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Announcer: [ ♪♪ ]>>Female called
911 hysterical saying she was attacked
by two dogs. Apparently the dogs
attacked a child.>>I never would have imagined
in a million years before this that my dog, my pet, would attack me
and kill a child.>>His face was just gone. I mean, from here
down was just mangled.>>Mark: What kind of dog
would attack a child?>>A dog that’s unstable, and there are dogs of any breed
that are unstable. I think they are the most
misunderstood breed of dog there is. They’re just dogs.
They’re not werewolves. [ Chanting ]
>>All: BSL has got to go.>>Announcer: On this
edition of the Fifth Estate, Mark Kelley investigates. Should pit bulls be banned? [ ♪♪ ]>>Mark: This is a
flight to freedom for some 30 dogs that were
doomed to die in the US. [ Barking ]>>Mark: They’re getting what
you might call a new leash on life here in Canada. These dogs have been
flown in from a shelter in Ventura County, California. A dozen of them are
pit bull type dogs. Few dogs are as deeply
polarizing as the people.>>That’s a good girl.
Thank you, Maggie.>>Mark: A menace to some, simply misunderstood
to others. And welcomed with
open arms in Calgary.>>Snickers?
Snickers? Yeah, you big, bad head.>>Yeah, you big
old the blockhead.>>Here’s your old buddy.>>Mark: Jerry Hogg is
coordinating this mission of mercy for an animal
rescue group called BARCs.>>These are dogs from
death row that we are saving at this point. We are not taking dogs out of
there that have been shown any interest in adoption. They are now at the point where
they have been in their high kill centres for X number of
time and they’re on death row, and it’s a case of if
we don’t take them, they are deceased.>>Mark: And the
problem with that is?>>It’s a dog.
It’s a life.>>Mark: So, you’ve got
1,000 dogs and counting. You’re hoping that this
is a pipeline that you can keep moving.>>Absolutely.
Absolutely.>>Mark: Airlifts like this
are supported by a powerful animal
rights group. It’s just a small part of a
multimillion-dollar effort to rebrand the pit bull as
a family-friendly dog.>>Good luck.
>>Thank you. [ ♪♪ ]>>Mark: The PR campaign is powered
by lawyers, lobbyists, even corporate sponsors. In this video from the
shoe company Zappos, the pit bull terrier is touted
as the perfect family pet. And they’re getting
some celebrity support. Patrick Stewart has a starring
role on the website of one animal rights group. [ Laughter ]>>Mark: Primetime personality
Anderson Cooper is pro-pit, too.>>He’s a diva now.>>I really like pit bulls. Everyone that I’ve met have
been incredibly sweet and I’ve actually thought about adopting
pit bulls from time to time.>>Mark: The pit bulls’
loudest voice, though, is the Dog Whisperer,
TV host and best-selling author, Cesar Millan, who posted this
on his web site.>>Why I love pit bulls? Why not? I have a great
relationship with pit bulls. I raised my kids
around pit bulls. I haven’t had a
negative story with pit bulls.>>Mark: With such
ringing endorsements, who could resist adopting one
of these dogs? Well, not Susan Iwicki.>>Before we adopted
the puppies, we used to watch Dog Whisperer. All feeds into the whole reason
that we were okay with adopting those dogs. Cesar Millan, you know,
he was an advocate for the breed, and they were just
about that time where you were starting to see more celebrities
adopting them and, sure, that absolutely factored
into…my– my trust of pit bulls, yes.>>Mark: So Susan and her
boyfriend adopted two puppies, a mix of American Pit Bull
and Staffordshire Terriers.>>Mark: They were–
they were good dogs. I mean, we trained ’em. We, you know, taught ’em all
the basic commands. They were very willing to learn. They were socialized
with plenty of other dogs. Our friends would
bring their dogs over, and everything seemed great. My friends’ kids would
come over and play with the puppies, and they
were loved. Those dogs– those dogs were
cuddling with me just before Dax showed up at my
house that morning.>>Mark: Dax is
Daxton Borchardt. On the morning of
March 6th, 2013, Susan was babysitting
him just as she had
many times before. The 14-month-old,
the pride and joy of his dad, Jeff.>>He– he was quite
the ambitious little guy. He was really funny. And he– I mean,
he was a curious, you know, happy little guy. This is the longest
he’s ever walked. [ ♪♪ ]>>Whenever, you know, you’d put
the music on and everything, he was always dancing. And he took well to
everybody, you know. He wasn’t shy. Just always laughing. And…
Yeah, I’ll tell you. That day was just–
I’ll never forget it, you know?>>Mark: That day, Susan let her
dogs out while she stood outside holding Dax,
bundled against the cold. Then, within seconds, her dogs
went from pets to predators.>>They just… They just kept
coming at us, and… ..Dax. They pulled him out
of my arms, and… ..all I could think was,
“I have to. “I don’t know what’s going on,
but I have to protect him. “I have to save him.
“I have to do something. “I have to get us out of here.
“I have to get us out of here. “I have to get us out of here.” It was just a nightmare. [ dial tone ] [ Ringing ] [ Screaming ] [ ♪♪ ] [ ♪♪ ]>>Whose dogs are they? [ Heavy Breathing ]>>The whole time
it’s happening, you can’t…believe
it’s possible.>>Mark: And you
can’t stop them?>>You start praying, and just–
you just keep acting. You just keep reacting. You just keep trying…to get
him out of that situation.>>Mark: Jeff Borchardt was
on a job site when a co-worker got the call. Jeff was told Dax was
being taken to hospital. Jeff had no idea how his
life was about to change.>>And he told me, he says,
“The dogs bit Dax. “He’s going– he’s being
transported to… “The ambulance is there,
and they’re going “to bring him to Mercy. “And so, we’re
gonna meet ’em there.” And at that point,
I mean, I was just like, “They bit him, you know,
it’s a dog bite. “You know, I was
bitten by dogs before. “How bad can it be? “You know, he’ll be fine,
you know?”>>Mark: But when Jeff arrived
at the hospital he quickly learned this wasn’t any
dog bite.>>So they brought me back there
and the nurses were giving him CPR, and I looked
down at him, and I mean, he was stripped naked. I mean, all of his
clothes were ripped off. His face was just gone. I mean, from here
down was just mangled. I mean, his– it was so bad. And just blood everywhere. I was just screaming
the whole time. Like, “Oh, my God!
“Oh, my God! “Oh, my God!
“What are we going to do?! “Oh, my God,” you know? And my wife was just silent.
She didn’t say a word. She just sat there just
holding his hand.>>Mark: Dozens of doctors and
nurses did everything they could but couldn’t save Dax. The damage, too deep
for the broken boy.>>You know, 14 months is just
too young. It’s just– never got
a chance at anything, you know? [ ♪♪ ]>>Uh…this is Detective Craig, videotaping the rear
residence of…>>Mark: The police did a
detailed investigation, and though Susan wasn’t
found to be at fault, both of her dogs
were euthanized.>>There was
nothing she did wrong. You know? She raised them right. She didn’t abuse ’em. You know, you can look
in the police reports. It’ll say the dogs
were in good health, good condition, you know. From all accounts
of the neighbours, you know, they were
raised really good. They were friendly
with other dogs. Played with other kids before. I mean, they were good-natured
dogs until the day they weren’t.>>Who wants to even admit for
a second that their family pet could kill one of
their family members? Who wants to,
for a single second, think that that’s possible? Think that that
could be a reality? I know I certainly didn’t. I never would’ve imagined for–
I never would’ve imagined in a million years
before this that my dog, my pet, would attack
me and kill a child.>>Mark: But as we’ll
show you, after every death, maiming or mauling,
attributed to pit bull type dogs, there’s an instant
campaign ready to do damage control. Why do pit bulls need lobbying? Why do they need
an organization? Why do they need a
network fighting for them?>>Well, I think they are the
most misunderstood breed of dog there is. They’re just dogs. They’re not werewolves.>>Announcer: You count
on the Fifth Estate for investigative journalism
that matters. The Fifth Estate team
often counts on you, the viewers, for tips that
lead to some of the best investigations.>>I had a story.
>>He felt uncomfortable.>>Very disturbing story.>>Announcer: To send your tips,
e-mail [email protected] or go to the show website to find
out other ways to get in touch. [ ♪♪ ] [ ♪♪ ]>>Mark: Jeff Borchardt was
never one to rock the boat. His passion? Fishing, not being
in the public eye. Well, not until his son
was mauled to death by his babysitter’s
two pit bulls. Incredibly, even before his
son’s funeral, pit bull owners were attacking
him online for being an irresponsible parent and
damaging the reputation of their beloved dogs. So, pit bull supporters were
attacking you because you were giving pit bulls a bad name?>>I was giving pit bulls
a bad name. So, just by having
my son killed by one. It was before I even started
anything in the advocacy work. It’s almost a religion, I think,
to these people. They see their own family dog
and they just can’t imagine in their wildest dreams that it
could turn and kill someone, another family member.>>Mark: With anger as his
motivation and Google as his guide, Borchardt set out to make
sense of his son’s death.>>I put a little
thing together, and some of the…>>Mark: We should
warn you, what’s posted online
is upsetting. His son wasn’t alone. These are pictures posted by
parents who say their kids were attacked by pit bulls, too. Their message? Your child could be next.>>Since my son was killed,
there’s been 103 Americans killed by pit bulls, since my
son was killed in 2013. 103 just by pit bulls. More than all other
breed types combined.>>There is often this
hysteria about pit bulls.>>Mark: But there is a counter
campaign trying to wash those pictures from your mind. These images aren’t graphic. They’re idyllic. This is one of hundreds
of videos produced by an influential US animal
rights group called Best Friends Animal Society. They’re trying to win over the
biggest dog market in America, the family. Their message? The pit bull is
user-friendly, family-friendly.>>Good girl!
Come on, let’s go for a walk.>>Mark: And front and centre
for Best Friends is Ledy VanKavage, a lawyer, a lobbyist,
and a lifelong pit bull lover.>>Mark: Why do pit bulls
need lobbying? Why do they need
an organization? Why do they need a
network fighting for them?>>Well, I think they are the
most misunderstood breed of dog there is. They’re just dogs. They’re not werewolves,
you know? So, there’s been so much
hysteria involved with these dogs, and so
much media hype. Actually, even though I don’t
like to use this term, it’s one place where there
probably is a lot of “fake news”. So, that’s why a lot of times
they can’t speak for themselves, so we need to get
the truth out there.>>Mark: But could it be the
hundreds of reports every year of pit bull attacks
are all dead wrong? I read VanKavage some
headlines we found online, in one randomly
chosen month. This was September–
September 2016.>>Uh-huh.>>Mark: Pit Bull Run Rampant
In New Mexico. Pit Bull Attacks Man In Florida. 5-year-old Girl Attacked
By Pit Bull, Palm Desert. Portage, Indiana Residents Concerned About
Pit Bulls After An Attack. Lepine Officer Recovering
After Pit Bull Attack. Pit Bull Attack In
Northern Carolina On UPS Driver. Woman Has Been Hospitalized
After A Pit Bull Attack in Oakland Hills. And on, and on, and on,
and this is one month. Now, in your opinion, and I
know you haven’t seen each and every one of these cases, do you
believe this is all fake news?>>I believe some
of it is media bias. I do. I think the hype has led people
to have this perception of it and, again, I think a lot of it
is because of media bias or fake news.>>Mark: So, I asked her about
the tragic death of 14-month-old Daxton Borchardt,
the little boy who was ripped from the arms of his babysitter by her two
supposedly family-friendly dogs. Was that fake news too?>>It is very, very tragic,
but most of the dog-related fatalities involve
unsupervised children. I don’t know what
happened that day.>>Mark: She was holding the
child at the time.>>You know– you know, I don’t
know if the child was crying. I don’t know the
history of the dogs.>>Mark: But if the
child was crying?>>You know, like, it–>>Mark: What kind of dog
would attack a child?>>A dog that’s unstable,
and there are dogs of any breed that are unstable,
just like there are people of any race that are
unstable, and–>>Mark: And you
don’t think that the pit bulls are more prone?>>No, I do not.>>Mark: Well, we wanted to go
beyond the headlines to meet someone who’s looked
into thousands of attacks, case by case. Meet Dr Michael Golinko. He’s the
Director Of Plastic Surgery at the Children’s Hospital
in Little Rock, Arkansas. He loves his
dogs…but not all dogs.>>Mark: In your
professional opinion, do pit bulls and kids mix well?>>No.
No. I’d like to say they do. Like I said, I’m a dog lover
and I’d like to say that every dog gets along well, and they
may mix well with adults or, you know, their breeds, but I
think there’s just too much of a risk from what I’ve seen to
kind of advocate for that or kind of sanction that.>>Mark: Doctor Golinko came to
this conclusion after completing two large bite studies involving
more than 500 children admitted to hospitals in Arkansas
and some 1,600 in Atlanta. 46 different
breeds were identified, but when it comes
to the deepest, most damaging dog bites,
the pit bulls were in a class of their own.>>What makes a pit bull
different is it would bite and it would keep on
attacking, and again, as we said in multiple
anatomical locations, were 2-3 times more likely,
and any kid that went to the operating room, half the time,
one half the time, that was a pit bull, and the
other half the time it was every other breed
you could think of, so to me, that’s an overwhelming
preponderance of data, saying, “Something is
going on here, “and we can maybe intervene.”>>Mark: And this
isn’t your opinion?>>No, this is the data.>>Mark: Pit bull
advocates dispute this. They point to analysis
by the National Canine
Research Council, which is run by a
pro-pit bull foundation, that claims there is no reliable
evidence that demonstrates a link between breed
and fatal dog bites. They also claim pit bulls are
routinely misidentified as the guilty party. How were you able to identify
whether these were in fact pit bulls that had
attacked these victims?>>That’s a great question. It was pretty much by–
because the majority of the biting dogs is either a
family dog or a dog known to the family, meaning,
you know, mom’s boyfriend or ex-husband brings over a dog,
or grandma brings over a dog, it’s typically a dog that
the child is familiar with, in most situations. So, everything go
okay yesterday? Yeah.>>Mark: It’s taken four years
and 21 operations to try to repair what a family pit bull
did to Trehlan Credit in just a matter of minutes.>>You’ve been, you know,
to the hospital. You should get a frequent
flyer card or something. I mean, 21 operations is a lot–
>>It is.>>–you know, for a little kid
who’s not even eight years old.>>Mark: Today, Trehlan sees for
the first time what the dog left him looking like, with 50
lacerations to his face, his scalp ripped
from his head.>>I looked kind of scary.>>It is scary, son.
>>It is so scary, yeah.>>Mark: Dr Golinko has
inserted an implant into the boy’s scalp to stretch the skin,
and after one more operation, replaced the damaged tissue. After seeing firsthand the
damage caused by these dogs, Dr Golinko says the
solution is simple… Ban them.>>If you could prevent, like,
one death or one tragic injury, where I don’t have to, you know,
take a kid’s skull apart in the operating room
because of a terrible bite, then that’d be worth it.>>Mark: Trehlan mom,
Laquecia Jones, says her son’s childhood
was ripped away from him. She agrees,
pit bulls should be banned.>>I don’t really
like that breed because– especially around
my kids, after this incident. Before, I was very cautious
about coming around them, because they’re so intimidating. And there’s been too many
incidents that I’ve heard, even after my son, that it’s
just– it doesn’t make any sense that it’s– the statistics is
enough to show that the dogs are just an aggressive breed. And they should be banned. [ ♪♪ ]>>Mark: The idea of banning
pit bull type dogs remains controversial in
Canada and the US, but consider this… 32 countries around the
world have decided the issue. They either outright
ban pit bull type dogs, ban their importation,
or severely restrict their ownership. But in places where
there are no restrictions, the pit bull
population is exploding. We’ll show you what some
shelters are doing to get trouble dogs out of their
kennels and into your homes.>>There’s a good girl. You’ll see them rename
the dogs several times. You’ll see the same dog pop
up on different websites with different names as time goes
on because they’re just try to lose the paper trail. [ ♪♪ ]>>Announcer: There’s always
more to our stories. You can keep up with the
Fifth Estate by subscribing to our weekly newsletter. We’ll tell you what we’re
working on and share updates on past stories. Sign up on our
website at cbc.ca/fifth. [ ♪♪ ] [ Dogs Barking ]
[ Indistinct Chatter ] [ Cheering ]>>Mark: In the deeply
divisive debate over pit bulls, even a dog festival like
this one in Toronto can get political. Ontario banned pit bull
type dogs 12 years ago, which means any pit bulls here
would have to be born before 2005 to be legal, and they
need to be muzzled in public, like this dog. The owner is obeying the law,
but that doesn’t mean she agrees with it.>>I have a small daughter at
home and I’ve never had any doubt in my mind that this dog
would do anything to attack her or hurt her. He’s amazing.>>Mark: These four breeds of
dogs are considered pit bulls and have been banned,
as well as pit bull mixes. Rule of thumb…
>>Can I pet him?>>Mark: If it looks
substantially like these dogs, in the eyes of the
government, it’s a pit bull. So, does that mean
this dog is illegal? Well, not if you ask its owner. Isn’t this dog
illegal in Ontario?>>No.
No.>>Mark: No?
>>This is the mixed breed.>>Mark: It’s a mixed breed?
>>Sure.>>Yeah, the pit bull
are illegal.>>Mark: The pit bull is illegal
but this isn’t a pit bull?>>No.>>Mark: Some may
disagree with you on that.>>Possibly, but those
people would be wrong.>>Mark: So you don’t have
to have a muzzle on this dog?>>No, you shouldn’t have
to have a muzzle on any dog. You know, people need to
learn how to handle their dogs. Like, you know? Should be a– should be a
licensing for people who have dogs, not a
licensing for the dog.>>Mark: In 2005 when
the ban was introduced, there were 112 recorded bites
by pit bull type dogs in Toronto. Last year, only 15.>>All: End BSL!>>Mark: But that hasn’t won
over any converts in this crowd. They oppose what’s called
Breed Specific Legislation, or BSL. Dog owners marched through the
streets of Toronto and other Canadian cities this
summer, calling the bans cruel, ineffective, and canine racism. An online petition is calling on
Prime Minister Trudeau to adopt a federal law, banning
breed-specific dog bans. It’s a successful strategy,
ripped straight from the playbook of the
US pit bull lobby.>>This is dog breed
Independence Day, because…>>Mark: Ledy VanKavage is the
lead lawyer on a team of five attorneys working at
Best Friends Animal Society. So far, they have convinced
almost half the US states to pass legislation prohibiting
breed-specific bans. So, you’ve got 21
states and counting.>>We are at 21 states
and counting, yeah. We are hoping to introduce a
bill in Michigan this year. And, you know, we are always
looking for opportunities, so we think responsible pet
owners should be allowed to own whatever breed of
dog they choose. It’s that simple. [ ♪♪ ]>>Mark: Best Friends has
wrapped the pit bull in red, white, and blue. This isn’t just any dog. The pit bull has been
branded America’s dog, the underdog.>>No dog should ever be
euthanized for what they are. This is America’s dog
we’re talking about, and unfortunately,
America has lost track of that. [ Barking ]>>Mark: And go to many
animal shelters in the US, like this one in St Louis,
and you can see the power and influence of
Best Friends. Best Friends subsidizes shelters
like this that have a no-kill policy. Don’t put dogs down. Put them up for adoption. Best Friend’s motto? “Save them all.”>>Today, 2 million cats
and dogs are being killed in America’s shelters every year. But by 2025, we will achieve
no kill. How? With your help. [ Barking ]>>Here’s– this building
right here’s one that we’ve
pulled dogs from.>>Mark: But take a drive
through the streets of St Louis to get an idea about what
happens when there are no restrictions on pit bulls. It’s a veritable free-for-all.>>In this alleyway,
there were, at one time, probably eight to ten
pit bulls being housed here, and now it looks like he’s got
additional dogs and puppies on the property, so I would imagine
he’s selling the puppies.>>Mark: Donna Lochmann is a
pit bull lover who sees too many backyard breeders
selling them as status dogs, guard dogs, or fighting dogs. She says many of these dogs will
end up in the crowded shelter where she works.>>One female can have a
litter of puppies twice a year, and then any of those puppies
that grow up on the street can have puppies. It’s just astronomical how
quickly it– it builds and builds.>>Mark: Her shelter is
bursting with unwanted or abused pit bulls. According to the American SPCA,
pit bull type dogs are the most common dog found in shelters.>>Hi, buddy.>>Mark: Of the 150 dogs here,
about 80% are pit bull type dogs. They’re in the kennels,
in playgroups outside in the yard, and in the shelter
showroom, to see if they’re a good fit to be adopted by
so-called forever families. From neglected junkyard
dogs, to precious family pets.>>And I like all dogs. Like, I’m not necessarily
partial to one over the other, but historically, pit bulls are
the best with kids. They just are.>>Mark: Listen in as this
family arrives to adopt a dog. The shelter offers them a
pit bull and a sales pitch that would make a used
car dealer blush.>>Seriously, this is the first
breed I’d send home with three, I’m guessing somewhat
rambunctious at times, boys. Yeah. And we offer free
training for the first year, too, so if you’re worried about
handling a dog of this size or something like that, it’s one
of the first things we work with and teach with training,
is how– you know, the leash manners and basic training. Get down, girl.
Good girl! Can you sit?
Good puppy! I think they’re very,
very good, loyal, and good with people. You can’t generalize and say
that pit bulls are not gonna be good with people or kids.>>Mark: Are you ever concerned
that a dog that you have adopted out may– may bite,
or, God forbid, maul somebody that’s
adopted it?>>Not at all. No.>>Mark: Brandi McNeely
begs to differ. She worked as a vet tech
and in shelters for 15 years. She took this shepherd-pit bull
mix home from a shelter as it recovered from heart worms.>>When I brought him home,
he was a great dog. He was very calm. He was actually kind of
timid and scared. We did his heart worm treatment
and the minute he felt better, and you could tell that
the heart worms were gone, the dog became a
different dog, so… And all of a sudden he
hated all other dogs, and he started
attacking my dogs, my mom’s dogs, going after
strangers’ dogs, and in the end,
I brought him back, and I said, “I can’t have him
anywhere near any other dogs,” and I’ve got a
house full of dogs, and everyone I know has dogs.>>Mark: Pit bull opponents say
their data shows that in 2015 alone, pit bulls killed
37,000 cats and dogs. [ Barking ]>>Mark: Brand says
when she first started working at the shelter,
public safety was paramount. Aggressive dogs were
never adopted out.>>We had a very strict policy
when we started. When you did a temperament test,
if the dog did not pass the test, it was euthanized. And that was it.>>Mark: But that’s changed in
the US thanks to the no-kill movement. Now, she says,
cast-off pit bulls are given cheerful new names
and sanitized bios.>>And we started
fabricating stories, you know, exaggerating
abuse, and things like that, to try to sell them, basically. We started writing dog bios,
and you want to focus on the good and use new words. Instead of saying
“dog aggressive,” you say “dog reactive…” or “dog selective,” which means
that he only attacks some dogs, not all. But they wanted you to
play with these new words, so that way you could kind of
give the information in a very deceiving way and then pass
it on to the public who thinks that, “Oh, I’m just getting a
dog that sometimes doesn’t like “all dogs, so I’ll just, like,
do slow introductions,” when reality is that this
dog wants to kill other dogs.>>Mark: And that can end badly,
like when family pet adoptions make local news.>>And we begin with brand-new
details about a gruesome dog attack in Virginia Beach that
killed a 90-year-old woman.>>Mark: Nine hours after
this pit bull mix named Blue was adopted, he mauled
an elderly woman. The family is suing the
shelter for $5 million. The shelter says Blue showed
no signs of aggression at the shelter. This pit bull named Emmet was
shipped from a Louisiana shelter to one in Iowa. Emmet was
listed as a boxer mix and a great dog with a
great temperament. Hours after he was adopted,
he mauled a 15-month-old boy. The boy’s family is now
suing the Iowa shelter, which denies any wrongdoing. Brandi McNeely says it’s not
unusual to ship dogs across state lines. And as they move, they can
erase their past.>>One of the big strategies,
especially with problematic dogs, is that you’ll
see ’em move ’em around. Even in my area, they
consistently move ’em around. Paper trails don’t
follow these dog. People think if a dog bit,
like, this piece of paper follows them wherever they go. It does not.>>Mark: And is that way
often the dogs are moved?>>Yes.
Yup. You ship ’em around,
move ’em around, try to drop the paper trail. You’ll see them rename
the dog several times. You’ll see the same dog pop
up on different websites with different names as time goes on,
’cause they’re just trying to lose the paper trail.>>Mark: Some dogs go
from state to state, and every year,
hundreds end up in Canada, like these ones airlifted
from California to Calgary. Canadian columnist Barbara Kay has written
extensively about pit bulls. She says Canada should close its
borders to these cast-off dogs.>>The Government Of Alberta
should be looking into this and saying, “No,
this is insane. “This is crazy.
“Why are they coming here?” Because there’s such an
overflow of them in California, and in all these
places out west.>>Mark: Mmm-hmm.
>>That’s crazy, really. You’re bringing in…problematic
dogs that have problematic pasts, that you
don’t know about.>>This one goes in here.>>Mark: The coordinator
of the airlift, Jerry Hogg, admits these
dogs have no paper trail, but he says they’ve all
been assessed by their team. What do you know
about these dogs?>>We don’t know a whole
lot about their history, because they are all rescue dogs
from down in the states that have been surrendered to the
animal rescues down there.>>Is that a
concern for you, though?>>No, because we have– we have
all the dogs are assessed down in stateside
prior to coming up. We don’t bring
dogs that are sick. We don’t bring dogs that have
got major aggression issues and so on and so forth.>>Mark: He says none of
these death-row dogs have been involved in any
attacks in Canada.>>Who is this?
>>This is Molly.>>Mark: And that’s good
enough for Chantelle Campo and her two kids. They’re opening
their home to Molly. She doesn’t see
a risk, just a reward. But what do you know about
the history of this dog? Do you know…
>>You don’t know any. So you just take it slow. You get it used to our
environment, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a
pit bull, if it’s a little dog, they can all bite. They can all– we don’t
know their background, so to always ask before
you come up onto a dog, and I would have ten
of ’em if I could.>>Mark: Really?
>>Yup.>>Mark: Well, I hope it
works out you well for you, and especially for your kids.>>Me, too.>>Mark: But it’s a
different story in Québec, where the province is now
proposing a pit bull ban, inciting the Pit Bull Army on
both sides of the border. [ ♪♪ ]>>Announcer: There’s
always more to our stories. You can stay connected with
the Fifth Estate on Facebook. Get the latest on upcoming shows
and special video features. [ ♪♪ ]>>Mark: Mention the words
pit bull and the fight is on. Canadians, as deeply passionate
about these dogs as Americans, even though we have far fewer
pit bull type dogs than the US, and far fewer attacks. Though, that’s cold comfort for
those who have been mauled by the dogs, and there are plenty
of cases from coast-to-coast, like 4-year-old Emily
Cranford of White Rock, BC.>>He bited me.>>Mark: Her parents said
the solution was simple…>>We would like to
see pit bulls banned, and I’m very serious. That is what I
would like to see.>>Mark: Canada has a patchwork
of laws and regulations governing pit bulls. They’re permitted in plenty
of cities and towns across the country. The only
province wide ban is in Ontario, but Québec may be next. It took the high-profile death
of this woman last summer to spark calls for a ban. 55-year-old Christiane Vadnais
was alone in her backyard in Montréal when she was attacked
and killed by her neighbour’s pit bull. Aptly named Lucifer. Vadnais’ daughter, Emily,
has never spoken publicly about her mother’s death, until now.>>Even a year after,
it may seem long for a couple of people, but for us, family,
we’re still in total shock. We’re still
reliving every moment. We have a hard time
talking about it together. It’s upsetting.>>Mark: Pit bull supporters
were unleashed when both Montréal and
Québec City proposed bans, both inspired by Vadnais’ death. [ Chanting ] [ Cheering ]>>Mark: Now the Québec
government is debating a province wide ban like
the one in Ontario. Pit bull supporters in the
US have joined the debate. Singer Cyndi Lauper
took to Facebook, posting… [ ♪♪ ]>>Mark: Even the Dog Whisperer
himself sent a special video message to the
people of Montréal.>>I think that when people
learn to dislike the breed, they hear stories about
aggressive pit bulls or a pit bull did this,
and a pit bull did that, but they never really
actually dig into the story, and understand why the pit bull
became aggressive in the first place, which leads
humankind to be very ignorant and to live in fear…>>Mark: And from fear to fury,
Montréal city councillors were bombarded in a
blitzkrieg of e-mails from angry pit bull supporters, most of
them sent from the US. They called the pit bull
ban a form of terrorism, denouncing the
councillors as monsters, and murderers. Christiane Vadnais’ daughter,
Emily, felt protesters were more concerned with the fate of
their dogs than the life of her mother.>>For them, it’s maybe
just one person who died. For me, it’s my whole world,
and it definitely opened my eyes to every other victims,
and I read a lot. We obviously don’t have a
voice as loud as they do, but we’re definitely there,
and we’re hurt, and all that we want is safety
to be number-one priority, human safety.>>Mark: But when
it comes to safety, Ledy VanKavage, the pit bull
lobbyist who successfully fought back against pit bull bans in
more than 20 American states, insists Canada is
on the wrong track.>>It is panic policymaking,
and I think that a lot of politicians are trying to
gain capital by– by fear-based policies like, you know,
by focusing on– on a certain breed, or vilifying
a certain breed, I think that might increase
their political capital, whereas they’re not
looking at the issue from what is good policy. You know, so,
we’re seeing other places, you know,
realize it doesn’t work, and getting rid of it, and we
see Canada going towards it! Which kind of makes
no sense to me at all.>>Mark: And so the battle
is brought to our doorstep. Canadian politicians feeling the
heat from the US pit bull lobby. Brandy McNeely, the former
shelter worker and pit bull whistle blower,
says politicians must stand their ground.>>It’s always a bad idea to
have animal groups make laws about public safety. Public Safety groups,
really, need to do that, so– but for some reason, every time
they want somebody to talk about animal laws,
they call in animal groups. Doesn’t make any sense to me.>>Mark: Dr Michael Golinko,
the plastic surgeon in Arkansas who’s treated so many
children mauled by pit bulls, says the issue isn’t about the
personal freedoms of dog owners. It’s about Public Safety,
and life and death.>>Would I miss the pit bulls
or would people really miss the pit bulls if they were banned? Maybe for a little bit,
but probably not. You know, people– there was a
time in America where nobody was wearing seatbelts, and then you
made everybody wear a seatbelt, and for a little while, there
was a little bit of pushback, but at the end of the day,
you have way less fatalities because of airbags,
because of seatbelts, and I think it’s the same thing. You know? It’s a child safety issue and
I’d much rather be on that side of the argument,
advocating for a child’s safety, than for the individual’s
right to own a pretty dangerous animal.>>Mark: Jeff Borchardt,
whose son, Daxton, was killed by pit bulls, now runs an
advocacy group pushing for more pit bull bans, but he
says it’s a lonely battle.>>If this is a fight,
the victims versus the pit bull advocates,
who’s winning the fight?>>Well, the pit bull advocates
are definitely winning. I mean– I mean, you just look
at some of these laws that are being overturned,
and stopped, you know? We don’t have
that kind of voice. The victims don’t. We don’t have that
kind of resources. We don’t have
that kind of money. So, I would say they’re winning.>>Mark: As for the woman who
owned the pit bulls that killed Borchardt’s son, Susan Iwicki
says she won’t be silenced by the powerful pit bull lobby,
not as long as more children continue to be killed
by their family pet.>>I blame myself
for not knowing… ..for not knowing the danger. But… Pit bulls do not
belong around anyone. They just don’t. Yeah, not all of
them are gonna attack, fine, but as soon as you can
tell me which one is going to attack and which one
isn’t going to attack, that’s when I’ll listen to you. [ ♪♪ ]

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100 Responses

  1. Bob McDowell says:

    Pitbulls are responsible for about 65% of animal
    deaths and human injuries. Some pitbulls will be fine their whole lives and
    others will sometime in their lives become deadly. It is not about bad
    owners!!! It is about genetics. Therefore, if you are a responsible PitBull
    owner, and  you have a Pitbull that seems loving, take care of it. “ALWAYS”
    have it under your control!!!! Always put a muzzle on it when taking it out!
    Pitbulls will always love those that feed him. If this advice sounds like crap
    to you, then do your own research, do not be in denial!!!

  2. Manbunn McFanypak {just a cool guy being cool} says:

    First of all anyone who adopts a full grown dog and brings into a home with children is taking a risk not worth taking.

  3. Manbunn McFanypak {just a cool guy being cool} says:

    First of all anyone who adopts a full grown dog and brings into a home with children is taking a risk not worth taking.

  4. ENC_ RaX says:

    Alright ain’t gonna lie her side of the story sounds like she’s standing staring at the dogs mauling the baby and crying not doing nothing about it try to pull the baby away or try something btw if you just kick it punch or just anger it more it’ll hurt the baby more instead go for a fatal blow

  5. Yve Muhammad says:

    Not one tear after all that Fake crying.

  6. Nadia Beier says:

    Any dogs are dangerous because of there owners no one else or how they are treated watch darknasty they train pitbulls

  7. DBG々MAYUR says:

    21:36 she looks like rihanna

  8. Terry Wilson says:


  9. Janice Bowman says:

    Canada is on the right track. Ban the PIT

  10. Espir9 says:

    Owning a potentially deadly animal should at least have more requirements. More hoops to jump through. How about licensing? We have licensing for deadly weapons. What's the difference? A gun can be used to protect, so can a dog. A gun can be used to kill (or accidentally kill), so can a dog. So dogs offer emotional support, but not to everyone. Not to the person who is damaged physically and has psychological damage. What makes YOUR dog anymore special than the well-being of another person/life?That's not love. Where is the love?

  11. Ryan robletto says:

    You shouldn't own a dog that you can't control if you're not strong enough to pull the dog off or to deal with and cant handle your pet you shouldn't have it it's not just pit bulls it's any animal that you can't control

  12. Nicolas Cruz says:


  13. Larry Allen says:

    I have seen very young kid's abuse dog's. The parent's are to blame because they let it happen. They never discipline their children about the right things so they end up with little demon's who think they have a God given right to behave like a monster!!!

  14. jesus fuenmayor says:

    you keep acting?

  15. jesus fuenmayor says:

    Responsible breed pet owners, responsible gun owners. the problem accidents and actions out off reason still happens.

  16. devin ptacek says:

    oh its dangerous you should have it……man like go away

  17. devin ptacek says:

    dog racism….stop this

  18. The Dark Wolf Sif says:

    Oh god the Cat mauling was one of the worst things I’ve ever had to seen.

  19. J KAW BEE says:

    Needs to be a license for this breed, people don't need large dogs if they can't control it.

  20. Mark Godina says:

    I hate pit bulls kill them all

  21. Buchi Nyan says:

    All pit bull owners do is spew the same bullshit over and over. “Oh my baby would never hurt anyone.” These people need to shut up, pit bulls are bred to be dangerous and I’ve seen pit bulls attack people several times. They should be banned

  22. totalHungerGamesfan1 says:

    They use to be called nanny dogs for a reason. It became a problem when people were breeding for aggressive behavior for dog fighting. Aggression is a genetic trait. Look up the Russian fox experiment. It's probably that there's so much aggression trait now because being bred for it and then being rescued and distributed. Any animal can be bred for aggressive behavior.

  23. Jazmyn Brown says:

    Misunderstood? Pitbulls should be banned!!!

  24. Evelia Williams says:

    I’d like to know how/why if these vicious dogs ripped that baby out of her arms, how was she not attacked, bitten or hurt in some way? At the very least they would have to jump on her. I’m sorry, protecting that baby is her 1st priority!!! They would’ve had to attack me till I couldn’t fight anymore, in order to get to that baby.

  25. Elaine Bird says:

    Kids with fur, its how you treat them, my friend had an all white pit, she is gorgeous loves me so much and protective… Awe sad for baby💔

  26. mma 1st says:

    I have a 14 month old baby that i just put to bed. I actually cried watching this. I'm also the owner of a pit bull. I couldn't imagine this happening to someone i love so much. I really feel deeply for these people.

  27. Annie2509 says:

    My sister was attacked simply walking up the road last month. Ended up with 70+ stitches. These dogs turn so quickly!

  28. Annie2509 says:

    Not miunderstood – they are vicious

  29. merryweatherflowers says:

    Yes any dog can turn but pitbulls do damage that no other dog comes close to

  30. Taami Puhipuhi says:

    Love my Pitts! They are such loving,goofy kids. You gotta know how to raise them because they are just like your children. You don't get one cause a celebrity has one gahhhhhh.

  31. Shannon Flanary says:

    This documentary is incredibly biased and does not represent all sides of the story. They quickly find "holes" or silly reasons to discount the pro-pitbull side. No one questions if the parents or babysitters have taught their children how to properly interact with dogs respectfully. A dog will not attack for no reason if it has been properly socialized. The source of the large number of "attacks" is that children do not know proper dog etiquette, and pit bulls, along with other breeds, have the strength to cause damage. As many veterinarians will tell you, small breeds like chihuahuas are much more likely to be aggressive. However, due to their size, the bites do not cause as much damage. The so-called epidemic of pit bull attacks should bring into question how we teach people to interact with dogs, not whether the breed itself is inherently malicious.

  32. Barbara Plummer says:

    I would never adopt a pitbull or a puppy never

  33. Barbara Plummer says:

    They need to be band

  34. Just a Random Dude says:

    And that's why I conceal carry.

  35. Mark Waterhouse says:

    Shex obviously lieing. Crying without tears?! That doesnt happen. Poor dogs

  36. darren edwards says:

    I own two girl pitbulls and they are the sweetest dogs I've ever owned, my eldest girl got absolutely beaten up by a tiny French bulldog and she didn't retaliate in the slightest. But, they are a large and powerful breed so training, love and socialisation are incredibly important. If my dogs ever showed any aggressive behaviour I would put them down, the incredible damage they could inflict is a risk I would not be willing to accept.

  37. reorete holland says:

    Theres more to this storey and her crocoldile tears tell me shes lying

  38. Ján Krakovský says:

    pitbulls = my little brothers…best dogs ever

  39. Coco Drilo says:

    Any animal or human can can turn on you at any time.

  40. ann smith says:

    and pitts are unstable . most misunderstood give me a breaks banne them please

  41. ann smith says:

    now canada banned them and are having trouble let some more in folks

  42. Kim Clayton says:

    People need to realize pit bulls were bred to keep large bulls in line.  They are an aggressive breed and I personally would never own one.  Each dog breed took years to create physical and emotional lineages as working dogs and for purposes, not necessarily to be pets in normal nonfarming life.  ANY dog one gets is first you never free feed any dog, you make them learn to sit and wait until you give the "free" or "ok" command to eat. The owners scent should be in the food given by using your hands in that food.   If you have children you also make sure the children's scent is in the food as well so they associate the pack leader with the other family members scent on an equal level as well and they will understand that rather than seeing the non pack leaders in ones family as an equal to the dog pecking order.  Sadly I am guessing this was not done and the worse case scenario happened.  I would have killed those dogs too.  Be careful what breed one brings into their home and MAKE sure those dogs are placed in every way beneath ALL the rest of the human family.  My heart breaks to hear this story.  Too sad.  ;(

  43. John Wootton says:

    Any dog is only as good as their owner. Except if there is something psychologically wrong with the dog.

    If the dog has had a previous owner you wouldn’t know what the dogs been through.

    You should never leave a toddler unsupervised with any dog because a toddler can poke a dog in it’s eyes plus other things that a child might do to make the dog attack.

  44. Jason Kinnear says:

    I love my dogs, and they have never been aggressive, but I would never leave a baby or small child with them… just because there is always a risk something will happen.

  45. Jorge Corrales says:

    Pitbull is a short term for, “The Dogssss Who can kill a bull in side a pit” PitBull. I own a amstaff & I still have to be aware of new combers & educated the approach, yes my dog loses focus but I correct it.

  46. Erica May says:

    A pit bull can be the best natured and loving pet in the world until that one day comes when they turn and the problem is noone knows when that day will be. They are not to be trusted especially around young children. All dogs for that matter, a tooth ache or any ache plus old age the dog will lash out. It doesn't matter if it happened once or a million times it is once to much. I had a Westie for 15 years he was an absolute joy, the best dog in the world. One day my friends daughter pet him and he bite her in the face. He was old and obviously sore somewhere and he lashed out. Bottom line do not trust a dog ever

  47. Exe Cutie says:

    yes pls ban them and the people who own them. they are a garbage breed.

  48. Lp Grim Reepa says:

    the only breed of dogs that we are familiar with growing up in the hood is pitt bulls most likely never seen or heard them killing children

  49. Evelyn Hill says:

    Any tears with all of that noise?

  50. Evelyn Hill says:

    Training is essential and there is much lacking in it.

  51. Maria Luisa Infante Miquel says:

    Pits are wonderful, smart and loving companions, great with kids and protectors, humans are the ones who need to be banned from having them just to abuse.

  52. Lesa Shiminski says:

    God made a huge mistake putting dogs on earth

  53. Ruby Fifer says:

    They ate NOT adopted!! CHILDREN are. They were NEVER bred for anything EXCEPT blood sports. They were created SOLELY for the purpose of killing bills, & then once that was illegal – then they made them smaller & began underground dog fighting.

  54. Ruby Fifer says:

    They ate NOT adopted!! CHILDREN are. They were NEVER bred for anything EXCEPT blood sports. They were created SOLELY for the purpose of killing bills, & then once that was illegal – then they made them smaller & began underground dog fighting.

  55. Evelina M says:

    Pitbulls were bred NOT to attack people. That's literally your main objective in dog fighting, you want your dog to attack the other dog and not you or any of the people watching. If a dog attacks its owner in dog fighting, it's likely gonna be killed. The problem with pitbulls is that all sorts of douchebags and thugs think that this breed is "cool", so they buy them from someone's sketchy back yard, chop off their ears and tails, then train them to attack on command and probably abuse the dogs in some way. That's how you get a bunch of aggressive dogs with a "reputation". The worst thing that ever happened to pitbulls was their "tough dog" label.

  56. mandyinseattle says:

    I dunno. Ask this guy's family — if they're not still in denial, which all pit bull owners are or they wouldn't own one or more.


  57. mandyinseattle says:

    And oh, my god, how clueless do you have to be to welcome one of these particular ones into your family. It's child endangerment if there are kids within a mile. And don't have another pet around.

    This is the first objective and honest look at these animals.

  58. mandyinseattle says:

    How do you spell Jeff Borkhart's name? I'd like to help him in his work.

  59. Typical Alien says:

    Aww I love pitbulls they are so adorable they always look so happy with the cute smile

  60. Rebecca Booker Kisosondi says:

    That lawyer is insane. People like her are the problem

  61. Jay Boogie says:

    People fail to realize that a dog is not born mean or vicious this is something they learn and is taught then you have your individual pitts that were abusive by others.
    Just like a child when is raised around hatred, racism, violence it's always in recipe for Destruction

  62. G 55 says:

    There is no reason on this earth as to why people should own Pitt Bulls or any other dog that is bred for killing, All pitt bulls and bull terrier cross dogs are dangerous and as such should be outlawed.

  63. Shapie Nails says:

    I had 2 dogs one the most laid back pitty I've ever seen  . The other dog I owned so Vicious  I worried she would hurt a child if I wasn't careful .. What was she ??  A mixed Dotson / pug  if anyone  would come over & touch me , when she was on me , they would get bitten fast & hard enough to puncher & bleed  .

  64. Khan Alive says:

    Pit bulls should be banned soon as 1 human who was killed by 1 stop trying to justify them they have killed thousands of people

  65. M. K.R says:

    All Pit Bulls drop off wildlife, cannot keep because pit bulls misunderstand always and dangerous.

  66. M. K.R says:

    Pit Bulls go to wildlife same Hyenas. Do not kill Pit Bulls….bring to wildlife that's it!!!!!

  67. Colleen Cromwell says:

    I would have more respect for dog rescue organizations if they would spend 10 percent of their time to human beings that have been attacked by negligent owner's property. Keep in mind dogs are property….like a couch.

  68. Ian Eastham says:

    A pit bull just killed my little dog yesterday:(

  69. Captain Husky says:

    Garbage dogs for garbage people

  70. darth nader says:

    all this dog kisser disagree with law but are probably against guns. Guns are very predictable.

  71. darth nader says:

    Responsible gun owner should be able to own whatever gun they want.

  72. Samuel Gonzalez says:

    Lady has crooked eyes

  73. dbarw54 says:

    It also seems that a single dog does not cause this damage – it may be a mob mentality.

  74. Faustaao says:

    There is a place for these types of breeds (large, very strong, muscular breeds with very strong prey drive) but to be "fur baby" pets is not one of those places.

    If you want a sweet gentle family pet, get a Golden Retriever.

  75. Emmanuel Chukwuemeka says:

    I had a friend in Calgary that has loves dogs but hate pit bulls ever since his moms dog all most blinded him

  76. Faustaao says:

    30 minutes in… this is why Pit Bull lobbyists are dangerous. There was NO reason for that owner to be walking 2 large powerful high prey drive breeds on flimsy leashes like that. This is why there's so many attacks and maulings in the news. Most basic pet owners CANNOT handle these breeds. My 63 lb Border Collie mix also wants to go after cats when he sees them outside but I keep him under control with a 5 ft sturdy leather leash and I train him to stay beside me. I don't pretend he isn't capable of harm.

  77. red pill says:

    She's trying to forged those tears

  78. EveyBlanco says:

    I was attacked and bitten in the face as a baby by my grandpa’s dog but it wasn’t a Pitbull. It was an elderly Shepard mix that I was probably annoying. However, I still like dogs. I’m pro Pitbull but it should be done responsibly. I have had a Pitbull that I rescued from the streets at 8 weeks old and she’s now 10 years old and I’ve never had an incident with her. HOWEVER, she became wary of small dogs after she was attacked and bitten in the face as the owner of a small dog was holding her dog and petting mine. Even when my pit was bit in the face by that dog she did not attack she basically ran behind me and was scared. She will not attack small dogs but she will get nervous and want to leave the area if they start aggressively barking at her.

    She’s great with kids and always has been but I’ve trained her from a very young age to deal with annoying things. For example, since she was a puppy I would take her food while she’s eating and put it back to show it’s not going anywhere, I would put my hand in her food while she’s eating, I would pet her, pull on her ears and tail as a baby might, I would take her toy out of her mouth while she’s playing with it, and endlessly annoy her so now that’s just normal to her so she will never react.

    I’ve also been a cop for a few years in an area that’s inundated with Pitbulls. I will say the number of aggressive pitbulls I’ve seen is far LESS than the number of nice and friendly ones which are EVERYWHERE. The aggressiveness can be attributed a lot to the dog fighting and abuse and neglect I’ve seen these dogs endure in their environments. They are usually the dog of choice when it comes to drug dealers and various people who choose to make a career of going to jail. These very same people breed these dogs not caring about genetics and temperament and sell them to make a quick buck.

    I don’t agree with no kill for any dog. I believe if a dog is aggressive towards a person and has bitten them in a way to cause a substantial injury then that dog should be put down and that’s any dog Pitbull or not. I also think that if a dog has killed another dog out of aggression (not protecting its owner) then they should be put down.

    I have many friends both in law enforcement, in the medical field, and in the animal care field that have adopted and rescued pitbulls off the street and from shelters and they’ve been great.

    I will say that most of the time as a cop responding to vicious pitbull calls that when I arrive there usually is a Pitbull but it runs up to me wagging its tail and wants attention OR the dog isn’t even a Pitbull it’s just people call what they don’t know a Pitbull to make it sound dangerous and get the police there quickly.

    I think responsible dog ownership is the key as well as euthanizing aggressive dogs. I love pitbulls and I would never have any other type of dog. To each their own I guess but you can’t cast out a whole breed based on a part of its population. Just like you can’t judge any human race as a whole by some of its members the same can be said for dog breeds.


  79. The One says:

    pitbull have been bread for hundreds of years to fight to the death its in their dna

  80. Jenette Murga says:

    Wow this lady cray cray no tears over a child’s loss her own and the Oscar goes too,,,,,,,,,,

  81. DJ.TK.Kobra.17 says:

    I'm sorry, I can't think of the name Dax of a little boy, I can only see it for one person & one person only…

  82. number1beastielover says:

    This lady is the worst at trying to make herself cry.

  83. Branch Claybourne says:

    She trained them both to be aggressive in nature and shocked by their behavior, heart strings tugged about the little man, Sue her for her neglect.

  84. Ade Forest says:

    She didn't shed one tear!!! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  85. Emma Dee says:

    I can’t understand this at all. Would like to hear from Caesar and the pit bull rescue lady. I’m so puzzled and mystified by this. These dogs weren’t tied up, aggressive or any mistreatment from what I can tell. I don’t get it at all, Lord bless this woman and so sorry for that little boy. Help me understand…..

  86. Debra David says:

    When my niece was 7 yrs old her golden lab bit her face, the family had the dog euthanized immediately calling the dog dangerous even though it had never before done anything wrong. Turns out she jumped on the dog while he was eating and the parents didn't do anything to stop her from doing it. In order to make any decisions we need to know the whole story and not just the one side against any breed of dog.

  87. Pabs Alanya says:

    It's time to expose these ignorant Pitbull owners who bully and ignore the families who've lost loved ones to a Pitbull attack.
    These sick people who go as far as to blame the little girl or boy for being ATTACKED

  88. Dianna Marie says:

    If you own a pit bull, you may as well just have a hyena. They are just as bad!

  89. beer lover says:

    Good thing I raised my pitbull with my daughter….daughter 1 month old pitbull 4 weeks old also had to bottle feed my pit cause his moma died…..guess what now my daughter 4 years and my pitbull same age ummmmmmmmmm he sleeps in bed with my daughter he never snaps at her he never barks at her ……now someone he don't know comes in well my pitbull might eat you alive I can't help that

  90. Franco Soliman says:

    Pit Bulls are terrifying. One pit Bull attacked my small Maltese cross for No reason. They are not all bad, but they are the most dangerous.

  91. Player Politics says:

    There is nothing wrong with advocating for them, so long as that advocacy acknowledges the sheer power and prowess of Pitbulls. I own Pitties, always have always will. My children have been raised with pitties.. always have, always will. That said, I am obviously mindful of their mannerisms. My children are taught, my dogs are taught.. And it works. The dogs play, the kids play.. And it works. It works for one reason: The dogs (and in a sense the children) know who alpha is. People dismiss it, but the pack hierarchy is very strong in Pitties and that needs to be remembered and considered. They function best when they know their place from sun up to sun down.

  92. Carmencita Phillips says:

    So those pictures of the children's bitten on their faces ate fake news,crazy ,crazy world or crazy people.

  93. Kalan Star says:

    That blond woman never ever thinking in a million years that her dogs could attack her or kill a child. OMG Are people really this stupid. Of course they can attack you and kill babies. They are DOGS!

  94. In Yahshua's Holy Name says:

    For some reason I get the feeling that the parents planned the baby's death….. The mother seemed ……. like an actress.

  95. Thatabc says:

    Wtf it's not rocket science obvious every breed has aggressive dogs but pit bulls are the most lethal and aggressive they need to be banned , if you want one for a pet you should live out in the wilderness by yourself so when it feels like attacking only you would be hurt

  96. DJ Helkaa says:

    man wait till they find out what Great Danes were bread for

  97. Dee Hart says:

    pit bulls are the most dangerous animal breed

  98. Carol Driehorst says:

    You never know if a dog will attack , Pitbulls are just too strong and powerful. I was at a friend's house and there was a big Pitbull there, he wouldn't leave me alone, my legs were crossed sitting in a chair and he put his snout under my leg and flung it uncrossing my legs, so strong. He just wanted to play but he kept jumping on me and flinging my leg around. I did feel a little nervous but that's the problem, people don't trust Pitbulls, shame, but true.

  99. Steel Knight says:


  100. Toya's WORLD says:

    I Agree with the Doctor! 👍🏽

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