Poodle in Tennessee saves family

WTAJ NEWS CONTINUES. (AMANDA) MANY ARE REMEMBERING HEROES TODAY — BUT ONE TENNESSEE FAMILY THINKS OF THAT WORD WITH NEW MEANING AFTER THEIR DOGS SAVED THEIR LIVES. KELSEY GIBBS SHARES THEIR STORY. 01:05:54 So they saved us, they saved us not the fire alarm… It was just after 3 in the morning when Randy and Rebecca Grimsley learned they lost just about everything. 01:05:10 We just got done three years ago putting $90 thousand in to remodeling it, so now it’s a complete tear down and start over. The Grimsley family is left salvaging what they can from their Lebanon home after a fire. 01:03:29 And ran around the house and seen it was on fire. They’re now putting years of belongings in plastic bags while they try to figure out what to do next. But one thing they do know, is they wouldn’t have made it out of the fire alive without the help from their poodles Maggie and Morgan. 01:03:10 Maggie yipped and a little bark and I looked and seen Morgan going in a circle at the door and thought maybe they had to go outside, so I got up went down stairs, opened the front door let them and when I turned around I seen a flame out the back French doors. The family says the poodles rarely bark so when they heard Maggie they knew she needed to tell them something. 01:05:29 They did their job good, we didn’t hear the fire alarm go off until we went outside. Maggie and Morgan will be rewarded for their heroic actions. 01:06:30 They’re going to get a steak dinner tonight, aren’t you guys The Grimsley’s are just glad they’ll live to see another day. 01:06:59 We have each other and our dogs to thank for it, life will move on (AMANDA) COMING UP IN OUR NEXT HALF HOUR– A NEW ADDITION IS COMING TO OUR AREA. WE’LL SHOW YOU WHAT VISITORS CAN LEARN

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