♬ Don’t you think we’re better together ♬ ♬ Oh ♬ ♬ I think we are ♬ Good morning, guys! Ollie and I just came to A field, like a path in the woods, where we’re going to go take a little hike and, it’s been really windy today but it’s kind of sunny and Mary needs to do some hair cutting on Ollie so we figured we’d come out and take a little hike to get some energy out before we do a haircut. So, let’s go check this out. ♬ soft music ♬ (Footsteps and leaves crunching) ♬ soft music continues ♬ Good dog! ♬ ♬ Hey guys! I just got back home. I was actually at a viewing for a funeral that I’m actually doing the service for the funeral tomorrow and yeah, that’s part of my role as a pastor is helping walk people through the hard reality of death and I think it’s just a reminder, like, as I’m like, I’m like dressed up about to take off these clothes to help Mary groom Ollie, but it’s just a reminder that like there’s a lot in our lives that happens behind the scenes of the camera that we don’t show every piece of life, like me doing a lot of my role as a pastor, and so I am going to change my clothes so I can help Mary. (Peter) But she has been, look at this pile! We can make a whole lot of Halloween costumes out of that. We sure could. Yeah, and like I don’t know it’s kind of hard for us when we’re vlogging because we want to show, like, a glimpse, I mean in 10 or 15 minutes we can’t we can’t even show a minute from every hour. You know, we can’t possibly encapsulate our whole day or our whole life. But, um, sometimes we purposefully choose not to pick up the camera and just like have time for our family or like, you know, just some non-camera time like we were saying the other day but we really enjoy sharing the journey with you and but there are also some parts about the journey that we can’t share, that’s not appropriate, like Peter going and doing somebody else’s funeral or something like that. You know, there are some things that just can’t be filmed. But the parts that we are able to film we enjoy picking up the camera and bringing you guys along and today part of that is Ollie grooming. So, I’ve done, I’ve done the easy part. (Peter) The body’s pretty much the easy part, and then there’s, pretty much the legs are the hard part. Wouldn’t you say? Yeah, I think it’s pretty uncomfortable for him. (Peter) Yeah. (Mary) So it’s good to have a second person kind of scratching his head and keeping him happy. (Peter) Cuz he’s got skinny legs. Don’t you? (Mary) Did you see that tail? (Peter) Skinny legs. I’m gonna get ya! I’m gonna get ya! (Mary) I’m gonna get ya. Oh, thanks for the kiss! (smooching sounds) Haircut time! Ollie fell asleep, so we’re just finishing trimming his feet. (Mary) I kind of wish we could go to sleep when we were at the hair salon Sometimes I feel like I do. (Mary) Really? Oh, yeah, it’s like a head massage. (Mary) I guess I thought I was getting a cool angle, but I don’t know about that. ♬ (Peter) All right, here’s naked poodle! He is all trimmed and we took a shower, and he’s all bathed, and he just went better hurry. What more could you want, buddy? (Mary) And he had a special dental chew. (Peter) Yeah, he did Such a good boy. And Mary is being super resourceful, and she is making dinner. One, two, three, four, five, six. (Peter) That’s perfect. Six layer dip. (Peter) Nice! So, yeah, we don’t have a ton of groceries. How many times have we said that in the vlog? (Peter) Like, every week. (laughter) It’s just it’s, (Peter) It’s life, you know? It’s life. (Peter) So, thank you, honey! Of course! (Peter) And I felt like pretty, um, I felt like we conquered that haircut. (Mary) Yeah, we did like the, the works. (Peter) The works, yes. Some haircuts are like “get by” haircuts and some… (Mary) Like, we don’t spend a lot of time on the face or we don’t spend a lot of time on the legs but this one (Peter) We went to town and Ollie got the works because in, well, when you guys are watching this vlog tomorrow starts birthday month! You so excited for your birthday month? I actually like Oliver’s face kind of fluffy, but I like his body really close. (Peter) Mm hmm. And since we were on a roll, we went ahead and cut his face really close, which works because that means we don’t have to clip it for quite a while because it’ll grow out. (Peter) Yeah. Um, so it’s really nice to like get it all done (Peter) Yeah, I think it’s a cute change whenever he’s all like, all slimmed. He looks like a little lamb. Where’s your dog? Should we go find your doggie? Where is it? Where’s your doggie? Is it in there? No? Is it on? I’m doing a creative seventh layer, and I’m putting chips in. (Peter) You know what this reminds me of? Yes! We were married for like two months, and we had a Super Bowl party and we invited the family that Mary babysat for. Invited them over and Mary made, now, where was the recipe? It was like on this this… Like the recipe was like Was it? I don’t remember. It was like on the side of the like, taco box. (Peter) Yeah! And it was like a taco dip. Yeah, it was basically taco dip. But do you remember the other thing? You took me when we were in Chicago as a date, as you gift, you took me to this place where you make recipes. (Peter) Yes! It was funny. I was thinking about that the other day, and I was thinking that’s the sort of thing like, that would like sponsor vlogs. (Peter) Oh, funny. It’s the sort of company that would want to, like, get the word out. (Peter) Yeah. But we didn’t have a vlog. We bought tickets and we went to it. (Peter) Yeah. It was like, they had the buffet of all of the ingredients. They walked you through how to make three meals that go in your freezer, and then you bring them out and bake them whatever you want them. (Peter) Yeah, I think was like self-led though. It was like this big kitchen and there were like multiple like people. And I think you could pick which meals you wanted to make. (Mary) Yep. (Peter) And like, um, (Mary) And I think there was one that was like a taco one. (Peter) Yeah, it was, I remember that and that is so fun! I found that on Groupon back when we were in college. (laughter) (Mary) He thought there was something exciting on the fridge. It’s a little thing of… (both) Dog treat snacks. Is this what you want? (Mary) You have to get a shot of this. Hold on. Okay, watch. Get really close to his little lips. (Peter) I think It’s focused on him. (Mary) Oh. He liked it the other time! (Peter) Get it! (Mary) Is that good? (Peter) Such a silly boy. (Peter) Alright, back to making dinner. (Mary) Alright, next beans. More beans. (Peter) More beans. (Peter) So, you did refried beans, and then some chips, and now we’re doing black beans? Is that what it is? (Mary) Yep! I think I’m gonna do salsa next, then black beans. (Peter) Okay. Make the chips a little salsa soggy. I like cold beans. (Peter) That’s weird. (Peter chuckling) (Peter) You’re so cute. Oh, you’re looking Christmasy in those pajama pants! (Mary) Ollie thought we were, like, going out somewhere because, I like, have different pants on. (laughter) (Peter) He’s so intuitive. I love how when he has his hair short, and we give him a bath you can see straight through to his skin. (Mary) Yeah. (Peter) His little pink skin. Oh, youre such a good boy, and you want to know something else I love? He has a mole on the top of his snout. Where is it? (Mary) Oh, right, right there, right? Or no? (Peter) It’s there somewhere. (Peter) Anyways. (Mary) That’s something about owning a poodle that they are very high maintenance for grooming so either you pay somebody pretty good money to groom them every four to eight weeks, or however often? Or you do it yourself, and it takes a couple hours. (Peter) Yeah. We choose to do it ourselves. ♬ (Mary) Now it’s baked and I’m going to put some sour cream on it. The chips actually got like crispy! They look good. I’m gonna put some jalapenos on Peter’s side. First impression? Woah! Feel that, crispy! That is not what I expected! Awesome! Let’s eat it! (laughing) And for dessert… pumpkin pie! I had that for breakfast too. (Mary snorts) All right, we ate our dinner, and it was really good but I have been coughing a ton and a lot of mucus, and the only thing I had to spit in that I could reach was one of these chips. So, I’ve literally used a couple of those as mucus cups now and that is so disgusting, but better for the environment, so, better for the environment than plastic cups, anyway! But, um, I need to go do my therapy. Actually, I need to go reaccess my port so, um, yeah. (Peter) Alright, time to get Mary’s evening meds out of the fridge. We’ve got cipro in here. Oh, c’mon. Oh, fail. We have lots of plastic bags. We like to reuse those and what is this one? Aztreonam? Yep, all right. Let’s take these in. And… (Mary singing) Life with a needle in your chest. Life with a needle in your chest. And good news… I can move my arm! (Peter) Yeah, last week’s needle must have been…I don’t know. We can’t figure out what the rhyme or reason behind needles not working, and how many, how many needles is that, the last three weeks? I lost count. Seven, maybe? (Peter) Woah. (Peter) But it’s working. It’s not hurting right now, so let’s hope it stays that way. Or six. Six or seven. (Peter) So, anyways, we’re gonna get ready for bed and (both) As always, we will see you tomorrow. Good night! ♬♬ Somebody wanted to sit in my spot, so… (Peter) Oh, you guys are having a little snuggle? (Peter) Ollie, you want to say goodnight to the people? (Mary) You have tired eyes. (Peter) Oh, you’re so tired. (Mary) Did you have fun today when you went on a walk with Peter? ♬♬

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100 Responses

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    Get a red or orange vest for Ollie this time of year to be safe in the woods

  2. Maria Theresa says:

    So adorable! My Magnus falls asleep during his grooming too. Poodles are super awesome. Good thing you guys led me to them with Ollie 👍👍

  3. Kevin Phair says:

    Love you guys God bless you both

  4. The Frey Life says:

    Uggggg! How is he so cute?! Do you ever say that to your animals (dogs, cats, snakes…etc)? Let’s flood the internet with cute pictures …ready, set, GO!

  5. Lynn Rose says:

    Ollie is soooo cute! Yes, my family says that to our yellow lab.

  6. tanya crumlish says:

    So proud of you Mary. You are a true warrior. The pain and suffering that you go through on a daily basis and you always have such a beautiful smile on your face. You and Peter's love, understand and commitment to one and other is beyond beautiful and refreshing. So glad to be with yous on your journey. Thankful and blessed. Keep shining gorgeous and God bless. X

  7. Cathy says:

    Ollie looked like he wasn’t too sure about his haircut! He stood there just looking at you!

  8. Devoted to the Lord Jesus says:

    Hi Mary and Peter! I have been watching old vlogs from May of 2015 and Oliver was sleeping on his back almost everyday. I was just wondering if he still does that?

  9. Paris Robertson says:

    I tell my beagle she is the sweetest bean everyday 🙂

  10. Mary Elizabeth Osborne says:

    Lucky Ollie!

  11. Mylifeaszara says:

    I love you so inspiring I only just found your channel bro t still have watched a LOT of your videos xx

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    My cockapoo LOVED those Yip yaps! Great job on his haircut, Ollie is so calm! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!🎃👻

  13. rdidri says:

    Ollie is the most content dog I've ever seen!

  14. willydawgs says:

    I've had Portuguese water dogs and the curls and grooming are REAL! It's much cheaper to groom at home, for sure, but time-consuming and the doggies get tired. Ollie is a wonderful and patient boy. You all make such a lovely family!

  15. Tammy blankenship says:

    I love u guys
    ❤💚💛💜 do yall have a p.O. Box i would like to send something 😉 yall rock ;))))

  16. Learning To Fly says:

    Why would you not want privacy? Is that not being normal? Most people don't really want to see someone's whole life on YouTube or TV. All persons involved would be very bored, real quick. Like honestly sometimes mindless chatter is annoying to everyone at times.

  17. Lyme is Lame says:

    Anyone that may see this, do you know what video editing software Peter and Mary use? I see the cameras linked often, but I don't think I've seen the software, and it looks like they can do more than you can do with iMovie alone. Thanks!

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    Oliver reminds me so much of my dog, just his body language and his face of course!! My dog is a cockapoo so half of ollie he is! lol

  20. Jessica Heaton says:

    ‘Better for the Environment.’ Lol always looking at the positive. Seriously though, your positive attitude is such an inspiration.

  21. Hannah Nicole says:

    Y’all I think my cold turned into bronchitis 😰😰

  22. Brandy Hagler says:

    Oli is so cute. How he feel sleep while cuting his hair on his face. My dog falls sleep when im cuting her hair on her stomach so funny and cute.

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    Don’t you want his fur thick for the winter?

  24. Melissa Girsch says:

    sorry this comment is so long but I just want to let you guys know  I love you blogs they are very entering. some times I think you should have a reality TV show. I know I would watch. seeing  how Mary can stay so positive with all she goes through   battling cystic fibrosis. makes me think how  my problems in life are not so bad  and if I just have a positive attitude  I   can and will get thought them . cause sometimes you just  have to, as Mary would say  "do what you think you can't do".  May God bless you and keep you safe In his loving arms Mary Frey.  keep making videos they are great. God Bless  you too Peter Fry  you are a wonderful  husband and caretaker to marry   you guys are better together.  finding  your channel has been a bless to me in some odd way, with all the hate and negativity in this world it is nice to see positive , and loving people.

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    My dog gets excited when I change my pants, too! Haha, oh the life of chronic illness. I love how he snuggled against your leg.

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    It is snowing in Nebraska. Hope Ollie stays warm with his new haircut.

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    Look how handsome Ollie looks!! He is just THE cutest! Great Vlog today!! ❤ yes, my husband and I have a Husky/wolf mix and a short haired cat. They are our babies!! Also, we feed 30 feral cats!! I am a huge Animal lover and animal rights advocate!! I love seeing how much little Ollie is loved by you! ❤

  28. Liesbeth Bruinekool says:

    I’m also on home ivs at the moment and also love to reuse those bags. Unfortunately my port stopped working so they placed a PICC line for now until they can replace my port (it’s my port that’s also infected so I have to stay on iv antibiotics until it’s replaced).

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    I think it’s safe to say we will love all the Ollie footage you can give us. 😊

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    I started chemo injections last week and this week the side effects have been really bad. One of the things getting me through is "Do what you think you can't do!" . Thank you for sharing and making have to be semi-homebound not so lonely! ❤

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    I now have a French & half olde & half english bulldogs!! Piper & Penny. I 💜 my furkids!!

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