Pick a Puppy 2011

Coming up on Pick a Puppy: The Vietri-Mistry family is looking for
their very first puppy. Now, Maya has done
all her homework but will she get
the breed she likes best? ( ♪♪ ) ( ♪♪ ) Hi, everyone. Today, on Pick a Puppy, we’re meeting with
the Vietri-Mistry family. Now, they’re considering
three different breeds: the French bulldog, the Irish setter, and the mini poodle. So let’s see which puppy
they fall in love with. Hi, we’re
the Vietris. Uh, my
name’s Tony, this is my
wife Priti, this is
Maya, and that little
guy down there, his name’s
Lucas. I’m excited to see all
these cute puppies. (Chuckling) We’re a pretty
active family. We like to do a lot
of things outdoors. The kids play
a lot of soccer, go to the parks
and run around. And I think
that it’s time we had an addition
to our family. Maya:
Well, we all
want a dog. I’ve wanted one for
a very long time, and I think that
it’ll just have
a lot of fun in our family. Yeah. Me and Lucas are
team French Bulldog. Maya’s going
to be team
Irish Setter, and Priti’s
going to be
team Poodle. That’s my
pick, yeah. Yeah. Now, what
convinced you guys, or who convinced
you guys that it
was time? For three
years! That would be Maya, She’s been
convincing… that would be Maya. Three years? Yeah. So, how did you
start this process,
and what got… I started researching
a lot of dog breeds, and then, when I watched
Pick a Puppy, I thought it was the
perfect opportunity to give us, like,
the last push
to get a dog. Without
telling us.
(Laughing) Priti:
Without telling
us, of course. So, I get
a phone call, and uh, it’s
Pick a Puppy, and you know,
they’ve invited
us to come, to come in and do
a casting call
for the show. I said, “Well,
give me a minute, “I’m going to have
to, you know, put the phone down
and discuss this
with Maya”, as I had no idea. So, when Mom
got off the phone, was it, “Maya-a-a!” (Laughter) But, I mean, it’s
now a family decision, you decided that
this was time. So what sort
of things have
you guys done to get ready for
this new puppy? I made a really
cool sign upstairs. Seriously? Will I get
to see this sign? Yes. Yeah? Okay,
let’s go. Absolutely,
let’s go. (Mixed agreement) Beverley:
Who did this? Priti:
Well, my cousin Mira, she bakes
cakes. Okay, so this
would be first, second
and third place. Priti:
That’s right, yeah. Oh my gosh, that’s amazing. So, this is
the French bulldog, Yes, there it is. this is our
Irish setter. There we go, Maya’s
Irish setter. Priti:
That’s right. And last but
not least, this
is the poodle. Yes, the fluffy
one for mama. Priti:
White and fluffy,
that’s right. All right, well
this is amazing. So, at the end,
do we get to eat
the cake? Is that
what’s… Oh, absolutely, Okay. of course. Beverley:
Okay, well
let’s carry on, let’s see what
else you got. Where we going? Let’s go
upstairs. Ah-h-h! (Chuckling)
Okay, Lucas,
let’s go. (Whispering)
My room. Who’s room is this? Mine! This is your
room? I love it! Did you do that poster? Lucas:
Yes. Are these all
puppies and dogs that you’ve
picked out and glued them
on here? Yeah. (Gasp)
So cute! What’s your
favourite one? What was your favourite
one you put on? This one. You like
that one? He’s silly. He is silly. Do you think
your dog might go and get your paper
in the morning? Yes. (Chuckling)
That’s really cute. And this would
be your room, Maya? Yes. Aw, this
is great, and you’ve, like,
puppy-proofed everything, everything is
off the floor, but the one thing
that is still there is the beautiful
puppy bed. Awww, that’s
great. Yes. Beverley:
And I love it because it can
accommodate a small dog or a big dog. Right. Well, the
only thing that you guys
need to do is get this
puppy home. That’s right. But you have to
find it, first. Yes. So, are you guys
ready to do that? (Mixed agreement) Are you ready
to find your
puppy, Lucas? (Mixed chatter) Well, then,
let’s go! ( ♪♪ ) First up,
the Vietri-Mistry family will be visiting Paula, of Windridge
French Bulldogs, to check out an adorable
French bulldog puppy. Now, originally
from France, this breed
has a short coat that requires
minimal brushing, but it’s important
to keep the cute
little wrinkles around their face clean. Growing to about
28 pounds, French bulldogs
are full of personality and are great
for families with kids. On average, they have 9 to 11
year life span, and should be tested
for any hip, eye and spine concerns. Short walks and daily exercise are great
for French bulldogs. Hello, my name
is Paula Roberts, and you are at the home of Windridge
French Bulldogs. Today, I’m going to meet
the Mistry family, and they have
two young children. I’m thinking that
this might be
a really good match, with them and
the French bulldog. Hey! Paula:
Hi! How are you? Hi, how are you? I’m Tony. Nice to
meet you. Hi, Tony. Paula. Tony:
cooing) Hi, Bella! Say
hi to Bella. Tony:
Hi, Bella! As soon as she brought
out Bella, the adult, I thought the dog
was beautiful, and at that point,
I knew that
the puppies were, were going to be
just as nice. How old is Bella? Paula:
She’s two. So that’s as big as
she’s going to get. Priti:
Oh, wow. Paula:
I personally like
the smaller ones, and Bella is one
of the smaller… This is a
really good size, actually… Paula:
Yeah, so you can
just pick her up, and put her
on your hip. (Chuckling) Priti:
That’s right. Paula:
What’s nice about
French bulldogs is they are
handleable, and they’re easy
to take on trips
with you. Tony:
I can see us taking
it out for walks, taking it
to the beach, taking it wherever, to family, to events. Now, how is she
with running around
with the little kid? They get tired
pretty easy,
right? Paula:
It’s not
the tiring, it’s that
short face. Right. Paula:
They’re what’s called
a brachycephalic breed, so they have a regular
face squished
into a short face, which can give
them problems with their breathing. Tony:
Oh. She’s so cute,
can we see the puppies? You may see
the puppy. Tony and Paula:
(Laughing) I think
she’s coming! Tony:
Uh-oh…oh! Paula:
Here she is! (Mixed cooing, cheering) Paula:
She’s so wiggly!
What did I tell you
about her being wiggly! I never thought that
they would be so cute. Paula:
Be careful, be gentle. Priti:
Hi, baby! Lucas:
The puppy was so cute, like a piece
of popcorn. Oo-o-oh! Say, “Come here,
come here, puppy!” The kids
absolutely loved her. I think they fell
in love with her from the minute
they saw her. It was something
perfect for the kids. It was the type of dog that I could see my son
playing around with, and then just, you
know, having like
a second brother. They’re energetic,
they’re interactive, they want to be involved
in everything you’re doing. And it looks like
they’re really good
with children. Yeah. Is that… Is that true? I have found that,
I have found that. What about
shedding for them? Yeah, they have
a hair coat. They’re not like a poodle
who doesn’t shed, but I don’t
find that they
shed a lot with that little,
short hair, and you don’t have
the grooming costs with this breed,
that you would
with the poodle. Our carpet’s the
same colour as her, Paula:
Perfect! so you wouldn’t see it. That makes it
absolutely perfect!
(Laughing) Priti:
So you wouldn’t
see it! You wouldn’t see
it at all. (Chuckling) Does the puppy like
to run around and play? This puppy loves
to run around
and play. Would you like
to run around and
play with her? Okay, let’s go
to the front lawn and play
with her. Let’s go! ( ♪♪ ) (Chuckling)
Love you, doggy! I just want to take this
puppy home right now. Tony:
(Laughing) Maya:
I’m curious to see how the other dogs
are going to be, but all of us loved
her so much. It’s going to be
a very hard decision,
isn’t it? Tony:
(Laughing) Priti:
Yeah. ( ♪♪ ) What a sweet
little puppy, and Lucas sure loved
to run around with him. But stay tuned, because there’s
much more to come. The Vietri-Mistry family still have to see the
gorgeous Irish setter and the infamous
mini poodle. ( ♪♪ ) Woman:
And this is Robert. Tony:
Oh! Priti:
Hi, Robert! (Chuckling) Oh my goodness, look at you! Tony:
What a beautiful coat! Oh my god!
I think he likes
you Lucas. Woman:
He does like you! ( ♪♪ ) ( ♪♪ ) Welcome back, everyone, to Pick a Puppy. Now,
the Vietri-Mistry family have been looking for
their very first puppy, and first, they
visited a lively
French bulldog puppy. Now, is he
the perfect match for the
Vietri-Mistry family? Well, we won’t know
until they visit
the Irish setter and the mini poodle. Up next,
the Vietri-Mistry family will be visiting Jill
and her beautiful
Irish setters. The Irish setter
originated in Ireland, and has a beautiful
long coat that requires
regular brushing. Now, when introduced
to young kids and other dogs
at a young age, the Irish setter
can be easily trained to fit into any family. Growing up
to 60 pounds, they can live
from 12 to 14 years and can suffer from
health concerns, such as gastric torsion. The Irish setter requires lots of activities and long walks, so they’re best for families who are full of energy. (Upbeat, playful ♪♪ ) Today, we’re here
at Captiva Kennels to see the
Irish setter. This is Maya’s pick. I’m really,
really excited to see the puppies, and to play with them, and to finally see one
of them in real life. My name is Jill Taylor. I breed Irish setters
at Captiva Kennels. The Irish setter
is a devil-may-care,
loving breed. They are high-energy. They do require
a fair bit of exercise, and they do get
into trouble.
(Chuckling) Don’t! Hi! Hi, I’m
Jill! Hi! Tony. Nice to meet
you! And this is Robert! Priti:
Wow-w-w-w!. Tony:
Robert, wow. Priti:
Hi, Robert,
oh my goodness… Tony:
What a
beautiful coat! Why is his hair so long? Jill:
His hair’s so long because he’s been in
a lot of competitions, but the Irish setters
have long hair
to protect them when they’re in
the field, hunting. Oh, he’s going
to lean on you. Brace yourself! There!
(Chuckling) The colour…
is red the only
colour they come in? Yep. Irish setters
just come in this
chestnut colour. Maya:
I was just surprised
he was so big, so calm, so lean. It was really graceful,
when he walked, and he was just
really cute. Tony:
And its sheen, does it always
maintain that sheen or as it gets older,
does it start
to fade, or… No, typically they will
remain this shiny. If they are
spayed or neutered, sometimes they will
go a little bit
lighter and duller. And how old is Robert? Jill:
Robert is four. Irish setters
typically live
anywhere from 11 to 14 years. Tony:
Oh, good! Okay, I’m going to
go put Robert away, and I’ll be
right back with
the puppies. (Mixed cheers) The moment
we’ve been
waiting for. (Chuckling) Here they are! (Mixed cooing,
chuckling) When I first saw
the puppies, I didn’t really
know what to say. They were
just so cute! Priti:
Face the camera, Lucas. Lucas:
(Giggling) Tony:
I want you too! So cute! Jill:
The ideal family
for an Irish setter would be
a fun-loving one, with lots of patience, a great sense of humour, a big yard for them
to run and play in, and lots
of love to give. (Whispering)
I want to take her home! Priti:
And how is grooming
with them? Is it something that
takes a lot of time? Jill:
Grooming should
really just take about 10 to
15 minutes a week. Okay. And it pretty much
is just brushing
them through. And because
their hair is
more human-like they really
don’t shed
nearly as much. Priti:
Oh, they don’t. When they do shed, it’s not going to be
getting into furniture, and sticking in
like short hairs. So, what about
health issues? Do they have any? Like all large breeds, Irish setters
can have hip issues, epilepsy issues. Particular to
Irish setters, they can have some
food allergies, be gluten-intolerant, and flea allergies,
definitely. Priti:
Oh, okay. And what about
exercising, like, how long do they
need to be walked? Jill:
They typically
need a good hour
of exercise a day, couple of big,
long walks. This age, obviously,
they need a big yard
to play in. Can we go
play with them? Yes,
definitely! All right! (Mixed agreement) Let’s go! Priti:
Let’s go! (Playful ♪♪) ( ♪♪ ) Now, they look like
they can get into
a lot of trouble. Irish setters are
actually known for their mischievousness. Priti:
Oh, okay… Jill:
So, you have
to have a very, very good
sense of humour. With proper
training and
obedience classes, Yeah. they make a,
you know, they turn into a
wonderful family pet. Yeah, the kids
look like they’re
having a great time with the puppies. (Laughter) I think Lucas can only
handle one though. Jill:
Yes! Priti:
I think three
are a little
too much for him. ( ♪♪ ) Aww, what
amazing puppies. And remember, this was
Maya’s favourite breed, but you know,
it looked like Lucas was warming up
to them as well. Now, the
Vietri-Mistry family have some really
difficult decisions
ahead of them. But first, they have
to visit one more breed, and that’s
the mini poodle. Tony:
Wow, just a baby… Priti:
Wow, she’s very fluffy. Woman:
She is. This haircut is
the show pattern. Priti:
Oh, she’s going in
for a kiss, Lucas. Woman:
They’re very
kissy dogs. (Chuckling)
as you can tell. ( ♪♪ ) ( ♪♪ ) Welcome back,
to Pick a Puppy. Now, so far
in their search for their first puppy, the Vietri-Mistry family have checked out
the French bulldog, and the Irish setter. Both were great breeds, and it looks like
the family has no idea which one they’re
going to choose. But, we know
it’s not over yet, because they still have
to see the mini poodle. The Vietri-Mistrys’
final visit is with Julie
at Enchantment Poodles. Now, the mini poodle
originated in
central Europe, and has a hair coat, which means they’re
great for families
with allergies. And at only 12
to 18 pounds, the mini poodle has
a tonne of energy and is a very loyal dog
to their families. Now while they
can live anywhere
from 10 to 13 years, common health concerns
include cataracts
and glaucoma. And, as with their
larger counterpart, the mini poodle
is a quick study and is easily trained. Yay! We’re seeing
poodles today! I’m so excited.
This is my number
one pick, so… If all goes well, I’ll be
taking one of them home. Maybe. (Laughter) My name is Julie. I’m from
Enchantment Poodles, and this is Mika, a one year old
miniature poodle. Hi. Hi. Hi. I’m Julie. Hi, Julie,
I’m Tony. Hi! Priti:
Nice to meet you! You too! (Chuckling) And this is Mika. Wow! Oh wow,
Mika. Priti:
Aren’t you so soft? Tony:
How old is Mika? Julie:
Mika is one year old. Tony:
One year old. Just a baby. Tony:
Wow, just a baby,
look at you!
(Chuckling) Wow, she’s
very fluffy! She is, this haircut
is the show pattern. Oh, okay. Julie:
Wouldn’t normally
keep a pet in
this pattern. Tony:
Now, why is that, you can’t have
it every day? Julie:
If you want to,
you can. It’s a lot
of up-keep, High-maintenance,
basically. a lot of up-keep. Yeah, yeah. Traditionally, the reason why they were
clipped like this, this is
the working pattern. Poodles were
originally bred as water retrievers. They worked with hunters
to retrieve any birds that came down
in the water, as she’s watching
the bird in the sky now.
(Chuckling) The pom-poms on
the feet were to keep
the joints warm when they were
swimming in
the cold waters. Tony:
Ah, okay. Julie:
The rosettes on
her bum here, Tony:
Mmm-hmm. they were to keep
the kidney area warm, and then the big
mane on her body was to keep
the heart and the other
vital organs warm. Tony:
Oh, I see… The rest was
clipped off, so there wasn’t
too much drag in the water when
they were working. Priti:
Oh, she’s going in
for a kiss, Lucas. Tony:
(Laughing) Julie:
They’re very
kissy dogs… (Chuckling)
as you can tell. Priti:
That’s good! (Mixed Chuckles) Can we see
the puppies? Yes, you can see
some puppies now. (Mixed cheers) Let’s do it. Priti:
Cuteness will
win in the end. They were
all cute. Priti:
Cuteness will
win in the end. Here they are! Tony:
(Chuckling) Oh, look
at them! Look at that! She brought out
these adorable little
fluffy poodles, and they were
the cutest little things. Wow! Tony:
They are so cute! I think you might win. Priti:
I might!
(Chuckles) All I can say is, I’m so confused!
(Laughing) There’s just so
many puppies to choose, and I don’t know
what to do now. How much
do they weigh
right now? They’re about
three and a half
pounds right now. Tony:
Three and a half,
that’s tiny. Oh, and you
have to be so
gentle, see, ’cause she’s
so little! Tony:
Is she cold?
She’s shaking. She might be just
a little bit nervous. Everything’s
a little bit
at this age. How many weeks,
as well? Julie:
They’re seven
weeks old. Tony:
Seven weeks. So, how are their
with children? They’re
very good. They love
children, they love to play. Their mission
in life is
to have fun. So, I think they’ll
fit in perfectly with our family then. Julie:
The puppies are
looking a little
bit restless, like they want
to have some exercise. Would you like
to come into
their backyard, so they can
play and run? Absolutely. Yeah! Okay, let’s go. (Playful ♪♪ ) ( ♪♪ ) Priti:
Julie invited us
to her backyard, where she also brought
out two black puppies and a beige one. And so we had a chance
to run around with them. Maya:
They were all really cute, and they had
different personalities, and they were
all running around. I know right now,
it’s going to be
a very hard decision, how there’s team Poodle, team Bulldog
and team Setter. So, now we have
to go sit down and talk about
the pros and cons
about all of them and pick our puppy. ( ♪♪ ) Those were some
beautiful little puppies. I’m just glad I don’t
have to make the decision. So, what do you think? Will Maya get
the dog of her dreams, or are Mom and Dad
going to pick what dog they think is best
for the family? We’ll find out what
puppy they picked and why,
after the break. Let’s call
out her name, and she’ll pop
out of the door. Oh, that
awesome, what’s
her name? Lyla. All:
Lyla! Lyla!
Lyla! Lyla! (Mixed cheers) ( ♪♪ ) ( ♪♪ ) Welcome back, everyone, to Pick a Puppy. Now, the
Vietri-Mistry family have been looking
for the perfect puppy to be their very
first family dog. They visited three
amazing breeders, and some pretty
adorable puppies: first, the French bulldog, then the Irish setter, and finally,
the mini poodle. So, what puppy
did you think they
ended up choosing? Well, let’s find out. So, here we are,
together again. This is great! Mm-hmm. And you guys did
some hunting. Yeah, we did. Yes, we did. How did it go? Excellent. Yeah? Yeah. It was a great
experience. Okay, so team Bulldog. Tony & Priti:
Yes. Okay, how was
that trip? I love the
jumping be. Beverley:
The jumping bean? Why do you
call them the
jumping beans? Tony:
‘Cause they jump, like, it was amazing! They actually
jump up this high. Tony:
Ha, they were so cute. Priti:
Yeah, they were adorable. What did you
think, Maya? They didn’t
look as cute
in the pictures, but when we
saw the puppy, it was just
so adorable. Priti:
Yeah, I think we were
actually ready to take that
one home. And then
what did we go see? After the bulldog,
we went… We went to see
the Irish Setter. Of course, and
that would happen to be your
favourite! Yes. They are funny. Maya:
They were all running
to my brother,
attacking him. (Laughing) It was funny. He had three
of them chasing him. They took him down, and he broke free and started
running again. I was like, “Aaah!” Priti:
Yeah! Beverley:
Did you like
when they were all
chasing after you? Yes. Yeah. They’re not really
cuddle dogs, (Chuckling) because if…
when you tried
to pick them up, they were
squirming away. But if you’re out
in the wilderness
doing something, they’re great to,
you know, come
along with you. Okay, so last
but not least,
where did we go? To see the poodle. Beverley:
Oh, yeah, Yes. The miniature poodle,
that was my pick. They were
white and fluffy, and they were adorable. I was in love
with them. Oh my gosh, what did you
think of this dog, Dad? Well, you know what,
I really warmed
up to it, and, believe it or not,
I liked the cuts, the foo-foo cut. Beverley:
Oh, you did? Tony:
I do. (Gasp) no, I do because
it’s unique. Those cuts
are awesome,
they really are. See, that’s where him
and I disagree though. I just like
them all fluffy, you know, just
fluffy and cute, that’s all
I need, yeah. You guys are funny. Yeah. (Laughing) Beverley:
All right, so
when it came time for decision time,
was it tough? It was. Yes, yes. It was. It was tough. Yeah, we almost
lost sleep over it.
it was, like, it was so hard. Too many pro
and con lists. Wow! I am excited
to see which one
you guys picked. Yeah, so when
do I get to meet
this puppy? Various:
Right now. Right now? Where are we
going, we going
somewhere? Tony:
In the yard. Beverley & Priti:
Okay, let’s go outside. You coming Lucas?
Let’s go! Beverley:
What’s this all about? We got team
French Bulldog, team Irish
Setter, and team
Poodle. And who won,
may I ask? Let’s call out her
name, and she’ll pop
out of the door! (Chuckling) Oh, that sounds
awesome! What’s her name? Lyla. Lyla. Okay. Yup. Okay, Lyla! All:
Lyla! Lyla! Lyla!
Lyla! Lyla! (Mixed cheers, laughter) Hey, baby! The Irish
setter! Hi, there! That’s amazing,
oh, she is… And the
winner is… Maya! Ya-a-ay! What was
the deciding
factor? How did we narrow
it down to Lyla? How did
that happen? Maya:
Well, we really had
a bunch of pros and cons for each one: how high-maintenance it is, and vet and
stuff like that, and I think one day,
we just woke up
in the morning, and kind of knew that
she was the one. And you got the
dog you wanted! That is so exciting!
You waited three years. Was it worth
the wait? Yes. Beverley:
So the training’s
going well? Are you happy, Lucas? Yes. (Laughing) Okay, now the
one thing I was
wondering about is, what about
that cake? ( ♪♪ ) That is really good. Priti:
Yeah? Mmm-hmm. Priti:
(Chuckling) This is great,
you guys. Thank you so much
for everything, the whole
and the cake, and you guys got
a dog at the end, it’s amazing. (Mixed comments) I’m going to see
you again, but
before I leave, can I just finish
my cake? It’s good. Sure, no problem!
(Chuckling) It’s really good. Tony:
Have as much as you want! Okay, I will. ( ♪♪ ) Beverley:
Thanks, everyone, for watching
Pick a Puppy. Special thanks
to all the breeders, and to the
Vietri-Mistry family for letting us come on
this journey with them. And to find out
more about the show,

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    "he's so cute, like a piece of popcorn" 😂😂❤💖

  14. Chrisbrownisthebestdontevenarguewithmeplease Ansari says:

    I've been begging for 6 and 1/2 years now and I really want a German shepherd, my dad said I can get one next year, he also said this 4 years ago😔

  15. Ann Burns says:

    I like the irs setter

  16. Ann Burns says:

    I Like the Priti Mistry- Vietri Family

  17. Ann Burns says:

    Mirstry- Vietri Family I Love them

  18. Ann Burns says:

    I Love the Irsh setter it is mine best

  19. America Ramos says:

    Irish 🍀 Setter

  20. America Ramos says:

    I had dogs all my life not even 1 second of not having a dog

  21. Emily Franco says:

    The frenchie was the best one I did not really like the dog they got🤔😁

  22. BrilliantBethany 123 says:

    Well they were 3years I was 8years !!!!

  23. Kyra Nainani says:

    I've been begging for 9 years a puppy is my dream btw I liked the mini poodle

  24. SZKnight TN says:

    3 years I don't have one and I ask since I was 5 and I'm 12 seven years

  25. Baylee Innes says:

    I would want the Irish setter.

  26. Officially Lauren says:

    I have been wanting a dog for 10 years and I am so close to getting one!!!

  27. Sarah Corrigan says:

    Pick A Puppy CMT 2011

  28. j channel says:

    Oh yeah well I’ve been begging for about 7 1/2 Years… I finally got one. She’s my soulmate.

  29. gman nubs says:

    I feel very strongly that when looking for a pup , YOU SHOULDN'T PICK THE PUP. You should LET THE PUP PICK YOU. Check out the litter and OBSERVE which of the pups is PAYING ATTENTION TO YOU . The ones that don't, AREN'T INTERESTED IN YOU. The pups THAT DO PAY ATTENTION TO YOU , ARE INTERESTED IN YOU and will be much better pets or companions. Easier to train and more loyal. I have suggested this to many people over the years and none of them will disagree with this philosophy.

  30. faironfreight says:

    I new it

  31. Skyfoxgirl Gacha studio says:

    I have been wanted puppy for 10 years

  32. HN Dog addict says:

    What only 3 years . I waited for 5 years

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