Prairie Dog Mating Season | Prairie Dog Manor

NARRATOR: Up in the
highlands, Nash isn’t worried about finding a partner. He’s got plenty of ladies
lined up in his territory. He susses them out, makes
sure they’re in heat, then her burrow becomes
a tunnel of love. [chirping sounds] No, Nash’s problem
isn’t getting the gals, it’s finding the time to
mate with all of them. [chirping sounds] While also attempting to
fend off invading males. [music playing] It’s a delicate balance
between love and war. [music playing] And sometimes, if
he’s lucky, he can accomplish both simultaneously. [chirping sounds] Occasionally, a female will let
Nash get the deal done topside. And out of the burrow copulation
sends a strong message to other males. [chirping sounds] This is my turf. In a perfect, world Nash’s gals
would be devoted only to him. Though in reality,
many prairie dog females will get down
with any warm blooded male that comes along. They want to make sure
they produce babies, and they play the odds. So it’s up to Nash to
keep the ladies loyal. And when he sees a
guy up to no good, he doesn’t always
have to fight him. A stare down can sometimes
be enough to scare him off. Up till now, he’s
done a pretty good job of attending to his girls. In fact, there’s really only
one gal left in his sights. And she’s a real
beauty named Scarlett. Prairie dog males often end
up living near the last female they mate with, and
Nash looks ready to make that kind of commitment. But Scarlett seems
like she wants to take things a little slower. Maybe she’s not ready yet. He’s hoping his attention
will get her in the mood. [chirping sounds] Or not. Looks like you’re going to have
to wait this one out, Nash.

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35 Responses

  1. AK Immortal Productions says:

    I came here at exactly 69 views

  2. Dylan Bennett says:


  3. Sara black says:

    They so freaking cute 😍

  4. camar Fatim says:


  5. Ninjas in Fur says:

    Why they remind me of Sponge Bob laughing? 😂

  6. camar Fatim says:

    So cute

  7. Azliana Lyana says:

    Made my day good.
    Not today boy. Scarlett's not in the mood. That's really cute smooches kiss 🙂

  8. Culo says:

    Ooooo I don’t know how I got here but the way he says “Tunnel of love” does something to me lmaooo💀

  9. Sakaki Shadow-san says:

    Huh, not so me and my boy weird after all •w• 👍

  10. Tai Nguyen says:

    Ehh, ehh, ehh, ehh…

    "Occasionally, a female will let Gnash get the deal done topside"

    Ehh, ehh, ehh

  11. Neilton Farias Filho says:

    Thank you Beautiful Animal!

  12. GimmeSkittlesNao says:

    I remember Meerkat Manor

  13. Lígia Silva says:

    With Scarlett it was love at the first sight. But it seems that she does not want to go to the "tunnel of love". 😅

  14. Serino Siders says:

    Was that parrie dog really moaning omg this is to much for me🤣😂

  15. Toure' says:

    So it’s like Meerkat Manor but without the mob living?? Gotcha

  16. KATIE HEWITT says:



    Скучно стало давно новый ролик не выложите
    Я всех фильмов смотрел уже
    Про животных

  18. suzy klitgaard says:

    Gnash can come here in our neighborhood and chase the girl cats …. just because.🤔❤

  19. Betty Page-Crocker says:

    My daughter thinks this is funny AF!

  20. sonic baseball says:

    Don't worry Gnash, you'll find someone that means a lot to you. 🐿️💌💌

  21. Jenneta says:

    What a player, haha!!

  22. volvo09 says:

    Cute little things!

  23. Nat Geo WILD says:

    Finding a female isn't difficult for Gnash the prairie dog, he just doesn't have much time to get the mating done! What are your thoughts on Gnash's interactions?

  24. Aniket Babar says:

    Every animal and plant life is precious in this era of climate crisis

  25. Virus Xtal says:

    Content’s fine. Comment’s creepy.

  26. no one says:

    What a beginning😂 I love it🔝

  27. Sabre says:

    This Prairie dog is more gangster than anyone I’ve ever seen

  28. JETT MNXD says:

    Hay that’s pretty good😏

  29. REY FDRS! says:

    wow 👏👏👏👏👏

  30. FAIZAN ANZAR says:

    Before mating the couples kissing like human….

  31. Rafael Sousa says:

    É tão engraçado!!!😂😂😂

  32. Figo007tv says:

    Gnash letting go 11 pumps of syrup. Badum tish 🥁

  33. bridge4 says:

    Keeo fishing, playa :))

  34. Just a mental fellow says:

    Lol when it made that little squeak upside down. I lost it.

  35. Jill Alexander says:

    So romantic 🤭🤭🤭

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