Pitbull, Boxer, Malinois and other dogs wearing Retro Rulz Dog Collar

Snow white and rich gold. Genuine leather and quality brass. The Vintage Leather Dog Collar is a real masterpiece. It is designed to accentuate your dog’s beauty, strength and nobility. It looks both on female and male canines. Pure white selected leather is tear and wear proof. Thanks to this quality material, the collar will not tear and its edges will not fray. The supply is super strong and durable. It will easily sustain the power of your dog, even if he pulls really hard. The item is distinct in peculiar design. Massive golden plated of oval shape give the accessory a tinge of antiquity. The plates and fittings are made of brass. All the metal parts are duly riveted for better durability. The collar is comfortable for your dog to wear it every day. It is suitable both for walking and training. The leather is soft and flexible, therefore it will not rub or irritate your pet’s neck. The gear is light-weight and wide. It is perfect for handling large and active canines. This White Leather Dog Collar is made to please your pet with its outstanding quality and satisfy your eye with its superb design.

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