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– You ready to go work? Let’s go! – The dogs that we are
considering are really the best of the best. – It’s what they were
bred and raised to do. If their person
is in harms way they gave to to make the
decision not take that command. – There’s three boys
and two girls. Patriot. Potomac. – Primrose. Poppet. – And Phil. – I think you’re a bit
of a celebrity already. – Puppy raisers teach
them manners, teach them foundation, and expose them to the world. – I am a veteran, so Patriot is
going to be my best friend. – You need to do a good job because someone is putting their
trust and faith in this animal. – You never know which make it
all the way through to guide. It can be one, it can be none. – Can you please just be good? – Lots of things to work on. – Shh, shh, shh, shh. Back, back, back, back, back. – The major challenge
with Potomac is he’ll lunge and
jerk me off balance. – I’m on the fence with Patriot. He’s intense. A little bit nervous. – That’s two fails
for Phil today. – I don’t know if he
is going to make it. – We’ve got testing on Friday. – Primrose, we’re up. You make us proud, okay? – Poppet, forward. Good girl. – I think I’ve seen enough. – A lot don’t make it and it is
heartbreaking to have a dog cut. – It’s not easy to
be visually impaired. A cane can help, but it’s not as great as a
fuzzy face and a wet nose. – This is Megan calling
from GuidDogs. We’re excited to find out if
it’s a yes or a no. – Good boy. Good boy.

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