Poodle in severe state left in alley dies after ACS tries to stabilize her

new at six Animal Care Services says it’s one of the worst cases of animal cruelty they have ever seen an eight year old poodle brought two ACS now dead after attempts to stabilize her failed as Bill Barajas explains ACS now wants your help tracking down the person responsible for that neglect and we warn you the images you’re about to see could disturb some of you visibly weak and in pain hope was barely able to move as veterinarians did what they could it was a race against time when ACS says they see all too often we’ve seen unfortunately other cases where they are they have severe mats around you know around their body and around their limbs we’ve had cases where the matting has constricted blood flow of the limbs and have resulted unfortunately in amputations but for her she’s she’s probably one of our most severe cases that we’ve had hope an eight-year-old poodle was brought in by a Good Samaritan she was found in an alley on the 1500 block of Babcock she’s very cold currently she appears to be jaundiced so it looks like she has not been eating for quite some time and may have just been left in that in that alleyway for a while the eight-year-old poodle was severely matted the matted area even had mold almost two pounds of mass that’s on the dog she is fade so likely she has an owner at the time we visited ACS staff was hopeful she would pull through their plans were to stabilize her rehabilitate her and find her a home hope unfortunately did not make it the staff caring for her did their best to make her comfortable during her final few hours if you have any information on what happened to hope or who she may belong to you’re asked to call 3-1-1 ACS investigators we’ll take it from there in downtown bill Barajas keeps an 12 News

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  1. Jellythe lioness says:

    Poor dog.

  2. White Kitsune says:

    My dog just died today

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