Poodle | Detroit: Become Human Comic Dub

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  1. ThatOneRandomKid _ says:

    Omg when he meets sumo

  2. Purple_Rose says:


  3. cherry slushy says:

    Don't worry I still hunt deviant plushys…

  4. Oreothecowardlydog says:

    Conners last moments before everything went wrong and everyone were demons

  5. Doodle- Noodle says:

    If my dog could speak he would scream "give me belly pats"

  6. risa says:

    That is so adorable

  7. nuraisyah gais says:

    Connor Human and Connor Poodle

    Welp both of them so adorable

    Hard to choose TwT ~

  8. LillyTaylor says:


  9. Smiley Face says:

    I like dogs

  10. HunterDeadGuy XuX says:

    I I'm connor sent by cyber life would you kindly give me a pat

  11. Shadow Dragon says:


    Good dog…

  12. Alif Haiqal says:

    Theres two dog walking the first one said "I'm a poodle dog sent by cyberwooooooo" the other one said "wow a taking cyborg dog"

  13. NerfDanimal says:

    Little did Hank know that was only his first form

  14. Lpstarlight22 says:


  15. ToyFriskMan says:

    What if the human and dog versions met each other????

  16. Strawberry Noir says:

    Me: *Dies*
    God:..Well, Sh*t..we don't have anything…normal left..so..
    Me:*Rolls up to school as me*
    Past life friends:Wtf?

  17. Kitty Plays Games says:

    holds chest HNNNGG falls backwards

  18. EmDoubleyou says:

    Detroit: Become Dog

  19. Dream Bat says:

    Connor is now a furry

  20. Purple Guy says:


  21. gest machalie says:

    I see no difference of this two model

  22. ChocoCookie Presents says:

    I want more

  23. Hooey Cult says:

    I like dogs

  24. minecraft player1425 says:

    Connor * pees on hank * hank: A WTH CONNOR!!

  25. Eric Hunsaker says:

    My name is Connor, I am the Andro-Poodle sent by Cyberlife

  26. Mythical Lei says:

    Careful what you wish for,Hank!! XDD

  27. Uncharted Raider says:

    I will give all the soul I have collected in my games and real life to see this

  28. Uncharted Raider says:

    Hank : U don’t have to follow me around like a podle

    Me : Well they don’t do animal model …

    Cyberlife : CHALLENGE ACCEPTED !!!

  29. The Latiator says:

    OH.. MY.. GOD.

  30. Layla the cat says:

    Cyber Life is SUCH a troll

  31. Bon Animates says:

    Connor:im a poodle

    Basically he said don't follow me like a poodle
    And Connor is now a poodle so basically tell he follows hank around

  32. Wings_of_ Cliche says:

    Shut up and take my money!!!

  33. Harshii says:

    How can connor PISS if he is an android? ….or can he?

  34. Keynines animation says:


  35. mingaeyeon13 meh says:


  36. Shine Kun says:

    I knew that someday they will run out of RK800 models
    I just knew

  37. lizzy the gacha tuber says:

    I bet cyberlife looked in conners memory

  38. Jessica Chiu says:

    literally poodle XDDDD

  39. BP PrettyTreeYT says:

    I wonder how sumo would react…

    would Connor know what sumo says and other species?

  40. BP PrettyTreeYT says:

    since when do androids pee?

  41. Rosio Fabregas -Aka Bonilla- says:


  42. Nika Rinke says:

    Skidaddle skidoodle Connor you are the poodle

  43. Sansmans4. Exe says:

    Dog + Conner = dogger

  44. Darksol Crackdown says:


  45. Wolf pack LPS4631 says:

    I’d keep Conner cuz it’s a dog

  46. Gabija 14 says:

    This is definetly Kamski's job!!!! He found out about the poodle line and did this on purpose just to piss off Hank!!!! ?

  47. Testsubject276 says:

    Cyberlife has had a lot of questionable choices, but this is where i draw the line.

  48. Jessinya says:

    My name is good boi, I’m the doggo sent by cyber life

  49. Unknown Unknown says:

    Which. Connor poodle or Makkachin?!

  50. Darkness wolf 55 165 says:

    omg its soooooo cute like my doggy aw

  51. Fluffypupy says:

    I don't know why I like this video!!!!!

  52. Мирослав Коцур says:

    Почему не булочка с корицей

  53. Vanessa Quinoñes says:

    I will give all the money in the world to get that poodle

  54. CutieRuby123 says:

    G I V E M E B E L L Y P A T S

  55. DUM DUM says:


  56. a dog says:


  57. MASTER NERVIN says:

    I like dogs

  58. marvelia says:

    Probably only I hate it…?

  59. Itz Leen Playz 06 says:

    Why are there so many swears? I'm only twelve, but I can handle it. I only can say, bish, shizz, shoot, funk and bullshoes. BTW, I love your vids.

  60. Miner15101 V says:

    They didn’t have more RK800 models because they used them all up, thanks a lot connor

  61. Bubble gum Girl says:

    Detroit Become Poodle

  62. Tania Bams says:

    Poodle Conner: Lieutenant, I feel the the need to pee on every corner of this bar.


  63. Allynimations says:

    Wait… that looks like one of my do-

  64. Allynimations says:

    "My name is Connor, Im the cockapoo sent by cyberlife."

  65. Dis guy says:

    Hank: I cant take you home or sumo will want to fuck

  66. yaoi succer says:

    My name is Connor, I'm the poodle send by cyberlife???

  67. just a lame YouTuber あと says:

    Awww so cute!!

  68. Theoverlysexualizedteenagegrl says:

    he can't do anything in that body XD

  69. Bunny Ninja says:

    Now he really is a Poodle.

  70. Sapphire Shores says:

    I mean, that's pretty much how the fandom sees him.

  71. Bleu_Cat says:

    We all know the fuckers at cyberlife probably looked at his memories and said-
    'Y'know what?? Let's fuck with him a bit! Put him in a dog' ???

  72. 89BlackGatomon says:

    I laugh so hard..
    Best pain ever!

  73. Derpyghost 2000 says:


  74. jammy 52528 says:


  75. звездная роза сенсанс says:


  76. Juniper - Floof says:

    Connor dog : Hank where is the bathroom?
    Connor dog : sees carpet
    Connor dog : Never mind I found it!

  77. Shinsou The Gay Cat says:

    My name is Connor

    I am the cute bean sent by cyberlife :3

  78. TyaraLeAlicornGem says:

    I need dat dog QwQ

  79. Rusty Carlos Valdez says:

    Did anyone else hear the "Hey!" In the very end of the vid??

  80. Rommochii UwU says:

    I like dogs

  81. AwesomeAna says:

    Here’s a question, can all of the characters be dogs then I’m the crazy dog lady down the street?

  82. Flora A.R.M.Y BTS says:

    Sumo- / (infinite)
    level of anger/jealousy-(Infinite)

    (Like if you get it XD)

  83. liu emma says:

    Hey guys,
    Puptro got a new member

    Conner the detictive poodle.
    Why not

  84. sanju raghuvanshi says:

    awwww… now sumo can have a friend!

  85. Catarina Eisiminger says:

    Okay, I admit it. Connor is so damn cute!

  86. Limited_Mxrcus says:

    Lieutenant: WHAT THE FUC# CONNOR

    Connor: I don’t know why but I have to pee in every corner of this bar.

  87. Tonton Antonio says:

    I want one how much

  88. Evermore Romero says:


  89. ღ 【 •ιтѕ_ιzαвєllє• 】 ღ says:


  90. Maria Del Rosario Contreras says:

    debo admitirlo … como perrito no esta nada mal ?

  91. Julius Moe-nstar says:

    This is a nice alternate way to see the anime Dog and sciccors

  92. ッ「Lunatic Wolfie 」 says:

    Honesly, I would kidnap puppy Connor and take care of him

  93. Cosmic Gaming says:

    Omg Crownie’s accent on the dog is to die for ?

  94. Ironically Ivy says:

    “Look, you don’t have to follow me around like a poodle.”


  95. DJ Dragon says:

    Huh… I always wondered what Connor would look like as a dog…. :b

  96. DJ Dragon says:

    Detroit become poodle

  97. wolfy gaming says:


  98. geekqueen2010 says:

    We need more poodle Connor comics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. SleepyPuddle 6 says:

    But I don't see a difference between the two models tho???

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