Pets as Therapy: Meet the Team

My name’s Rachel Robinson and I’m a PAT volunteer. PAT is Pets as Therapy and it’s a national charity and we go out to nursing homes, hospices, schools, universities, and we offer therapy to people that want to feel good. Pepper’s a black Labrador Retriever. She’s three years old. Pretty much from about eight weeks, she’s been coming into work so she’s been used to people stroking her and petting her and when she was about 12 months old, that’s when I decided that we were going to be a registered volunteer. The general reaction is that it’s such a brilliant
idea. The fact that it just brings a smile to everybody’s
face, even if they’re just passing, want to quickly stroke the dog, they’ll smile and they walk away. The overwhelming wellbeing is just so nice. My name’s Natalie Best. I’ve been a PAT dog volunteer for four years
now. I’ve got two PAT dogs. This one I’ve got here, Noodle, is really,
really loving and caring, and she absolutely loves visiting people. She’s a Bedlington Terrier. She’s roughly eight to nine – we’re not totally sure. She’s a rescue dog – we actually got her from
the dog pound. Noodle was in a terrible state when we got her. She only weighed three kilograms and she’s nearly seven now. This is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever
done. When you go visit somebody, and they don’t speak at all, but then they stroke your dog and their face lights up, it’s the best thing ever. It really is the best thing ever.

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