Playful Emus Make The Perfect Family Pets

COMM: Forget dogs and cats, this little girl has two extra special companions – emus. COMM: Hailey Speranza and her mom Alicia live in Walworth, New York, with their very unique
pets – Phoenix and Stella. COMM: Alicia brought Phoenix home when he was two weeks old, but it wasn’t long before
she knew he needed a companion. A few weeks later, Stella arrived. COMM: And the pair have been inseparable ever since. COMM: Phoenix and Stella have plenty of
garden space to run around. COMM: And enjoy bathing in the paddling pool. COMM: Grooming their owners. COMM: And nuzzling in for a nap. COMM: Come rain, snow or shine, these birds of a feather always stick together.

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87 Responses

  1. YoshiNguyen says:

    That's very cute~

  2. Bec R says:

    Actually in New South Wales Australia Emus are a protected species, that means you cant kill, harm or take from the wild unless you have a licence or authorisation. So I hope these people in the US have acquired these birds in a lawful manner.

  3. Ranson Horse says:

    there's a girl I like at my school that has a neighbor that has a pet emu in her neighborhood

  4. RedTegu says:

    Yeah no they dont…

  5. The real greg says:


  6. AmaryBrit says:

    these are not cute! they are a wild animal that does not belong in New York… they can be VERY dangerous to humans if they get agrivated and can kill if threatened! this is NOT a "cute exotic pet"

  7. Gibbonz465 says:

    Love seeing unique pets. It's a nice change fro your average dog cat fish etc

  8. Nonde Menai says:

    I want one of these for a guard dog!

  9. annie w says:

    these things are wild animals and can fucking disembowel you but sure

  10. Bjorn Slangen says:

    Nobody realizes that if one of those birds hit the girl with their feet they could literally slash her open

  11. WOLF türkiye says:

    ben RONALDO

  12. snazzy octopus says:

    you have weird parrots

  13. James Pitrella says:

    I know these emus that were raised and handled as chicks , at a picnic I was sitting in a chair feeding them macaroni salad from my hand. They were mingling around with the people and dogs. Very tame and follow owners and come when called.

  14. Jim Speranza says:

    I've been with these birds since they were babies they're not vicious they are so well cared for it's ridiculous and some of you people that don't know anything about anything shouldn't even be talking. is the grandfather of these birds they're very very well taken care of I am an animal lover if I saw anything wrong there I would say something. I was kind of hoping maybe we get some more

  15. I’m a Clown says:

    0:53 lê head flip yo LOL 🤣🤣🤣

  16. Butters The Bean says:

    I like how it lays in the pool.

  17. Leigh Davis says:

    Wow usually emus are mean. I'm surprised.

  18. Sir Meow The Library Cat says:

    😖 These birds are not suitable as 'pets' because they are powerful, aggressive and possess claws and a beak that can shred you to pieces! Leave well alone!

  19. Danna Lopez says:

    Emus are DINOSAURS…EVERY bird is a DINOSAUR…beautiful smart animals…

  20. Daniel Reis says:


  21. Goopy Water says:

    My cousins (they are bro and sis) are named Pheonix and Stella!

  22. FrancesBaconandEggs says:

    This seems…illegal and wrong.

  23. DireConsenquences says:

    Wild animals are not pets.   I don't understand. There are hundreds of thousands of domestic animals that need help, and yet you would rather have a fucking emu?

  24. ian devil says:

    This want is fun i like it better😙😙😙😙

  25. AnnemieM says:

    How awesome is that. Maybe one day you can get them a bigger pool, they would love that. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Annaliza Domingo says:

    I love that the fact I get to see new animals

  27. gizdonk says:

    Unfortunately Australia lost the emu war

  28. caveman Versace says:

    You want a bird that is so stupid that it turns on their owners, go for it. They are NOT perfect family pets! Fucken privileged people and their idiotic misconceptions! Emu's are known to turn on smaller family members and start kicking until the thing they are kicking stops moving. That isn't even the half of what they do during mating time.

  29. HiddenPalm says:

    There is allot of hate and negative propaganda against the Emu. And that's because the Emu beat the Australian Military in all out war back in the 1930's. Look up the Emu War here on youtube. This is a true story. That's how powerful and skilled these bird warriors are. The Australian military never forgot, the day, their machine guns and armored vehicles failed when they went up against the great and proud Emu.

  30. sparklwolf 6547 says:

    I WANT ONE!!💜

  31. LOOBED says:

    My only encounter with an emu is it attacking me and my dog

  32. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

    no bird flu

  33. Jo Kidd says:

    See these all the time in The Aussie Bush!

  34. X_GlaDoS_X Rdz says:

    Umm.. how did fénix and Stella… "arrive"…?

  35. HAL TheBirdLady says:

    I'm sold! Look at those funny jump kicks🤣🤣

  36. XxTrex777725xx young says:


  37. tania V says:

    Why were these birds even allowed to be exported from Oz ? Just so thsesbpeople can show off with a unique pet ! Why dontvthey geo & rescue a needy animal & leave wild animals alone… they should be with their own kind. Emus live in large groups so this is NOT natural just to have 2!!! Bet ya US wouldn't allow their eagles to be exported as pets !

  38. N says:

    I think that its pretty stupid to keep Emus as pets. Not to mention that the United States is not the bird country of origin, so obviously the habitat given isn't really what they would experience in Australia (aka the birds true home). Now if they rescued the birds, I'm completely fine with that. But if they bought the birds because they're 'exotic', I'm going to be pissed off.

  39. tania V says:

    Manta Rings, thank you for enlightening me to Emu farming in the US. I still don't believe in keeping them as pets though

  40. Ajaib Sidhu says:

    I want to be them when I grow up.

  41. Kitty P says:

    This is wrong. Emus are WILD animals and should not be kept as pets.

  42. Theresa Mayton says:

    I also have 2 emus as pets.
    They are very curious, funny/entertaining, snuggly, silly birds. They get along with the dog, donkey, & ducks slightly less tolerant of the chickens who outnumber them.
    We incubated & hatched them.
    Like most pets, how they behave depends a great deal on how they were raised and their life experiences. Please try to have an open mind about every new kind of pet you you discover. Judging all members of a species by either the best or worst examples is not the best decision.

  43. Rj Pena says:

    Shoot it down!

  44. Cynthia Castaneda says:

    Too fkn cute.. precious

  45. Jojo R says:

    My two emus just had babies and they remind me so much of this video

  46. NUO:뉴오: says:


  47. Jenny Chiltoon says:

    these would soon get boring and a pain to look after properly.

  48. Gringus Bingus says:

    I want to raise a pack of emus in Antarctica

  49. ZMowlcher says:

    Emu's do NOT make the perfect family pet.

  50. Balling Like Choji says:

    Just remember that the human race lost a war to these things.

  51. OaThKeeper says:

    They are NOT PETS!!!

  52. AMGx_Gunnah says:

    Wait can’t I just cut his nails or dull with an emery board his claws or something as well as make him smoke weed to chill him out? and control his muscle mass

  53. Tounushi says:

    Pet dinos.

  54. Yokedoesnotcompute says:

    Don't bring them to Australia

    I won't say why so I don't break everybody heart

  55. robert bertie says:

    so sick of Americans stealing animals from other countries so they can boast to others about their "exotic pets", thousands die every year being snuck out of the country in suit cases so little Princess in America gets her special pet.

  56. Ismael Almeida says:

    Eu quero criar😍😍

  57. Preliminimal says:

    .. when did Emus become unextinct ?

  58. KGB _ says:

    Unless your australian

  59. Kaybe Vang says:

    Can Emus survive Winter ?

  60. Jim Crawford says:

    Wrong climate for a start, I hope they are brought inside to get warm. Australia.

  61. stdavross666 says:

    hmm desert bird in snow. Not sure they would like that.

  62. Atomicz says:

    Are they illegal in California Because I want to get one for are farm that we’re gonna start

  63. Mike Gee says:

    Sweet birds!

  64. Marx The Destroyer says:

    Friend has an emu. He's so dumb but we love him. Pecks everything.

  65. Ray Goo says:

    these poor prisoners of war

  66. Di Bendigo says:

    This is so very, very wrong and cruel! People who keep emus in unnatural, especially cold environments away from their own kind, their natural environments and food sources just to be their "pets" disgust me. Way to ignore an animal's own extensive needs just to gratify your own selfish wants and get attention by creating an unusual conversation piece… If you truly cared about these emus you'd be more informed and realise what harm you are doing them raising them there alone. Do they have access to a vet who knows Australian native animals? One totally ignorant fool in the comments even fed an emu macaroni salad! How typical of the ignorance out there. If any creature cannot be kept as a pet in its native country by law, doesn't that tell you utterly self-centred moronic exotic creature owners something?

  67. Depressed Litherds says:

    This is offensive, Australian soldiers died to protect us from the emus!

  68. Astro Arabian says:

    How old are they now???

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  70. King Mon says:

    I’d love an emu, but I can definitely wait. I need to make sure I get through college, and find a job where I still can see all my exotics.

  71. Brandon Farzad says:


  72. the op vloger says:

    Tine for war men here is your Intel on emu sympathizers.

  73. John Denaci says:

    You pet people are ridiculous really! These do not make great pets. Fuckin imbeciles

  74. roy debayan says:

    And people find them cuter in their dinner plates!!!!!!

  75. 89792131121607920 math is cool says:

    That is scool

  76. DarthHater100 says:

    I ate emu before. I thought it would be disgusting dinosaur meat, but it was actually pretty good.

  77. Lurein Perera says:

    My family started using a new app called OurPet to keep track of our daily chores for our dog Riley and it's been a game-changer! I highly recommend it to any other families with pets, the peace of mind we've got is so great! I threw in a link to the app store here:

  78. Rottweiler Z says:

    What the hell's wrong with the guys voice

  79. Seltzer says:

    Omg how they sleep! XD

  80. KaptainKpop says:

    Are male emus aggressive ?

  81. payson terhune says:

    Cute dinosaurs

  82. Arlen Cuen says:

    Thanks a lot. 😃

  83. Mickinly Qualls says:


  84. Chuckles the Chicken says:

    Emu's are still wild animals.

  85. James Wright says:

    I absolutely love emus and they can be so gentle and loving, but these are exotic animals that need the company of other emus and if not treated correctly can understandably cause great injury! I would love one, but don’t encourage any exotic animal breeders or importers, it’s wrong, it’s great if you rescue an exotic animal from a rescue centre and learn how to look after correctly and understand it’s needs!

  86. Joe ROBBINS says:

    oooohhhh me would Love to have some , I have chickens and turkeys but always wanted to raise some emu or ostriches that's so cool

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