– [Announcer] Dogumentary TV Producing the best breed documentaries
on YouTube. (dog barks) – Presa Canario is a very serious animal. In the beginning,
the purpose for the Presa Canario was to ward off wild dogs. ^ Catch wild animals,
cattle and such ^ to prepare it for slaughter. And to be an all-around protection,
family oriented dog. Presa Canario is a breed
that is originating from the Canary Islands. It was created in the 1700s
by a bunch of farmers. They used these dogs
in the beginning as cattle herders and protection dogs
for their flock. I discovered the Presa Canario breed in the early 2000’s. I found out from a friend of mine
about the breed and I started to do a little research with finding out the temperament, the basic characteristics
of the dog. And as I did more and more research, I realized that this was something that I may be interested in
incorporating in my family. The thing that excited me the most
about this breed when I first saw it, of course,
was the way it looked. It was a huge dog. It had a beautiful coloring
and markings. It was very fascinating
from the eye’s perspective. As I investigated it and got to know
the breed a little more, what fascinated me even more
was the temperament of the dog and its ability to move
at such a huge size. Also, I was impressed
with the bite. The biting mechanism of the dog
when I saw it chomp down on something for the first time, it was very impressive. I’ve been dealing with this breed
for about 12 years now. And over the years,
I’ve had a lot of experience with different styles of Presas. Different temperaments of Presas. And I come to realize that
because the breed is fairly new, being recognized as a breed
in itself in 1989, there’s still a lot of development
taking place within the breed. So my experience with this breed, I have had tall Presas,
short Presas, narrow Presas,
wide Presas, skittish Presas,
fiery Presas. The temperament, size,
functionality, everything is all over the place right now
in this breed. If you do your research,
you’ll find that the breed was split up between two different ideologies
on the island. You had the Gran Canaria side which they bred for functionality and they bred for purpose. They bred for working
and for protection. For that type of thing. And then you had,
and they cared less about how the dog looked, they only cared more
about how the dog functioned and that the dog could work
and do the specific jobs that they had in line
for the dog to do. The catch. The protecting the cattle. The warding off intruders,
things of that sort. Then you had the Tenerife side
of the island where they focused more
on the dog’s exhibition and the way the dog looked. Size, markings, coloring,
things of that sort. They didn’t care too much
about the dog’s actual functionality and the purpose of the dog. More or less, they cared more
how the dog looked. So this was more of a
softer temperament, a show style dog
as opposed to a working style dog. Because of the different ideologies between the Gran Tenerife
and the Gran Canaria you have differences in temperament, and no real consistency. So if you don’t have a grip
on the bloodlines and an understanding on
what bloodline links back to what part of that difference, you’re gonna have a dog
that may be more aggressive, or you’re gonna have a dog
that may be more passive. There will be no balance. That’s why it’s important
that whatever person is dealing with this breed that they become knowledgeable
of both sides. You can have a different, a whole different style of dog in one specific breeding. You can have a breeding
made up of tall dogs and short dogs. Wide dogs and narrow dogs. High drive and lazy dogs. With every breeding
you’re gonna have fluctuation. The reason is,
is the breed is relatively new. And there hasn’t been enough
consistent breedings of good quality dogs
to make it a pattern. Right now you have people
that are uneducated that are just putting dogs together. They have no understanding
of the differences in the breed. Temperament-wise, functionality-wise, and they’re just going by look
and look alone. And that’s what’s hindering
the progress of the breed. The Presa Canario is an awesome breed if the breeder is knowledgeable enough to know exactly what
they’re putting together when they’re putting two dogs together. This breed can be balanced. It can be a family dog,
it can be people friendly. It all depends on what the vision
of the breeder is and the knowledge as well. When looking at a Presa Canario puppy, temperament should be the first thing that someone should look for. Next, it should be the bone structure and the correctness of the structure. The structure of the dog
should be the next thing that someone should look for when they’re look at Presa Canario puppy. Also, they should be looking
for the height relevant to the rest
of the puppies. You should line your pup up
with the rest of the litter and see where he is height-wise when he gets to three
to four months as well. Being a responsible breeder
and understanding the fluctuation with
inside the breed, I go through a lot
of questionnaires before I decide to place a dog
with a new home. I need to know exactly
what the purpose of the buyer is
when he’s buying this dog. I need to know what he expects out of the dog, in it’s entirety. So what I like to find out is,
is I would like to know, I like to know
whether or not the dog is gonna have
a apartment. Is the dog gonna have a yard? If the dog is gonna have a yard, is there any other dogs
surrounding that yard? How well is the fencing
around the yard? Does the owner have
any experience with a large breed? Or an aggressive style breed? And if so, what type of dogs had that person had
experience with. Do they want a family friendly dog or do they want a protection,
aggressive dog? Are there gonna be
small children around? Are there gonna be any other animals
at all around? What kind of neighborhood
is the dog gonna be in? And is it gonna be in a rural area? Is it gonna be in the woods? Are there gonna be a lot
of different animals around the house? Do you want a quiet environment
where you live? There’s a lot of different questions
that needs to be asked because different environments bring out different characteristics inside different areas of the bloodlines that are inside this breed. So as a responsible breeder, and knowing the full scope
of this particular breed, I need to have all of these questions
answered before I place a dog. The flip side of that, I have to know exactly
what I’m dealing with before I place a pup
to a new home. So therefore, I don’t advertise
the dogs before I sell them because I like to
go through the litter myself and temperament test the dogs. See which dogs are going to be on the more aggressive side
of the coin. Which dogs are going to be on the more passive
side of the coin. Which dog is gonna be the taller. Which is gonna be the shorter. Which one is gonna be… What area of functionality the dog is gonna be
before I place the dog. That is why I keep
for at least three to four months before I sell anything
out of the litter or place it in a new home. Because everything that I produce
is not for sale. Some dogs are not even worthy
to be sold. They’re better off as pets and therefore, adopted out. We don’t like to place pups
in new homes until they have been temperament tested and health tested first. And that takes, at least, three but most likely, four months. So if you’re expecting
to pick a Presa Canary out at eight weeks,
don’t to really know what you’re getting
because it takes a little bit of time
to cipher through all of the issues and concerns, temperament-wise, before knowing exactly what will
fit your home and your personality. The ideal environment
for a Presa Canario, the myth is that you can
keep ’em in an apartment. But if I was to recommend
the type of home for this specific breed,
I would recommend a house and one with a nice-size yard. Because Presa Canarios
have a lot of high dirve. A lot of energy. And they need a lot of space to really be happy and functional. Through my experience,
I wouldn’t put a class or a specific type of person
with this breed because the breed has such a fluctuation that I honestly feel
that it could fit with anybody as long as I know
exactly what that person is typically looking for. If you want a happy, friendly,
people friendly dog, the Presa Canario can
supply that need. If you want a protection,
aggressive, very weary, suspicious of everything
style dog, the Presa Canario
can also fit that particular need. The dog has so many different
functionalities within its entirety that it can fit, pretty much,
any home in any environment as long as the breeder is educated
and understands the lines that the dog consists of and has a clear understanding of who they’re placing the dog with, it can be a dog for everybody. The Presa Canario overall is a pretty solid dog health-wise. However, over the years,
with my experience, there are some issues
that engulf this breed. I wanna discuss a few of those issues that I feel are prominent in that as a potential person looking
to get into this breed, these are the things that
I think you should know. Such as, epilepsy. If you experience a dog that has epilepsy, it is recommended that you do not
breed the dog and that you spayed or neuter the dog and give it out as a pet and that’s the responsible thing to do. I recommend that anyone that gets
a Presa Canario that does have epilepsy, that they immediately contact the breeder and let them know the dog
does have epilepsy so that the breeder can do the proper test on the parents to weed out, possibly, reproducing such a dog and do the correct things to prevent it from happening again. Another problem with the breed is
osteochondritis, which is a health issue in the breed that causes rapid growth in large versions
of the breed and it causes the forearms to knuckle over. It is self-corrected,
it’s nothing to panic about but it’s also because of a lot of people overfeeding the dog and giving it
too much protein. Overfeeding and overexercising a puppy before it has fully developed its joints can lead to joint problems. The reason being is that these dogs are growing
at such a rapid pace that their joints have not caught up to their actual growth process. Therefore, it is very important that as a responsible Presa owner that you don’t overfeed your dog and don’t over-exercise your dog until it has reached, at least,
one year of age. Then it should be safe enough for you
to take it for long walks. ‘Cause I have people that want
to do three mile walks with the five month old puppy,
that’s just… you’re setting yourself up ^ for some real problems later on,
joint-wise. ^ Siroc is three years old. He is very, very confident. He has a lot of prey drive. He is very weary of strangers. He is a borderline friendly. But you would have to be introduced to him and time would have to be spent with
you, me and Siroc. He’s not gonna let you get close to him unless I introduce you to him
and you spend some time with him. Siroc is very weary of strangers. And he’s very protective of the family. He is not, what I consider,
one of my friendlier Presas. ^ Mike Tyson is a very very
intelligent dog. He’s very protective. He’s very suspicious of strangers. He is a little bit more balanced as for as his temperament
with strange people. When he sees you talking to me, he automatically recognize you as someone that doesn’t pose a threat. Tyson is about 25 inches at the withers. He is approximately 138 pounds. He is very,
he’s three years old. ^ Sativa is considered a dirt fawn. She’s 26 inches at the withers. She is balanced temperament, she has a balanced temperament. She’s very high prey driven. She’s very protective,
very weary of strangers. And she’s a well-rounded guard dog. She’s three years old. ^ Luna is 25 inches at the withers,
about 120 pounds. She is a very very protective. Very very weary of strangers. But she gets along really well
with kids and with family. Her drive is amazing. She’s about three and a half years old. ^ Remy Dimacho Grande is son
to Siroc and Luna. Six months old and he’s about 90 pounds. Remy is an exceptional Presa Canario. Temperament is strong. His intellect is outstanding. He learns quick. He’s a very protective and weary dog. His drive is on the top of the chart. The breedings that I’m doing
in today’s time far exceed the breedings that I did,
let’s say, 10 years ago due to the fact that I have been
weeding out, being responsible,
educating the buyers and taking all the necessary
health tests and steps needed to keep this breed healthy and keep this breed balanced
as far as temperament. Because the breed is still developing, as a breeder it is critical
and important that we share information
one with another. And we document the different
health problems and temperament problems
that exist within the breed. Educate each other on what
bloodlines are amplifying the different traits that we are
trying to get rid of. This is a way to, I feel,
better the breed an educate the world
about this awesome breed that I have fallen in love with. Thank you for you for your time. My name is Arthur Harris
with Macho Grande Canarios. It has been a pleasure spending time
and explaining and going through the ins and outs the outs and ins of the breed. And, again, you should consider
all of the information that I have given you
before deciding that a Presa Canario
is fit for you. And you should also
take in consideration that this is a serious breed
and that you must have time to spend with this particular breed and if you’re gonna just put a dog
in the back yard and not take time out to train and to properly socialize and spend
adequate time with the dog, that is a complete disaster in the hands
of the wrong person. (upbeat electronic music)

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    Love your honesty brother I like what you say brother when you keep the dog for three months to find out what kind of dogs they really are you find out their characteristics and their traits at about three or four months you're absolutely on point on that one so like that you could give the customer a good idea what he's getting himself into that is straight honesty right there man and the customer knows what he's really going to spend I think all breeder should do that cuz when a puppy is born at a couple weeks 1 month 2 months you don't even know how that dog is going to turn out to be a lot of them could be big pups but they won't even grow that much I've seen it happen and I've also seen that like the runts of the litter become bigger than the biggest dogs it's crazy

  73. Jordan Bannister says:

    Rey Gladiador

  74. Drebodollaz Dollaz says:

    I bet there are dummies who call these pitbulls

  75. barry ohara says:

    Really am impressed with your thought process about places these types dogs I'm first time owner or guarden of this breed and he is best dog I've ever had temperament is great but his bloodline and instincts kick in when ever anythg runs from him he chases and catches it and 9times out ten kills it I can't.get off him at present it's just rabbits he has killed and 2 cats which I felt terrible about but I took all risks out fa for by only walking him in field's were can see for good distance so doesn't come in contact with dogs even tho he is fine with other dogs don t want take risk as he is strong breed and know what he is capable off doing he only shows aggression with dogs if they start on him but he has learnt now come away on command as other day a irspo single owner let dog run miles away from him and dog ran up frighten or took mine by surprise and he ran at it with aggression but soon I shout stop Cesar come this way he left it alone but I was mad at guy cause when I seen him I kept mine lead to go past an waited till I was about 400 yards away before left in him off play with stick and he never had his under control so if mine had attacked his would been his fault but still didn't want see any animal get Injured it was collie sheep dog and I know who would have won that fight know bro ? But listening u your giving great advice cause great dogs in right hands so keep up good work mate

  76. Eliud Santos says:

    Which is ideal food for presa canario

  77. Dusty Druid says:

    This gentleman is exactly what the Presa Canario needs: an intelligent, sensitive approach to breeding. It is, indeed, an awesome breed that demands respect, which Arthur clearly understands. Wish I were 40 years younger; I would love to own one of his Presas.

  78. John Dow says:

    Great video. Very informative. Very Well educated breeder. Presentation alone I would consider purchasing.

  79. 25 to life kennels says:

    Good info!

  80. IrvinBeast says:

    Can you make a video like this for the Caucasian Shepherd please?

  81. Robert Dabob says:

    The black face, red eye ones look demonic and they stare you down.

  82. Nunya Business says:

    I watched a Dude with 4 Presas off leash get the fuck beat out of him at a park while the dogs just sat there. It was un-believeable!

  83. From The DMV says:

    Is it normal for this breed to have a high rear? Im noticing from this video all of his dogs have very high rears

  84. Sam Kim says:

    I am a big fan of presa and have seen some best presa canarios. Unfortunately the dogs in this video are not good presas.

  85. John Dow says:

    This is the best video for the breed out there. I’ve watched this video a lot. This man knows what he’s talking about fully. Much respect given. Thank you for the information and education provided

  86. Simon Jordan says:

    Anyone know how I can contact Arthur ?

  87. Ronnal Scammahorn says:

    Ty TyVm Exilent video

  88. reasoning2men says:

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  89. 1KMS1 says:

    This is an incredibly informative doc. Thank you for taking the time to do this and such fantastic description. Could you describe and possibly show some of the behaviors you observe from the pups? Thanks again, such beautiful dogs being discussed honestly. Regards.

  90. Jeanette Degiulio says:

    Thank you for this video I learned so much. I was torn between the Presa and the Cane Corso.
    The most impressive thing besides these amazing dogs is you as a breeder. You make sure the puppies are placed where they are safe and handled correctly. A dog to me is family.
    I filled out a application and made it to the phone interview. After photos sent of my ranch plus my fenced yard and my experience with large potentially aggressive breeds I was approved. My dog will live with me in my home but has so much room for us to play in the yard and walk to the creek etc. I own a ranch in The Idaho Rocky Mountains. This will be my only dog and my best friend. Thank you soooooo much..

  91. Tristan torres says:

    Bravo Arthur your are the Best representation of a good Breeder.

  92. Larry Hart says:

    Just bought pressa canario can't wait to see how she turns out. I have breed pitts for some time and always wanted one and I am sure that she will fit in the pack. Good vid.

  93. Bradley Jones says:

    I have a rottie x pressa mix. Best dog you could ever ask for

  94. Abhishek Parmar says:

    What a solid man and breeder. Salute to you.

  95. dougbass654 says:

    I had a Presa he lived almost 13 years
    best dog I ever had. Protective, smart, great with my family.

  96. Fish Wranglers says:

    This breed has been around since the 1500s well at least thats when it was 1st documented. My presa canarios have all been imported from the canary islands and spain. Their temperaments and body do not fluctuate like this guy is saying. I have been around this breed for 20+ years and have visited the islands and spoken to breeders that have known this breed for generations. This is not a new breed may be new to this guy and new to the Americas.

  97. Steve Crow says:

    Beautiful dogs.

  98. Rich B says:

    You do an Amazing job with your videos … Huge Congratulations..!
    Now with that said, you should've reached out to a "True" Presa Canario breeder…. These are horrible examples of this Amazimg breed..! Let alone adults/pups that are nowhere near the standard in many areas… I could go on and on about the dogs and pups representing this magnificent breed in this video… I won't… Find someone who not only knows this breed but actually ownes this Amazing breed..!

  99. why you so triggered says:

    The body of the breed looks like a pig. Kinds like their legs dont match the body

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