Poodle Dog Grooming : Holding a Poodle’s Paws for Grooming

Now I’m going to show you how to hold the,
hold the poodles paws, so that you can clip it and do it comfortably. Rosie’s very good,
sometimes you’ll get a poodle that’s not very good and they’ll pull. But if you, if you
hold the paw this way we can get underneath and if you pull it forward we can get the
front of the paw. So we’re going to start with the bottom of the paw and if you can
see that, it’s a little bit ticklish, but you pull the, the toes apart and you can get
a real clean cut on the inside of the foot. This is a fifteen blade that I’m using. And
then you want to go in between the toes. We start this way; we’re going against the grain
of the hair. There you go Rosie. Alongside the nail. Here. Here. I like to put my finger
between the webbing here, because their webbing can get cut very easily. And you finish all
the toes like so. And then start with the front, same with the, you put the, your finger
between the webbing, so you’re not going to cut the webbing. And Rosie’s foot is on the
way to being nice and clean.

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6 Responses

  1. jpgr09 says:

    lousy camera work… you can't see what she's doing at all

  2. Orkaney says:

    I require my Poodle to lay down when doing his paws, that way he doesn't have to maintain his balance when I work, thus he is more relaxed. His fear of me hurting his paws is another matter but usually overcome in a matter of minutes. How cruel am I to remove from him the pride a large coat of fur can be towards a competing male!

  3. Peter Lockhart says:

    I love your videos, they have given me the confidence to buy a set of good clippers and tackle my standard poodle.The bottom line is that if you mess up a bit, you learn and it grows back..

  4. Robert DeMaio says:

    thank you good job

  5. Service_Dog_Adventures says:

    I'm a groomer in training about to head off to school, and i'm watching this to reveiw the basics, or at least basics to me. however i'm not sure how she can STAND a clipper vac. the weight and the resistance would drive me nuts as well as the location and lack of vission. it seems like it'd always be in the way and would be more of a pain than a help.

  6. comapt mot mot says:

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