  50. Wolfy _xx says:

    I lol

  51. katie Angel fans says:

    Awesome they are so cute

  52. Steven Ethan says:

    She must be super rich to feed them

  53. Ramoo67 says:

    Take away the food,,,,,,,,, "They will eat you"!

  54. panda Birds Studio's says:


  55. Mayra Gonzalez says:

    The “35” year old women looks like a 57 year old women

  56. Keith Riter says:

    Need a what u are doing keep up all the good work.

  57. Brandon Wootton says:


  58. Jesica Tevani says:

    Kocheng orennya lucu ya nggak bar2 😂

  59. Fabian T says:

    The new lion king movie looks awesome!😎

  60. Ragıp Akrep says:

    all animal can get along with each others. Only human being cannot get along with own kind

  61. Indigo Dempster says:

    Now I want a 🦡 honey badger

  62. Addison Wilcox says:

    Was she really petting a HYENA

  63. Game time 900 says:

    It is all fun and games until it turns into mufasa

  64. Roblox TIGER says:

    At least u give them enough food each especially the lions

  65. StxrLxght says:

    The hyenas are so cute

  66. GAMER ŽØĒ says:

    The lion cub that looked at the badger kinda looked like simba from the 2019 lion king

  67. Ouaychai Pomling says:


  68. Gach_and amine says:


  69. Eptic FuZion says:



    3:41 its a leopard or Jaguar?

  71. ツOri101ツ says:

    Is it weird I'm getting Lion King vibes? Lol

  72. Sarah Wong says:

    This is nice well I think I maybe like BTS

  73. mega0876 says:

    35? I though she was 45

  74. paralentor says:

    That's me if I ever inherit 20 million dollars.

  75. Sir Snow says:

    That honey badger is sooooooo cute

  76. Am I The First African Humanist says:

    Her English is a little bit hard to listen to and She's 35 or 65.

  77. David England says:

    She’s older than 35. More like 45 +.

  78. Mirko Hudak says:

    No money and way than I go in cage with lions…I very appreciate this lady,her understand this☺

  79. kembang mas says:

    benar benar hebat 👍👍👍..!!

  80. Stacey Dixon says:


  81. Khadija Aweys says:

    Now that I think of it.. it WOULD really hurt if a lion bit it’s tongue 😬

  82. phillip gordon says:


  83. D Gunny says:

    A white woman in South Africa. The only predators down there she has to worry about, are the human kind.

  84. saurav basu says:

    The electric guitar is to the point.

  85. Cratives Den says:

    Clickity clackity kitty is smackity on a good deerity

    Tickle the bottom of ur foot if this comment makes 0 sense

  86. Terence Galland says:

    Raising from birth with love and training seems to be the key with wild animals🐭🐨🐯😸🐾🐗

  87. Voyage Sans Destin says:

    Beauty with powerful buddies, so don't mess with her.

  88. Dark Angel says:

    I totally support this cuz these people actually know what they're doing and isn't this park in Africa cuz if so dude it's not even technically a park I mean you're still connected to the nature in the wild of the area you just got them in a gated area so it's not that different if you really think about it

  89. Dark Angel says:

    the way of how to keep for yourself from getting attacked is by respecting an understanding the animal which she's obviously got this she understands them she respects them and she's cautious but not scared there's the one thing they can sense any big Predator can sense that

  90. Samiran Handique says:

    Dats a title for a brazzers video lols

  91. Niks RNR says:

    Bloody hell.

  92. holly says:

    the honey badger joining the lion cubs lil moment and them respecting it was so cute

  93. Eyka Love says:

    Wow its simba

  94. meg rafes says:

    Can I come see you guys ?

  95. DARK KNIGHT says:

    I like how the little lions doesn't even care about the badger

  96. Reykv Kilos says:

    There’s no freakin way you’re 35…def not any age under 50

  97. K-POP Rosiee chii says:

    So pretty and adorable!

  98. LittleRay Ray says:

    This woman is so brave!! 😄😄

  99. Miguel Angeles says:

    That honey badger is the bravest badger in the world

  100. didy badidou says:

    I love you so much beautiful lady

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