Pikmi Pops Toy | Surprise Style Series Jumbo Scented Plush | UnboxingTruffle the Poodle | Toy Review

Hi guys welcome back to my channel I’ve got a package, I’m so excited to open it guys it says something, it said. I love you Mya xx kiss kiss hearts then a purple heart, lets open it cellotape yeah I think I’ve got the cellotape yeah yeah guess what I have A big Pikmi Pops Surprise Im so excited to open this ok guys, this is oh where it is? this is Jungle, Love Inka Polo and Truffle guys, there’s 5 of them to collect as I said all their names theres Jungle, Love Inka, Polo and Truffle so I’m so excited to open this, I never open someone something Jumbo I’m so excited I might get, one charm two charm or three charm I hope I get the three one so lets open this guys i dont know how its so easy for me to open this packages now let me left this out of here now I’ve got to peel I’m excited guys, its the final reveal I’ve never smelled one of this Pikmi Pops this is the only Pikmi Pops I have ah how do i open this there we go its openned and I just need to get this side open mmm smells so good guys mmm I’ve got Truffle, I think she looks so beautiful she smells like cotton candy she’s so soft squishy but stuffy, anything in her hmm It looks like there was something in her now lets see what scent she is she has to be cotton candy she looks so cute mmm she smells like truffle she will keep you out of truffle trouble I’ve got a little ring of truffle and I have a little charm so that means I have two I wish there was something inside her i could see but there’s nothing these are the new ones smells so good I’m gonna put her to bed with me tonight I’m just gonna hug her you can even hide your big one in or you can hide a lot of little ones in, I’ve gonna hide all my stuff in here its smells like truffle cotton candy I just want to eat her now I could smell her forever I hope you like this video guys, I love Truffle do you love truffle? I think she’s so cute and she’s diffinitely my style pink and look he can peek at you through the window eh eh eh common close down close and look at truffle she’s so cute which one would be your favourite my favourite one would truffle I can’t wait to collect the other 4 of this guys I love to spend my truffle in mamamaple bye guys, I hope you like this video. Subscribe to my channel byee my truffle I’m just gonna go downstairs with Marcus and he will like go what

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