Poodle 1985 Pudel – English subtitled Russian animation

Soyuzmultfilm Samuel Marshak
“Poodle’ When one’s old,
one likes living quietly making croutons and drinking coffee There was this old woman
who had a purebred dog He had shaggy ears
and a bobbed nose The old woman said
I’ll open the buffet get a bone for the poodle
to join me at lunch barely fitting the cupboard
on the shelves she saw
The poodle? The poodle on a platter
sitting in the cubboard once the old woman
went for a walk in the woods Ans when she came back…
When she came back!… And the poodle? The poodle…
was gone! She looked for the poodle
for 14 whole days While the poodle just followed her
all of that time Once the old woman in the garden
weeded some peas When she came back in
the poodle seemed dead The old one called quickly
The doctor for help But when he arrived
The poodle was alive One day the old woman
rolled a ball to knit stockings And the poodle? And the poodle got hold of it
and dragged it around alle day through the appartment
and around and around The old one, the poodle
even the cat got got entangled The old one and the poodle
were sitting in the window But soon in the street
it became evening and dark The woman cried out:
where is my dog? and the poodle? The poodle pondered
and brought her some candles. Some day the old lady
from the post got a package
A new coffeepot and the poodle? The poodle found also
a whip and a collar the old one had ordered- and the poodle? Not happy
He demanded immediately… the package to be send back. -Finished? (Marshak’s poem ended here)
-No not finished When one’s old,
one likes living quietly Making croutons and drinking some coffee. There was this old woman… There was this old woman
who had a purebred dog directed by Nina Shorina
written by Mark Kushnirov art director Yu. Yevkharov
cameraman Youry Kamenetsky animators Sergei Olifirenko, M. Pisman,
Vyacheslav Shilobreyev music V. Nemirovich-Danchenko
sound Boris Filchikov V Nemirobich-Danchenko
Gasha Droshzhin
A Ptitsin V Alichov, N Barkovskaja, V Laviny
V Trishin, V Pemrov
S Znamchinkaja Cutter T Filamova
script editor Andrey Vyatkin The end
Translation & subs Eus

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