Pets React To The Try Not To Ultimate Challenge (Laugh, Move, Eat)

– (Max grunting and whining)
– (Ransom growling) – (FBE) Ransom, are you mad?
So, you like the toy, but what if somebody
took the toy away from you? Uh-oh.
♪ (industrial intro) ♪ So, Furguson, hello.
It’s very nice to have you with us today.
It’s a real treat. Don’t hide, okay?
It’s okay. We can see you. Are you guys friends?
– (Ransom barks softly) – (FBE) Yeah, you’re friends?
So, for this episode, we’re gonna be partnering up
with the new movie “The Secret Life of Pets 2.”
Have you heard of it? We brought you in
to take on a very special edition of the ultimate FBE challenge,
the Try Not to Gauntlet Challenge, which will include
some clips from the movie. So, before each video, Furguson,
we’ll tell you what it is you’ll be trying not to do.
Are you ready? I will take that as a yes.
This is going to be starting with the Try Not to Laugh
or Smile Challenge. And the rules are–
You getting excited? You cannot laugh.
You can’t smile at anything that we showed you,
no matter how “rough” that might be, okay?
Ready? Yeah? I gotta tell you though, Lily,
in order to watch these videos, you have to be a little bit
further from the laptop. Does that make sense?
Thank you. Okay, we’re gonna put
your headphones on guys, okay? Oh, there you go.
Do you like that? No. Okay, that’s cool.
You don’t have to wear headphones, Seamus.
Want them on or off? Off? Okay,
let’s take the headphones off. All right, Robo.
Looks like you’re the only one cool with this,
so let’s go. – (Snowball) Hey, Pops.
– (Pops) Who’s that? – (puppy) Bunny,
bunny, bunny, bunny! – (puppies exclaiming) – (FBE) Lily, can you relate
to Snowball at all in this clip? – (Pops) Ten-hut! Puppy school is in session.
Okay now, Pops quiz. Myron has hidden socks
all over the room. – (growling) – (FBE) Strange laugh,
but you’re out. (buzzer) – (puppy) Oh, me, me!
– (Pops) Go ahead. – (FBE) Ransom, you’re smiling.
(buzzer) – (puppy) We hide them, Mr. Pops.
– (FBE) You’re being real coy, Furguson. – (Pops) And why do we hide them?
– (Pops) not knowing where one sock is messes with the humans’ minds.
– (Pops) Heck yes, it does! Always keep ’em guessin’. – (FBE) Lily, did you
watch any of that? Well, Furguson, I gotta say,
you were very good at that challenge,
but I think you were cheating, ’cause you didn’t even watch. (buzzer) Okay, so that was a clip
from the movie. Ransom, did that
make you excited for “The Secret Life of Pets 2”?
– (barks) – (bird tapping door) – (man) Chicky, come here. – (bird squeaks)
– (FBE) Lily… We can see you! – (man) Come. (snaps)
– (cameraman speaks foreign language) (bird tapping door)
– (Ransom barks) (buzzer) – (bird tapping door)
(bird squeaks) – (cameraman chuckles)
– (FBE) Okay, Seamus, that was it for that one.
Is this funny to you at all, Robo? No? – (announcer) She’s running up.
She’s running up. It looks good and–
No, there she goes. And she’s taking off
with the pole again. – (FBE) Lily, come on.
Snowball wouldn’t do that. – (announcer) She’s running up.
It looks good and– No, there she goes. An she’s taking off…
– (FBE) Ransom’s enjoying it again. He’s out.
(buzzer) – (announcer) She’s running up.
It looks good and– No, there she goes.
And she’s taking off with the pole again. – (barks)
(buzzer) – (announcer) She’s running up.
It looks good. And no, there she goes.
And she’s taking off with the pole again.
– (FBE) And Robo, you passed that one very easily.
You won your first challenge. You did not laugh
or smile at all. Not even close. So, congratulations.
So next up, what we’re gonna do Robo,
is we’re gonna have you take on the Try Not to Get Mad Challenge.
So, the rules are you can’t show any signs of anger or frustration,
which I think is gonna be very difficult for you.
Before we show you a video, we’re gonna give you a toy,
and then we’re gonna take it away. What do you think of that, Seamus? So, you like the toy,
but what if somebody took the toy away from you? Uh-oh.
(buzzer) Oh.
– (barking) (buzzer) – (FBE) Oh!
Ohhh, are you sitting on our laptop again
out of frustration? (buzzer)
My guess is that if we take this away from you,
you’re not gonna care. Confirmed. Robo! You wanna play with the laptop
instead of the toy? Okay, well let’s see
if we take away the toy if you get mad. Do you care? No.
We’re gonna show you a few videos that might make you mad, okay? ♪ (upbeat music) ♪
– (Max grunting and whining) – (barking) – (FBE) Can you relate to Max
in this one? – (barking)
(buzzer) – (Max blowing)
(groans) – (FBE) Can’t even
watch this one, huh? (buzzer) – (Ransom barks)
(growls) – (FBE) Ransom, you’re mad?
(buzzer) – (Duke) Max! Max!
– (Max) Ow! – (Duke) Max, Max!
You’re never gonna believe it. Oh, hey.
I like your coat. Max! Max!
You’re never gonna believe it. Oh, hey.
I like your coat. – (FBE) And your back on the laptop.
(buzzer) All right, here comes another one.
You need to watch or it counts as you being mad. All right, we’re calling
you out again, Lily. (buzzer)
– (dog growling softly) (growls and snarls) – (Crystal barks)
– (Ransom barks) (buzzer) – (dog growls and snarls) – (FBE) We warned you.
(buzzer) Okay, you won another one. (vacuum whirring) (buzzer) – (wings flutter)
– (FBE) Whoa, we finally got you. (buzzer) Not mad? Okay. Next up, we’re gonna see
if you can participate in our Try Not to Move Challenge.
You seem like a bit of a mover and a shaker,
so this might be difficult. So, the rules are very simple.
You’re gonna have to sit and stay, and you cannot move
no matter what, all right? We haven’t even started yet.
You gotta stop moving. Now, the challenge is gonna start
when I say “Stay.” So, are you ready? Am I boring you? Three, two, one… stay! You’re out.
(buzzer) Three, two, one, stay! Whoa, Lily– oh. Out.
(buzzer) Stay. Oh! I think that was a move.
(buzzer) Stay. Wow. Wait. Are you sleeping? Stay. Seamus, you’re a rock. Stay! Good job, Robo! Your final challenge is going
to be a Try Not to Eat Challenge. For this one, first,
we’re gonna show you a clip from the movie where Mel
eats one of his favorite treats. But then, we actually talked
to your humans and found some of your favorite treats, too.
So, after you watch this clip we’re going to give you a treat,
and you’re gonna have to resist eating that treat.
Do you understand? Have you understood anything
we’ve said to you today? You’re gonna watch it
like that, Lily? – (Max) This is home base
to all units. The package has left the building.
Does anyone have eyes on him? – (Mel munching) Well, he’s not
in this bag of chips! Over! – (Max) Okay. Keep–
Wait a minute. Why would he be
in a bag of chips? – (FBE) Let’s see if you can
try not to eat, okay? We’re gonna put the treat
in front of you. Here we go. (buzzer) Remember, it’s a try not to eat.
Sterling, try not to eat. Okay.
(buzzer) Crystal, you are out. And Crystal, you’re out again.
(buzzer) Hey! Are you eating? I can see you even
when you turn away, Robo. Hey!
Robo? We can see you eating.
Hey! Oh. Robo, you lose.
(buzzer) You won! Wow. All right, Seamus. You won!
You are a warrior. I will give you that.
So, ransom, why were you able to resist not eating?
– (barks softly) – (FBE) It’s because
Crystal ate too fast? So, now that you’ve finished
the gauntlet, can you tell us a little bit about
your secret life, Sterling? – (growls and barks softly)
– (FBE) Maybe you should have kept that a secret.
– (barks) – (FBE) So finally,
“The Secret Life of Pets 2” comes out on June 7th.
Is this a movie you’ll be sneaking into once it releases? Yeah? You seem very excited, Sterling. Hey, guys. Kyle here,
producer at FBE. Thank you for watching
this special episode of React. And thank you to
“The Secret Life of Pets 2” for making this episode happen.
Go check the movie out in theaters everywhere June 7th.
Bye, guys!

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