Poodle Dog Grooming : Poodle Dog Grooming: Hind Quarters

Now we’re going to start with the dog’s sanitary
area, we want to get it nice and clean back in this area here. And so we start, and you
want to lift the dog’s leg up, you’re going to get underneath and clean up all the belly
area and underneath, we’re going to clean up the hind end area. The poodle’s tail you
always start with a V shape at the top of the poodle’s tail and come down with the,
with the grain of the tail, because sometimes poodles tend to get a little irritated back
there. So we get that all cleaned up. Underneath, you want to keep checking to make sure your
blade’s not getting hot because that will irritate the skin too. All underneath, we
have a nice clean area under here. I’m going to leave some fluff on the end, so we can
have a poodle tail later on. So that’s how we clean up the sanitary area.

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  1. Lucky Goose says:

    I wish I saw this vid before I let loos on my 4 month old woman standard. All went smooth until I got to the nether region!! The pooch was relaxed on the floor and I started cleaning things up with #10 blade. Well, when she stood up I noticed my mistake. I shaved all the fur from the inside of her thighs!!! So from the back she looks like she has bin riding a horse to long and has no fir left between her rear legs. OOPS!!! I am so glad dogs don't look at them selves in the mirror. Cheers.

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