Poodle Scam? Ferrets on Steroids Disguised as Dogs

ferrets are being sold as two point
totals in argentina now these are just a regular old fair it’s actually spirits
that have been given steroids and uh… one for guided when aside as uh…
unfortunately purchase one of these periods on steroids and notice that there is something a
little attention about it and it turns out it was really nodded to a brutal subjects parrots
keyboards believing she truly pw dole’s history
goes to the man only discovered his mistake not to taking the cheek reaches
to ease local banks often dubbed a brazilian rest the residents have been
pumped full of several leads and groomed to look like condone pups he paid just
seventy five dollars came to really fast you have a first
picture of the the fair total he had a little bit earlier or you can
see the body so i was looking at that point and i do you know i’m not
evaporating to look at every day you know that looks like fanfare at the nothing other than affair
at all from fifty pollack maybe they don’t be mad at the table they are is this affair acting out and they said it you can i
mean when you think is it’s more muscular over seventy eight intersecting picture where the ferry is
like fluffy hair and popped needs it doesn’t look like
approval it’s at the pins if you are that usually convinced that’s buried his
approval you have bigger problems that rightly
you deserve a fair at that point here character darkness at in dot they’re not
as the mess the results of a darn good fair restricting in harsh vincent safe uh… but i wonder how the exactly this
happened like this person just think world in a fair it’s a
cheaper than dogs all raise them according to solve the seven have a
bunch of fair to you know what to do with i don’t know what the facts came from
miami to know this guy’s backs to me that when i also find interesting is
that on any article that writes about this particular story gives the reader tips on how to identify
fairy tales of police report all and that the fact that you have to do
that that makes me really worried and she was injured the theatre you know this is the weather
here is the best one so it says about for fair it’s suppose
to pursue dogs live up to twenty years for ferrets the list of seven to ten
years so in your eleven hundred alike bone chip that’s a fair at that point and what’s the difference
and prevents lawyer who knows

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