President Trump Regrets Treatment of Late Brother

it’s a rare acknowledgement of regret from President Trump over his late brother this family portrait shows the five Trump siblings there’s the young Donald that’s his big brother Fred jr. who died at age 42 from a heart attack due to alcoholism now in a new interview with The Washington Post the president says he wishes he had been more receptive to Fred’s dream to be an airline pilot Donald Trump did tell me that he felt that there was double pressure a quote unquote from him and his father that they put on Fred Trump jr. reporter michael kranish interviewed the president he quoted Trump as saying I do regret having put pressure on him what he loved doing was flying airplanes it’s very rare for the president to admit a mistake to express regrets so the fact that he did so in this case I thought was very notable he certainly did do that the president says he and his father wanted Fred jr. to take a more active role in the family real estate business it was just not his thing Donald Trump says now I think the mistake that we made was we assumed that everybody would like it that would be the biggest mistake the president has been open about his brothers problems he had a very very very tough life because of alcohol believe me very very tough tough life Donald Trump has talked to some degree about how his brother’s experience has convinced him never take a drink [Music] you [Music]

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100 Responses

  1. Paul Dalnoky says:

    The son of a near billionaire. Had a tough life. Aww

  2. King Crimson says:

    Heart attack!
    By :Queen

  3. Elite Exposure says:

    Fake news

  4. Tony Kinppenberg says:

    Too bad Donald wasn't the one that died drunk like his brother

  5. Jo e says:

    Trump da ?

  6. Karma Jones says:

    Did Donald Trump have regrets about cutting off Fred Jr. Family's health insurance… while Fred Jrs Grandson was actually an infant in ICU??? The child was born with CO and had several other medical problems. But Donny Boy was mad at the family for contesting his Father's Will!!!!!! Donald Trump is a Troglodyte….???

  7. Chad Hill says:

    Donald Trump and the word tough life and his family do not go together

  8. Fadey Suleiman says:

    I wish trump would be has humble on other subjects. Not just his older brother ??‍♂️??‍♂️

  9. peta-gaye turner says:

    Who wouldn't drink being related to those racist things. The poor man was depressed and drinking was his solace. Rip frumpy bro

  10. Um Nobody/Gay Maximilianmus says:

    Um who cares?

  11. BrightBlue says:

    See, he does have a heart ❤

  12. Mary Wafford says:

    To king niggasom in the comment section you can kiss my ass punctuation and grammar that bastard

  13. hjalmar reynir says:

    Stop ending the video in middle of a sentence

  14. Mike Perkins says:

    POS POTUS, family and staff.
    A family of thieves.
    Tax dodgers.

  15. Sierra G. says:

    At least he admits he regrets it. And that's good. Sorry for his loss. We all have our regrets, and admissions.

  16. Steve Silvas says:

    One Word…NUTS!

  17. Jonathan Lopez says:

    Like him or not, that's just sad

  18. BiZzZ Y says:

    He still abuses his brother! “My poor poor brother” he doesn’t have the ability to truly care for someone. Let alone be remorseful….. no that is not donny!!

  19. skutty says:

    you know despite me not agreeing with trump on somethings, im not gonna be rude abt this i mean its his sibling for gods sake. he was raised around him. rip

  20. Killer Wolf says:

    Wow he has feelings? Never knew

  21. Ashtin Walker says:

    Look I don't like Trump either but this isn't the video to bash him. He lost his brother, if you don't have nothing nice to say take your ass somewhere else.

  22. You Thought says:

    I am a good person whether the media says it or not

  23. Gloomy Ghost says:

    i got a trump ad before the video started

  24. Second Amendment Protection says:

    One of the reasons Trump is the best

  25. Garcia Galindo says:

    This is y alcohol is not good for u dont ever do it who ever is reading this

  26. Guess Who says:

    If he were alive I’d bet he will be flying AF1 now since trump put all his family in the White House

  27. DON VAN says:

    Shows humanity?

  28. Taylor mana12345 says:

    Maybe that's why Trump is so inssane, he needs a drink ASAP .

  29. kaylee the real says:

    i dont like him but just know i feel bad for his brother cuz what he was doing

  30. Steven Pranks says:

    Was he crying? ? 0:16

  31. Pual Cruz says:

    Meh! WHO cares! He doesn't care of other familys.

  32. Gail Williams-Swetman says:

    Truth finally ! Maybe the alcohol drinking was from the way his own family treated him.

  33. Lex O3 says:

    I don’t like Trump but it must suck to lose your brother. I don’t know what I would do if I lost mine.

  34. Hectic Erectic says:

    Alcohol and planes. Why does that's sound …? ??

  35. E Jean says:

    Atleast he's admitted a mistake he made in the past. Guess he's still human

  36. King.K The Best says:

    *Has a very rich and wealthy family

    *Also has a very, very, very tough life

  37. Jurgen Ruppel says:

    Someone in the media will convert this into "Trump is a racist". The hounddog media with is one directional smell can't be trusted!

    RIP Trump Jr!

  38. Jeff Stewart says:

    Thanks for not spinning the blame of his brothers death onto President Trump as CNN and MSNBC would have actively suggested and implied on a report like this, and their duped listeners would just agree and believe it was true.

  39. Savage Fungi says:

    Very sad.

  40. venomycilious says:

    Being Trump = get backlashed for everything. Hated when eating fast food, hated when going to el paso, probably hated too if he's not going there… He's dealing with hard crowds…

  41. Allisson Garcia says:

    Why didn't this happen to Donald Trump?

  42. Zachary Alejandro says:

    So if he hasn't taken a drink of alcohol in his lifetime, (or if he's probably lying) will he see the age of 90? I haven't smoked, nor do any type of alcohol whatsoever, have no desire to. I don't gain any immense weight, (still at 135-140 lbs.) So what does that mean for me? I'll be 24 in 5 days.

  43. Fur Biscuits says:

    Another inside edition video trying to make trump look like a bad person

  44. Unsafermirror2 says:

    Does it look I care for Trump’s regret?

  45. Daniel Munoz says:

    God should have taken don and left fred Jr instead

  46. NadiaGirl1 says:

    Oh but he did like to take away his brother’s grandson medical insurance even though he suffered suffered a disability and did it toward as a evil will

  47. Angela Carter says:

    Is there a sliver of humanity in the man

  48. Super Nova says:

    I dont care that you brother died

  49. A B says:

    As of a minute ago Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell.

  50. juventus1056 says:

    Believe me!!!!!

  51. Beatriz Bio says:

    Poor Trump.

  52. Messiah Franc says:

    One brother is an alcoholic and the other a psychopath.

  53. Darnell Brantley says:

    I don't really pity him cause he has kids in camps at the moment. Yeah ur brother died. Everybody will loose a lost one but to take someone from there family's to continue to hurt. Can't feel sorry for someone who doesn't feel sorry for other ppl ??‍♂️??‍♂️

  54. Kingdomof Hope says:

    He died from alcohol, but Trump goes for opioids. Huh? If he died from alcoholism, he should tighten down on beer and booze makers. If we have extreme water shortages, will we continue to make Beer? Trump needs to ween people from the bottle first.

  55. Uncle Pablo says:

    Democrats will find a way to use this against him ?‍♂️

  56. Alfonso Playz says:

    Soo all these immigrant kids also have a tough tough life and childhood cause of you

  57. Saiamit Chaddha says:

    Rip To His Brother, May God Rest His Soul and his family??????????????????❤️❤️

  58. Philip BadAwesome says:

    A sober president is a good president, cheers

  59. Minspincher Gaming says:

    Trump funk

  60. ilove yousomuch says:

    I aint gonna lie Donald Trump was fine but now he ugly ?

  61. i love gay meatballs :3 says:

    dang i would like donald if he wasnt a bad President, i feel bad abour his family but i dont think he should b president

  62. Caleb Lowrance says:

    Trump lies

  63. Kia Rainey says:

    Wow! I've been looking for this, any sign of genuine human empathy or emotion, from this man. It makes me hopeful for his and Barron's sake, but he has still got to go NOW as American president.

  64. Phu Nguyen says:

    he would have been a pilot. but will he be a good pilot? or like a few pilots, get drunk before flying? alcoholism is a way to give up on life. drunk flying. drunk driving. they take away the life of passengers in that car, in that plane, not just your own.

  65. Shaindy Tyberg says:

    Old news he said this already in his book art of the deal

  66. Goat Boy says:

    Fudge trump

  67. Jen Hughes says:

    Poor Fred Trump Jr. If it happened today, he probably could get help. So much more is known today about alcoholism and how to treat it. It's less taboo to seek help. RIP

  68. Laura Gianfranceschi says:

    Just want to say thank you for sharing your story. Why you shouldn't blame yourself for his alcoholism it is a self-diagnosis. You should not blame yourself try to make him go in the family business families do that. Thank you for sharing your story how about your brother Maybe change someone's life baby.

  69. Raven Corbett says:

    yeah, it’s sad but at the same time we have bigger things to worry about.

  70. peachie Babiie says:

    Dump the trump!!

    Who else dis likes trump?

  71. Angelsfury says:

    Sure and I quoted my dog as saying he regretted the time he jumped the fine and got a bruised leg. So true. So genuine. So meaningful.

  72. Miguel Gasnier says:

    A bit too late for this "Lying-AS$" commander-in-chief to feel sorry for his own brother, almost 4-5 decades later….Now we all know why he has no empathy anyone, other than himself. Image, Just imagine, If did that to his own blood brother, then what would he do others? Sorry, but he won't get my vote!

  73. kml sikhi says:

    And yet, after murdering his own brother by torturing him with decades of sadistic abuse … his behavior toward other human beings remains the same. He doesn't regret persecuting his brother to suicide. He regrets you knowing about it.

  74. Enow Asam says:

    Michael Kranish the reporter in this video, his wife was my English teacher, she was so mean.

  75. Lips NPudge says:

    suuuure like he has any feelings besides delusions of granduer.

  76. maxxfatal says:

    How does he feel about how he treated Fred's son?

  77. Aaron Hernandez says:

    He wants our votes

  78. Duke of derp says:

    They drank his blood and then had an orgy on the body.

  79. Jeffrey Paulino says:

    His brother passed away on 1981, focus on his good Friend Epstein who passed away!

  80. Energizer Erica says:

    Fred Trump had a tough life dealing with the Trump family.

    Just like us.

  81. Michael Focke says:

    Anyone need a girlfriend hit me up

  82. Kryptico says:

    If trump would be more humble and sensible when speaking on other subjects. I would support him so much. But his attitude really takes away from what he’s trying to do

  83. Billy Sou says:

    That’s so far the one thing I respect about him. He knew that alcoholism took his older brother’s life.

  84. UniversalChat Chat says:

    When you're born rich already then you want to become an artist lol

  85. Brooke Lin says:

    No one cares

  86. King Joffrey says:

    I respect inside edition so much for being unbiased about the president in this piece. I get so tired of seeing him flamed for no reason in other news networks

  87. Hugh Manetty says:

    Convenient how there’s always a scapegoat, in this case: “alcoholism.“ Innocent little Don stop short of taking responsibility for why his brother medicated himself. In typical loser Trump fashion.

  88. Robert Heller says:

    I'm not a big fan of trump…… but even iknow what that feels like

  89. peled1 gaming says:


  90. Jon Dunmore says:

    Fred Jr. couldn't handle dealing with the unbounded ignorance of Dumbo Donald and drank himself to death.
    hahaha ahah a aha ha hh ahahahahaha a ah hahahaanahaha ahahahah a ahhahahahah ahahahha ha hahahhahahahha

  91. Sex Johnson says:

    Must be hard being rich

  92. nadoo lovely says:

    The immigration kids and families in cells also have a though life, you should consider that too.

  93. Ginger The cat! says:

    Even tho I hate him, I still feel bad. ?

  94. JC says:

    0:15…was Donald crying here?

  95. salty_nay XD says:

    I dont like donald trump but r.i.p

  96. Firstname Lastname says:

    If I had a family like that I'd drink myself to death too.

  97. Firstname Lastname says:

    So he rapes little girls but alcohol's where he draws the line? I admire him for his convictions.

  98. Evelyn Carrillo says:

    Awe how sad.

  99. Evelyn Carrillo says:

    This is so sad. Pressure is not good. At least he admitted it. So sad.

  100. Null says:

    I'm not a big fan of Trump or his politics but as a recovering heroin addict and the horror and emotional destruction i put on my family and friends through when I was using actually makes me kind of feel empathetic for Trump and the lose of his brother.

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