Poodle Dog Grooming : Poodle Dog Grooming Tools

There are a lot of tools that you can use
to groom your, groom your poodle and your dog. We’re going to talk about some of them.
This is a vacuum system and this is an attachment that attaches to your clippers. Your clippers,
so you can vacuum the hair while your attaching it. It works really well, I use them all the
time and and I wouldn’t be without it. And when you turn on the clipper and the vacuum
it vacuums the hair while your clippering. Now we have, and you can get these, you can
do a search online and you can find these just about everywhere. These are the two different
kinds of clippers, nail clippers that you can use. This one has a guard on it, so when
you’re clipping the nail, you don’t go too far. We’ve got our curved scissors, I mean
our curved scissors and our straight scissors. We’ve got our hemostats, these you can find
in the fishing department of department stores and stuff. And these you use to help get the
hair out of the dog’s ears and putting bows on, things like that. These are thinning shears.
Thinning shears help get the mats out, you can split the mats with them. You have combs
and a mat brush. The different blades that attach to the clippers and clipper comb attachments
we have. We have ear powder to help get the powder, the hair out of the ears and eye cleaning
solution. And various mat splitters to help get the mats out of your dog’s coat.

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3 Responses

  1. km1love4ever says:

    u should use size 10 blades

  2. rob2891 says:

    Do I use a 10 all over?

  3. vidgirl4444 says:

    What are the best CLippers out there? cordless

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