Poodle Dog Grooming : Poodle Dog Grooming: Trimming the Top Knot

And scissoring the poodles top knot, we’re
going to put the straight scissors away because we’re not going to need those. And we’re going
to use just the curved scissors, they have a curved edge, so you can get the curve on
the poodle’s top knot. Rosie has kind of a thin top knot, so we’re just going to shape
it up the way it should be shaped up. You take and you comb all the hair over to one
side and you scissor the edges off. You don’t want to scissor too much into the head you
want to stay on top of the ear there. And comb it all to the front, scissor around the
top. You notice I’m not going back like this I’m staying right ahead and we’re just doing
in front of the eyes. You can rest your scissors on the nose, it will help. Hopefully your
dog is as good as Rosie. And then we fluff this up like so, start from the back of the
head and rest your,
again this is not a show dog head, it’s not a competition grooming head, it’s just a little
pet Rosie head. Around to the back and we’ll come to the front, pull it down on the side,
around the edge of the eyes and back and I’m going to rest right here. And then clean up the areas that you haven’t
cleaned up yet.

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