Poisonous dog foods for your German Shepherd

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  1. hęïdî Søõōõ says:

    I understand all the other dangerous foods, however, I have four dogs, the youngest 13 years, the oldest almost 20 years. All my dogs get garlic blended with raw foods..every single day. No fleas. No ticks. No parasites. Not one single health issue. My vet said he had never seen dogs age that well and thought the oldest one was no older than 8. I also have fed them avocado many times.

  2. mistaboing says:

    what about peanut butter? is it fine to give?

  3. mistaboing says:

    also what if you give them the baked versoin of yeast and dough?

  4. anjo fortich says:

    i subbed! i have a GSP, it's kinda thin 🙁 i want to make him fat. anyone help?

  5. Kenderra says:

    oh crap I give my dogs grapes and raisins to my dog all the time .. I should really stop..

  6. Joanna Togia says:

    Oh, my god!!! Thank you very much for all the advice!!!!! I am not a dog owner but, I hope I become one soon and I ADORE german shepherds. Actually, thanks to your advice me becoming a German Shepherd owner is even more possible than before!!!! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!!

  7. Nitika Singh says:

    My gsd luvs apple and tomatoes…..should I stop giving him Apple and tomatoes ?

  8. Jaffe perry says:

    thank you so much. I only knew 3 out if the 25 items you named.

  9. zackurban says:

    i feed my dog tomattos with spagettis every day
    is that bad

  10. ArkVids says:

    I had a dog when i was a kid that use to eat my moms tomatoes so she couldnt actually grow them because of that.. good thing he didnt get sick from it..

  11. Boyswagg8 says:

    So I'm just give my GSD dog food

  12. PetPrep RadioShow says:

    Garlic is NOT TOXIC- but Onions are.

  13. TheWolfspirit22 says:

    1. my pets ate chocolate but luckily they were fine
    2. yikes my dad loves putting garlic and onions in everything
    and 3. this is the best info ever I always hear you shouldn't give your pet certain types of food but they NEVER explane why!

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