Poodle Dog Grooming : Correcting Poodle Dog Grooming Mistakes

Okay now we’re going to talk about what happens
if you cut a little bit too close and you need to correct the mistake. So right in here,
we’ve cut a little bit of a nick out of here and we’re going to use the clippers and we’re
going to go over to see exactly how much shorter it needs to be. You can hide this with your
scissors and the thinning shears a lot of times, by clipping just over it and kind of
blending it in to where the outer hair doesn’t stick out quite as much. And go over the rest
with the clippers. And even with, you can go against the grain, move it around a little
bit. And it doesn’t quite look as much of a hole as you started off with. So even the
experts sometimes cut it a little bit close. And that’s how you fix a little mistake that
you made.

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