Pinky Doodle Poodle – Full length album “INSIDE IS OUT” Trial Listening [Official Music Video]

I want to continue jumping here just a little more Time passes too fast at lightning speed Someone’s calling voice in the distance was drowned out Once again, I want to be here like this a little bit more. Please, let me be here as it is LET ME PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Don’t be afraid Don’t be afraid The lights are everywhere Don’t be afraid Let’s take a light Let’s take a light To our beautiful earth Take a light Oh Yeah! This world is in the mirror Like “Alice in Wonderland”, No no it’s the “Through the Looking Glass” Inside is Out So it is all lie lie lie lie I wonder where the truth is in this superficial display world Everything is easily changed and disappeared by tips of finger So it is all lie lie lie lie We cannot touch it in the screen which made fussing over the real We chase a “fragment of the dream without the form” and got into “virtual life” Are you ready? – No, not yet Please wait a little longer I follow our distant promise and surely find you out immediately I cross the rainbow, Pass through the deep forest And arrived This TIME and PLACE and YOU NOW and HERE and YOU Hello Hello Hello I was able to meet you for the first time Well, I feel pretty good And I guess that I could get crazy now, baby Cause we all got in tune And when the dressing room got hazy now, baby I know how you want it child Hot, quick and tight The girls can’t stand it When you’re doin’it right Let me up on the stand And let me kick out the jams Yes kick out the jams I like to kick’em out EVERY TIME You want a lucky EVERY WANT EVERY WANT You want a happy We want a lucky EVERY DAY EVERY NIGHT EVERY TIME EVERY WANT EVERYTHING EVERY BODY GO FOR IT Yeah! A message of the darkness appeared from a fast forward image Surely we receive it before we knew it We start to go to yesterday today too Always Anytime Forever My finger cannot so much as reach it Where should I go to make my dreams come true? I keep looking for that and wandering in the cosmos How long did I repeat the same thing over and over again? Where am I coming from and where am I going? Those answers are here It is in my heart I can grab all it soon if I can remind myself about that Get up ! Get down ! It should be still there Get up ! Get down ! Let’s fly higher Get up ! Get down ! Now Red warmth runs in the backside of closed eyelids automatically It’s one of the proof to be alive surely Only one dream? Only one Love? Only one Time? Only one Money? Some day I don’t care if I get lost I cannot stop being excited It makes me feel like an explorer Where does this road lead to? La la, where am I here? It’s like the scenery of heaven There is nothing but blue sky as far as the eye could see There is the feeling of wrongness slightly There is darkness in my memory Surely, I was looking at the sky I was sucked up suddenly And I have a feeling that I had been lying in an unknown room It’s like a Close Encounters of the Third Kind in TV It sometimes happens like that The truth is the spectacle than movies Even daily life is stimulating Happiness depends upon ourselves

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