Pitbull PUPPY – How to Draw a Dog – Cute Easy Cartoon Tutorial

Hey everyone, this is Mei Yu, the creator of Fun2draw. If you’ve been requesting for a cute cartoon pitbull puppy, please comment below to let me know First, I’ll start with a nice, big head Draw a curve, and then I’ll draw another curve I’m going straight down and then jut out for a little nose I’ll curve down, then draw one more curve for a happy little smile I’ll make this pitbull puppy stick out its tongue for a really cute look And here comes the nose You can color it however you want Now I’ll move on into a really thick, powerful-looking cheek by drawing a big curve Let’s get that big Fun2draw eye in there, it’s pretty low on the face Let’s start with that rounded triangle I’m drawing this puppy looking up There’s the pupil and highlight As for the shading of the eye, I’m starting really dark at first and as I work my way down, these lines will eventually get spread out and get shorter, too, so you have a nice transition between dark to light Let’s draw a little eyebrow at the top As for those ears, I’m making them pointy Let’s draw a little of the inside, it’s kind of like a triangle as well Do you have a pet dog? What funny things do they do? Please share with everyone in the comments below For the back of the head, I’m just
gonna draw a really big curve If you want, feel free to add a cute little doggie
collar Okay, let’s go into a cute little body So there’s the shoulder, and I’ll start
with a really thick curve and let’s go into that stubby leg And for the muscle, I’ll draw just one curve like that Here comes the other leg on this side And as for the back, I’m gonna make sure it slopes down like this towards the little bum area Got the tummy Here’s the powerful back leg and a cute little foot And there’s the other leg on the outside Let’s get that tail wagging – it’s a happy puppy Let me know in the comments below what
other cute things you’d like to see me draw in the future I’ll try my best to draw as many of them as I can If you’d like to share the drawings you’ve done while watching my Fun2draw videos, please post them on my Facebook page. I’d love to feature some fan art in a future Fun2draw video After you finish drawing this cute pitbull, you can try drawing the other cute characters from my Fun2draw channel on YouTube, like my pug, poodle, chihuahua, or husky It takes a few hours to make a Fun2draw video, even if the drawing itself is just a few minutes long If more viewers subscribe to my Fun2draw channel, the more I feel my subscribers want to see my new videos Then I’ll feel my time and hard work is
worth more Please subscribe to show me that you want to see more Fun2draw videos

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