Poodle Dog Grooming : Poodle Dog Grooming: Face Shaving

Now we’re going, we’re going to clip the dog’s
face. Here we have the clippers and the dog’s face. The dog’s face goes from here to the
eye. We start off at the ear, and go forward toward the eye, down the cheek into a little
V shape at the bottom. And we go against the grain. Between the eyes, we use a V shape,
go this way and this way. I’m using a clipper vac that keeps the hair off
of the dog’s face and off of you. Oh. You want to make sure and get around the mouth
really good and clean up the rest. And we have a clippered dog’s face.

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41 Responses

  1. tee1964 says:

    Shannon is absoulutely correct and so is everyone else that agreed with her.

  2. aopabailey says:

    First og all shannon you can't spell. Second the only way you are going to clipper burn or clipper Rash a dog as you put it is if your blades are not sharp. I would say 99% of the time dull clippers are the problem.

  3. digestbiscuit says:

    sigh… i can feel my face is pain..

  4. Kat says:

    lol no, dogs don't need their whiskers nearly as much as cats do. Poodles, cockers, and a couple other breeds have their whiskers shaved in normal pet grooms, and many other grooms have they trimmed before being shown in the ring.

  5. jonnie coupler says:

    obviously you people crying about the whiskers know squat about grooming so dont judge!!!!!!

  6. marinewife247 says:

    The only way you get clipper burn, is if the blade gets to hot. You need to use cool lube or have extra blades if this happens during a groom. If the blade is dull you run the risk of nicking the dog. You go against the grain for clean faces–for a sharp look– UNLESS the dog has sensitive skin. When they have sensitive skin you go with the grain. Poodles did have those "frufru" cuts for a reason–the pom poms lol–. They where used for hunting and it was thought the haircut protect major organs

  7. LSB16 says:

    Excellent! I bought a clipper but it didn't come with a DVD like I thought and I was having a little trouble understanding the instructions. Thank you for clarifying!

  8. Tara Barrows says:

    Hi Fellow groomers.. I would like to know what blade # you prefer on the face. I groom for a vet hospital and do a lot of grooming mainly on the fuzzies that are too old or grumpy to go to a lovely salon.. I like a #15 (don't worry I am careful! rarely nick a dog if ever) Just interested in picking up tips to have a happier pet and clientele!

  9. busta guts says:



  10. Kerry T says:

    jeez that poor dog is going to be cold in winter :O

  11. kazuldra says:

    @sassypantz33 : I like a #10 (in reverse) for the face, and a #40 on the feet and pads

  12. Leo M says:

    its also known as clipper rash.

  13. Angle says:

    my dog isnt that calm

  14. Curtis Hanvey says:

    The clippers have a Hanvey hairvac.com or Taxi Vac attachment on it. I think she inadvertently called it a clipper vac which is a different system all together.

  15. Brandon Copeland says:

    @MrHaloecho I really didn't pay much attention to it until you pointed it out. Now, I can't stop laughing.

  16. kate von says:

    where do you get the clippervac?

  17. kate von says:

    @puppyhustla1 do not 🙁

  18. 90sfanforever says:

    @lovelovemeee The hair will usually grow back by winter.

  19. Marie Jackson says:

    It may seem that way at first 🙂 I love dogs ! it was really hard doing these professional videos though. She got lots of love and treats in between each 1 minute video! LOL

  20. Raptor says:

    give it some eye protection

  21. funstuffca says:

    Idk where these dogs come from, because my poodle will NOT stand still, and it takes me a couple of days to finish grooming her up. Can't do it all in one sitting!

  22. ellen janulis says:

    ya me to he alway bit the razr

  23. Evonne Loh says:

    i can feel the pity poodle is crying now …:'(

  24. BigWorldLittleGirlin says:

    I always afraid I may cut my dog.. I shaved him gently and ended up with using scissors instead 😀

  25. Jill DeXara says:

    that bitch is so rough!!!! >=[

  26. AM says:

    Too rough lady

  27. Slick4Runna808 says:

    U can tell that she hates her job

  28. MaggieLu 1982 says:

    what a beatch…poor dog

  29. ajazzymixer powell says:

    What happens to the whiskers?

  30. Elias Ghawaly says:

    Easy on the dog your way to rough if u don't like your job don't do it

  31. Elina C. says:

    Too rough my dear, I wouldn't let you NEAR my dogs ………..

  32. Dana Zapata says:

    Nice, I am working with my poodle on being better about sitting still when I groom him. He is definitely improving!

  33. Dogz4Life225 says:

    Damn be more gentle

  34. Yankee Poodle says:

    The vacuum is a good idea but it looks harder to clip them with it on.

  35. Fabys Rams says:

    I was suffering while watching, poor dog!

  36. Kryhs says:

    If that dog was really uncomfortable we would know. She's not being rough; she's just being firm. Believe it or not dogs don't actually just sit there for you. You have to hold them still when grooming. Now, does she look happy about being with the dog? No. It'd be nice if she looked like she enjoyed what she was doing lol

  37. chrysantheme247 says:


    I would like to know where I can get the vacuum system that is installed to your clipper?

    thank you


  38. hopey4100 says:

    You need to be more gentle >:(

  39. Katy Flores says:

    Stupid ass lady have you gone to grooming classes the person that hired you must high on something crack or weed because I bet you , you don't even like dogs your shit and not gentle !!! Is not even well done

  40. lorna Paterson says:

    you know your hurting that dog be gentle lady

  41. lorna Paterson says:

    you dont just grab its faceand move it up and down and side to side

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