Pit Bull Protects Baby Compilation

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100 Responses

  1. Raccoon Time says:

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ SO CUTE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Lucy Elly says:


  3. FatherElectric says:

    sick white people!

  4. smoochy froo says:

    Ima be honest I only clicked on the video cuz I wanted to see a sneezing pit bull but their still super cute

  5. Davex66 gaming and more fun Content says:

    0.04 it’s so priceless my reaction pitbull Saves baby from water this is how you know they ain’t bad
    Edit I meant save

  6. Dick van Aggelen says:


  7. Daniel Morse says:

    My parents would go inot town from the farm. Leaving us with the dog. He would guard us. A low key mut, was all teeth to strangers who came close to us. Mom and dad never took great care of him other than basic feeding. I cried for a long time after he died.

  8. basado y rojopillado says:

    They protect their food.

  9. M-I-A says:

    0:32 that black and white one looks like my three month old pit bully

  10. Desk Top says:

    This goes down as more lies the Pit Bull owner's told me. The nanny dog was the Staffordshire Terrier and never the Pit Bull. The thought of a dog looking after a child is ridiculous. You go out shopping and leave your baby home alone with a dog?

  11. Chris A says:

    I love pit bulls! I used to live in Korea and there are many dog restaurants in the rural areas. (Not so much in the city because they don't want judgy white tourists and businessmen finding out about them.) Anyway, pit bulls were easily the most delicious!!

  12. Daisy Buttercup says:

    I wouldn’t dare let a big dog near a child, let alone lick its face, it’s disgusting and not funny.

  13. Perry Gonzalez says:

    I love my little girl blue nose bully, the best

  14. Klose_11 says:

    Dog videos always makes me smile

  15. Ssshh! TriSssshh says:

    SOO CUTE😍😂

  16. Roblox Roleplays says:

    Why do I feel like these dogs know when someone is laughing

  17. Joe Ryan says:

    Reckless behaviour to allow this breed around small children.

  18. Dxx Gtr says:

    I have a red nose pitbull he is 2 months

  19. SiberianExpress 2014 says:

    A Pitbull is a safe dog until the day that it’s not. No matter how well you think you know your beloved pitbull, you cannot trust it with anyone. Always remember what pitbulls were selectively bred for: killing other dogs and other large animals for entertaining sadistic audiences. No amount of socialization and love can expunge the underlying genetic programming of pitbulls.

  20. elyssia marie says:

    these are the most aggressive dogs on the planet, watch out for your children, pit bulls will lick and kiss them to death!! ❣️

  21. Wolfie Playz says:

    This is a video to prove that pit bulls aren’t vicious animals

  22. Robert Hady says:

    Amazing pocket bully available do not hesitate to come pick up for any other info kindly call or text 7205802124
    Location: Colorado Spring

  23. Pitbull KRAL TV says:

    Pitbull annesinden çok düşünüyor bebeği 🙂

  24. Emma White says:

    Okay the thumbnail looked deadly….💁🏼‍♀️

  25. Cameron Knibbs says:

    Pit bulls are vicious my arse

  26. Gachaxxkookie Owo says:

    :pitbull wat do u thank yo doing trying to touch mah baby

  27. Microsoft Windows Vista Jr AUTTP ATHDTC says:


  28. Honking Honker says:

    A great example of what is known as a "shitty parents". The statistics are out there about pitbull aggression so it is ultimately your fault if and when that pitbull kills or severely injures your child, you really don't have to be ignorant, go here: ( https://www.dogsbite.org/ ) and see the statistics for yourself.

  29. Yahul Wagoni says:

    What a good puppy, saving his girl upon command. She'll always have him on overwatch.

  30. combatesdeboxeo boxing says:

    Except the case in the water i don't see any single case of dog protecting but playing

  31. Irma B. says:

    Thats Amerika! Baby and Pitbul….very stupid!!!
    Greeting to Austria

  32. This Sucks says:

    Pitbulls protecting kids compilation WITH A TWIST

  33. Alex Horn says:

    Pit bulls are the second most emotionally stable dog in the world, and the sweetest, but I've heard people say they should be shot 😔

  34. random guy says:

    I really dont understand why retards thing that pitbulls are dangerous

  35. Jan Be says:

    Im wondering how human kind can be so stupid and irresponsible.Leaving baby alone with this breed might lead to tragedy.!

  36. blackhammer6465 says:

    It’s just sad that pit bulls get a bad reputation

  37. Pepe Wojak says:

    They are not protecting them. They are saving them for the time they get hungry.

  38. Gary Pendleton says:

    Anyone who has a pit bull with a baby in the home need their heads looking at. I don't cere how gentle thay may seem. All dogs can just change in a split second.

  39. FOOTBALL HD says:

    Pits can be very sweet and gentle it’s all about how they are brought up.
    If they are raised by idiots who teach them to be vicious that’s when their reputation is darkened.

  40. Matt Vali says:

    Yo that last dog was a genius rolling it back to the baby incredible.

  41. Cameron Koonce says:

    i wonder whats so funny

  42. super gamer boy says:

    the media is a monster ive seen people attacked by labradors retivers and nobody says anything about it pitbukks are so nice ive seen pitbulls being a big baby who only wants to be loved

  43. Karina Gamer says:


  44. peppa pig says:

    this shows the beautiful, amazing, courageous, gently protective side of pitbulls the media doesn't want us to see . pitbulls are one of the greatest dog breeds in the world ! ❤️
    i have two ☺️

  45. Marquita Sozio says:

    Smart doggies. There is nothing more angelic than the sound of babies laughing 💖

  46. 박희준 says:


  47. Pritesh Govindji says:

    Yes, staffies are dangerous. A 3 year old with a loaded gun is dangerous. But you keep your guns safe and a 3 year old is now just a baby. Follow the same theory, and you treat your saffie right, train it properly AND keep your wits about you – your staffy is now the goofy, playful, loving and loyal member of your family.


  48. garrett west says:

    ha, do i want the raw-hide, YOU KNOW i want that raw-hide human

  49. Von Tailor says:

    Is it really safe to have dogs lick babies in the face and in the mouth?

  50. WertzOne says:

    "He never did that before"
    – Pitbull owner just after the dog mauled a child.

  51. AS IT IS says:

    Never leave these animals alone with you kids EVER!!!!!!!

  52. Jamie Tomlin says:

    OMG the first part is so cute… yeah I know dogs are so protective over baby's…my dad's dog was going to attack him when he pretended he was fighting my son when he was ebaby

  53. Terri Moon says:

    I don't care how cute this looks. This was all just extremely dangerous and stupid!!

  54. Roco Wolf says:

    There are no bad dogs,,just bad dog owners.

  55. Robot spyder says:

    That’s not a pit bull.
    That’s an American bully blue pocket. (Long name btw) for shot. Call it a blue pocket.
    I have one. It’s female. But I can tell this blue pocket is male.

  56. Mike Gunnerst says:

    pitbulls are owned by people with single digit IQ

  57. Rosa Ramirez says:

    Cute pit bulls playing with baby’s

  58. Donal Casey says:

    Same old shit he is a loving dog …until . Why not give the kids a loaded gun they protect people …dont they?

  59. Mona Moore says:

    In first clip baby get scared the dog try to lick him to make him calm down

  60. tripjet999 says:

    Pit bulls are KILLING MACHINES and should be bred out of existence! Same for those who breed them.

  61. David kirky says:

    Ahhh I only saw one clip of the pit bull protecting a child…..kinda

  62. Günther Zwahlen says:

    never mind the dog, beware of the babys!

  63. Joshua Bustei says:


  64. 702Truee says:

    Man I really want a pitbull I'm about to have a child and I want her to have a friend to protect her but all this negative talk about them is making me doubt myself on getting a pitbull and I always wanted one as a kid smh people

  65. Alex says:

    bunch of looser owners

  66. Just A Man says:

    You love dogs more than your children.
    So pathethic

  67. Josslyn Olvera says:

    I do not understand why people wanna give pits a bad reputation all dogs can be mean it's how you train them I have 3 pits and they are loving not once have showed a mean side it's how u raise your dogs any dogs can be vicious it's how u train them

  68. Heather Smith says:


  69. Jhulia Manuella says:


  70. 문재인 says:

    leaving Pitbulls with kids looks very dangerous to me. why would they risk themselves as well as their families to such a danger?

  71. Marlene Ruiz says:

    Hermosos tiernos perritos

  72. Christian Jordan says:

    Ion care what anyone says pitbulls are cute

  73. roger peet says:

    I've been close to a few pit bulls and they are the best dogs in the world. Was that enough details ?

  74. Vetforpeace11 says:


  75. Lito Lambanog says:

    Fucking sad cat mind

  76. madTurk says:

    Stupid videos

  77. Daniel Garcia says:

    Nasty fucking ppl letting that dog put it's tongue in that baby mouth only white pll do shit like that

  78. hiddenuareand willremain says:

    Protecting kids? 🤔🤔🤔

  79. The Rocker says:

    2:30 Pitbull is more cute and charismatic than that baby

  80. Melvin Johnson says:

    Leave the baby unattended with the Pit for a few hours of 'protection'.

  81. Leah Morillon says:

    Never will a pit be allowed by my grand kids

  82. Charles Du Max says:

    @1:10 which one is the dog and which is the baby?


    Mi chito Boky es pitbull y es tierno, hermoso,paciente, agradable, jugeton y noble con mi hija que tiene 7 años.

  84. Poovendran Thevar says:

    Dogs reflect owners characters, if u love them, they love u, if u hate them, they hate u too. There’s reasons why god left men’s to create a creature on this earth. Think of it. Love the vid 💗

  85. Yancy says:

    I love pitties, but some of these owners seem not so great.. some are nervous and the people just laugh, others don't behave..

    I just don't want more bad owners for such a wonderful dog

  86. walter ogb says:

    These are all great ambassadors for the breed

  87. HappyFamily says:


  88. Professional booty eater Certified says:

    I want a pit bull so bad but my sister has a fucking demon chiwawa and a German Shepherd

  89. Anna Shevchenko says:

    I was afraid of dogs all my life. 3 month ago my husband surprised me and adopted a 4 month old staffy. At first a was terrified, but it turned out to be the best decision ever. It’s the most caring, kind and smart dog ever and he has helped my to overcome all my fears. These dogs have bad reputation where we live at and it’s a shame…

  90. Lil Alex says:

    I would never let a dog lick my face let alone a childs face

  91. Russian Seal says:

    2:39 wtf is wrong with this family 🤦🏾‍♂️smh

  92. Bob Smithies says:

    stupid people

  93. zurabiusi zurabiusa says:


  94. nejacne68 says:

    Idiots! pit bulls can flip over a annoying baby and attack..

  95. G M says:


  96. TheViper89 420420 says:

    Grew up with 3 of them,best friends i ever had <3 no human ever came close

  97. Danko 1 says:

    I will never let any of those discusting things around my pitbull

  98. RianPrø proplay says:


  99. Rowan Phantasmal says:

    This is so irresponsible, those dogs are just waiting to snap.
    How could people endanger their kids like that?

  100. DDom says:

    I like the dog, but a dog is a dog, you act as if the baby belonged to the dog and the dog is too close to the baby, a dog does not know to recognize a person of the family, so if it approaches the baby the dog will violently attack the person.

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