Pets in Heaven | Help with Extreme Grief after Pet Loss | Rainbow Bridge

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  1. Laura schouweiler says:

    I have that problem with the grief of losing my cat Toby 7 months ago. I am still just as sad now as I was 7 months ago total hell! I had an animal communicator tell me that my cat is watching over me constantly from the other side. Toby told me that I will feel his presence not from signs and visits but by watching over me from the other side he said that he is able to check up on me from Heaven.

  2. Chrystal Thornton says:

    Thanks, Danielle. I'm currently experiencing something like this and wondered why I'm having so much trouble recovering. This explains a lot.

  3. Blue Rose says:

    I had to put two down last year due to kidney and cancer…father and son. Another son just passed right after Christmas. I feel so devastated because he became ill, had to have surgery and passed away a few hours after surgery. I didn't have a chance to say goodbye to him. My heart is still so heavy, and I feel so much guilt about his death. I am so sad. I take care of his mom and sister. I have also been taking care of my son's cat who is deployed overseas. I am trying to be happy around them because they are also sad too. He wasn't a lap dog, but he was always close by me and followed me all over the house.

  4. Lindsay B says:

    I feel like my bunny who passed away last week is attached to my chest. I remember telling my mom the other day that I can feel him in my heart. The grief is not any easier but it has not been that long yet. Well… a bit easier, I am not crying all of the time anymore.

  5. Andre Attie Piovezana says:


  6. marla wolfe says:

    Danielle, I watched, listened, and understood but just kept screaming NO NO NO, I just can’t!! I lost her once & can not push her away, I want to hold on so tight 🐾💔🐾

  7. Peter Parker says:

    Like the vids…absolutely LOVE YOUR HAIR…

  8. Mrs. N says:

    My 17 year old dog passed away a little over a week ago, had him since I was a small child…he seen me getting married and was able to meet my children… so this has been a very hard time for me. I'm so glad I found your channel, now I truly feel that I'm grieving in the right way and will be able to receive signs from him soon. Thank you!!! ❤️🌈🐾

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