Poodle (Dog) is Headbanging on System of a Down – Bounce (Full Song) [The Secret Life Of Pets]

Be a good boy, Leonard!

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  1. Alex Roman says:

    who else is going to go watch this movie just for this scene?

  2. dumb dumb says:

    lmao this song is about an orgy

  3. MusicMan2022 says:

    What's the song befor the heavy metal

  4. Paul Revolinsky says:

    it was decent until they started talking.

  5. Ucop Sup says:

    (Classical Musical Playing)
    Owner : Bye Leonard be a good boy.
    (Door close)
    Leonard : (Turn other music)
    (Heavy Metal song playing)
    Leonard : (Headbanging)

  6. SoSheolH says:

    The single greatest scene in a mainstream kids movie ever.

  7. Cloud Co. says:

    System Of A Dog

  8. Rodrigo José Poblete Pardo says:


  9. nazra7 says:

    Play this on x2 speed. Prepare to laugh.

  10. Tumble Trash says:

    we all know the meaning of this song right?

  11. Sabi V says:

    this is what pets do when their owners are not home

  12. RobCartee Vids says:


  13. Juana Portacio says:

    Meraaaa lokiss

  14. daniel Cmsx2027 says:


  15. Edward Erlenmeyer says:

    I love this scene

  16. Mariee says:

    Ich liebe den Film und das Lied auch !
    Diese Mischung ??

  17. ktpasa rata says:


  18. LorenzeXXX Player says:

    Leonardo e maluco

  19. Dan Martins says:

    First time I saw this movie, I wanted to start a mosh pit in the aisle of the movie theatre

  20. Bobby Hileman says:


  21. Pirate Bear says:

    I should show this to people

  22. Bong Me says:

    now I know what my poodle is doing when home alone.

  23. Jaketsu says:


  24. kelsy glitter force says:

    I made my lps head bang just cause I was playing and turned this on

  25. Thor Baima mx says:

    This gave me autism

  26. Austin Dickerson says:

    The most badass song in my #2 most favorite movie.

  27. Nola says:

    Cant listen to this song without seeing this dog. lol

  28. S e i r j g k e m n says:

    I don't know how this makes me feel.

    Maybe bouncy?

  29. Renan Aguiar says:

    Adorei essa parte !!! hauhauhauhauahuahauh….

  30. Adriana Rodrigues says:

    🙂 :v 🙂 😀 :()

  31. Philipp Müller-Litz says:

    omg, time to listen to System again ?

  32. Chris Visconti says:

    haha lol Soad infiltrated kids movies

  33. Judith Peña says:

    Lo mejor de esta pelicula.

  34. Diego Knela says:


  35. Wuft Chan says:

    never have I felt more like a dog

  36. Teighlor Vandine says:

    My daughter was watching the trailer for this movie, when i heard this song i asked if she wanted to hear the whole thin and she said yes. We bounced around our living room banging our heads through practically the whole song. I have an awesome daughter!!! 😀

  37. TengoMeow says:

    I loved that part

  38. GladDestronger says:

    a metal head poodle. who knew? 😉

  39. joseguadalupe juarezgaytan says:

    Alguién me podría decir el nombre d la segunda canción La de violín porfiss

  40. riot grrl says:

    I watched the movie just for this scene xD

  41. Enrique Gutierrez says:


  42. shritsk290 says:

    I didn't know animals like SOAD

  43. Lily the wolf_ says:


  44. Carl Levi says:

    This dog rocks

  45. Annaliyah Mayen says:

    Hahah cute!!!?????????

  46. Carnivorous- Creature says:

    This poodle is my spirit animal

  47. melissa salisbury says:


  48. Jason. Kern says:

    my 5 year old headbangs to this

  49. Wuft Chan says:

    a sex song on a kids movie

  50. Trashboat! says:

    I saw this is the trailer and I was like no way

  51. Rizzqi Maulana says:

    Oh shit:"v

  52. Chris R says:

    Wow, holy shit lol, I never realized this hahaha

  53. Yvonne Berg says:


  54. InnocenceSweetcherries says:


  55. Dark1 Legend2 says:

    Me when my favorite song starts

  56. Lîļý_đoĕšñ't_ůnděřštænđ_ĺifə says:

    We watched this at school and I was screaming inside. I LOVE SOAD AHHHHH I was like oh my gosh is that Bounce?

  57. LaRon Taylor says:

    I knew it!!!!!!

  58. Skittle Haus says:

    I knew it sounded familiar.

  59. Beth Nichols says:

    My daughter is 3 years old and she head bangs to this song lol

  60. Ilovetodraw the80s says:

    The cute chihuahua is so cute!!!?

  61. Melissa Dingle says:

    Dude can you upload this song to Roblox Studio plz?

  62. Melissa Dingle says:

    0:00 "do your thing"

  63. Eve Barajas says:

    This song is about an orgy

  64. There she goes to kill me chicken nugget says:

    Now I know why these dogs tend to snap their owners’ fingers off

  65. Dee Slaton says:

    This has 6 ….. 6……6 comment s wow

  66. Deniz says:

    A song about a virgin that goes to an orgy…. that's great!
    Spongebob had ween and pantera so why not this

  67. Lani says:

    Am I the only one looking at the chiwawa jumping on the couch? Because that looks fun jumping on the couch while blasting a rock music??

  68. Fake Email says:

    MY DOG DID THAT????????

  69. RangerBeaver48 says:

    It"s fits in so well

  70. Game On! says:

    2018 BOUNCE!!!

  71. Jackson Leinfelder says:

    Best part out of the whole movie

  72. Bossgameing19 says:

    I knew it

  73. Lucas says:


  74. stu sche says:

    Bounce ain't about orgy or sexual. It's about drug abuse, using one needle or political election.

  75. Allen Cent says:

    This poodle is my hero

  76. person 101 says:

    I bet system of a down were losing their shit when they found out they put their song about an orgy in a kids film.

  77. Madison Troutman says:

    At least the makers of the movie have some great in them xD

  78. Allen Cent says:

    This poodle is my hero.

  79. Chain Sawyer says:

    Best scene in the movie,wish my dog was a metal head,that would be kick ass.

  80. manfrombritain says:

    SOAD could have written some really good war metal

  81. GlueC says:

    That's my spirit animal.

  82. SHlRU says:

    only reason why i saw this movie.

  83. ꧁Cookielover559 HTFFTW CGGFTL꧂ says:

    Goanimate in a nutshell

  84. Schizo Fawkes says:

    This recently became one of my favorite SOAD songs and I'm just NOW finding out about this!?!?

  85. DoubleJ says:

    Best kid movie for adults moment, EVER!! Lol ??????????

  86. William Spencer says:

    Hell yeah love it lol

  87. Iconic Idol says:

    Best music

  88. slipknot nai says:

    I wish that was my dog.

  89. midnightkitsune says:

    The Chihuahua is the best dog in the movie!

  90. Buddi chucky _fan says:

    Me when mom left the house

  91. Gorilla Man says:

    Ok, this is EPIC!

  92. Chain Sawyer says:

    That's my dog YEAH

  93. Inspector Javert says:

    You know I think it might not be about a real pogo stick. It might be a euphemism for something.

  94. Sulfuric Eyedrops says:

    Epic sex song

  95. Kiran Shinde says:

    i loved this movie and song

  96. Zycyx says:

    Can we just note that the song is about an orgy?

  97. Fanny Ramirez says:


  98. The Pancake Reviewer says:

    Isnt this song about having an orgy?

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