Primal Instinct – Simon’s Cat | SKETCH #2

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100 Responses

  1. Frankie Chileman says:

    We're all prey in a cats mind, especially when you forgot to feed the owner of the castle…Meeerrroooww😸

  2. CENITE GRAY says:

    I was not expecting the saber toothed cat😂😂😂

  3. dion gaming says:

    Im back im the kid who was your big fan I LIKE THE SKETCHE'S and keep it up!👍👍👍👌👌👌

  4. Presto Piano says:


  5. Daniel Morgen says:


  6. alexander h says:

    Ich sage ja in jeden Stubentiger steckt ein richtiger Tiger. Selbst schon erlebt bei meinen zwei Stubentiger sind gefährlich die Killer.

  7. LisaMarli says:

    Earl Grey insists upon attacking the bed mice, ie my toes under the covers. He makes sure they are very dead. It is a fun game, except for when I was sound asleep. Grumble.

  8. HuaJiao Sawtell says:

    Simon, if your cat could, it would – no question about it.

  9. Jdee-nkified says:

    Uhhhh… XDDD this reminds me of my BUNNY lol

  10. Lawrence Gale says:

    This is so my Athena she can't help bout attack me out of nowhere

  11. IEnglish 402 says:

    Does the cat have a name??

  12. Jen Savage says:

    Hilarious! I loved it!

  13. TrapLove says:


  14. Иван Моисеев says:


  15. Rob Adams says:

    I remember watching my sister's cat waiting to ambush the dog. At the right moment, the cat sprang out from his hiding place in front of the dog, reared up on his hind legs, then he thought better of it and jumped back.

  16. stive 1 says:

    lol good 🙂

  17. BubbleTheCat says:

    Love it!!!

  18. Raquel Santos says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk adorei

  19. 하늘여우. says:

    one of the best animation in my life

  20. Shane Saylor says:

    If I may ask, where are the whiskers on the cat? It has NO WHISKERS????

  21. Why are you reading this says:

    My channel starded just a few months ago and i’m so happy that this is in my recommended i almost forgotten this channel.. i starded watching in 2012 and i can’t believe they still make videos. Love from me

  22. Judith Porter says:

    My cat was so lazy if he were to catch a mouse but the mouse had to jump in his mouth then he would bring it home and paw it twice look at it then just sit there. Mouse🐁 would just get and leave… So lazy😴

  23. peacockblueBeatle says:

    I couldn't bend over without Pepper jumping on my back. Then he wouldn't get off and I couldn't stand up! He wasn't attacking me; he just wanted to be close. Alas, that only lasted 11 years.

  24. Augusto Reis says:

    Hello, I wonder why cats do not have mustaches.Thanks

  25. Melora Foy says:

    There is a Native American saying, "At night, every cat is a panther."

  26. Robbert Kööp says:

    my cat is named after this channel

  27. NaTyKo Ex says:

    Greetings to you from Russia!!! I want to ask you if you have songs The way up, the time of Troubles, I'm free, the hero of the asphalt and so on. If so, tell us who sings these songs. I'm just curious. This Russian songs. They were written by Valery Kipelov. And still write your beloved songs))

  28. Simon Hernandez says:

    Hmm thats not me 🤔 (My name IS Simon

  29. Dop. Akkaynt says:

    Ура мяу

  30. Leslie C says:

    Does anyone else's cat watch these videos? My Grace even knows what's about to appear because of the music. We watch other cats on TV, but only Simon's Cat is the one she cannot take her eyes away from. I think it's the way they move. The animator has captured their essence. Thanks from Gracie and me. >^..^<

  31. danger stranger says:


  32. Dictator D3 says:

    Ok then

  33. S.E. McCaslin says:

    This is totally how my tabby cat sees herself

  34. YT TEAM says:

    C'est tellement ça)

  35. StuartVedder says:

    I have the plush cat but will you be putting out a plush kitten?

  36. Karen julie Attard says:

    Poor Simon, he does suffer

  37. Master of the Hellish Yard says:

    Síguelo bailando que la música no pare

  38. Maybellyne Bustillos says:

    That is so ewwwwwww

  39. Janice Jay says:

    Animals in primal times had huge molars. Scary.

  40. bendyandthe youtubechannel says:

    My pet cat Figaro snuggle people when they are laying down

  41. Majó Hajó says:

    This is the 200th video

  42. Youtube Critic says:

    I love that cat❤ & that was funny the way he spit

  43. FS2K4Pilot says:

    This. Is. So. True.

  44. Joanne Godfrey says:

    I love Simon cat it’s funny

  45. Toro says:

    me encanta ese gatito!!

  46. EBHaenger says:

    @Simons Cat do you have released or give the Copyrights for the "Simon's Cat – Pop time" app?

  47. Simonas Dailidė says:


  48. Ask Aidda says:

    omg a cat in snow – mine just run away from it

  49. David Abelló Audí says:

    HAHAHAHAHAH so funny! It's like me, have a look in instagram @mr.oo_thecat

  50. Jennifer Gates says:

    I love the cat's imagination! Maybe cats really do have an imaginative minds? 🤔😊

  51. Dora Rodriguez says:

    Jajajajaja this Is funny..

  52. Cris Molina says:

    My cat loves to be held while we are cooking. If not picked up, he'll jump into our arms

  53. Samuel Measa says:

    While my cat (Eve) never did something like this. I do remember one of her kittens (Ricky Ticky Tabby) had a habit of attacking my dads feet.

  54. Patrick amazed says:

    Whats the name of your cat

  55. Andrea H. C. says:

    Mi gatita hace eso conmigo🐈😁

  56. Tylergage 07 says:

    Insert rated r scene here

  57. Murry Faquar says:

    Just in case you get writers block, maybe do one on humans being a doorman, how they tell you to open the door then just sit there… Love the mannerisms in the animations… And the little dotty assholes…

  58. Нария-любит аниме says:

    Prowelem, ok

  59. 냥이스 월드 says:

    cute cat!!!! ^^ My cat thinks he is a lion.

  60. Lauren Kifer says:

    My cat liked to wait for me around the corner in part of our hallway and jump out at me then bolt or chase me if I ran sometimes so I started doing it back if I noticed her coming and she didn’t spot me somehow and once we both did it at the same time and neither of us noticed the other creeping up and we jumped out at the same time and both got scared and ran away a few feet then stopped and fell over and just stared at each other

  61. бигуди тв says:


  62. Crossthecat Pro says:

    My cat made acrobatic jumps and things on my window!

  63. Crossthecat Pro says:

    I throwned some pasta with an elastic on my cat's enemy

  64. Grandioso AJ says:

    Hi Simon Cat, can you put the brazilian translation, just like you put the English translation? Please? I'm from Brazil and i really like your channel (i hope you respond please)

  65. Grandioso AJ says:


  66. ICE BLUE says:

    Es ist immer noch sehr lustig 🙂

  67. HoshiSanada says:

    That has my Tigger written all over it! 🤣

  68. Samantha Coon says:

    My cat does this but to my ankles lol

  69. northland chik says:

    Cute 🙂

  70. Elysium Emerald says:

    It's about fantasy vs reality

  71. cKarlGo says:

    The only thing my cats are interested in killing is a bowl of Science Diet.

    And the occasional fly.

  72. lunar aurora says:

    look out Simon the mammoth its death from above

  73. ღ•Gacha Tuğba•ღ says:

    Hahahaha happy beautiful

  74. Hannah Mitchell says:

    Mine leaps into my back when I'm brushing my teeth, mind you she also hits my nose whilst I'm asleep in the morning to wake me up.
    Then licks me… I'm assuming so that I by pass the shower to feed her faster.
    Watching TV or anything is not on, first she sits in front of the screen so all I see is fluffy white cat, if that doesn't get my attention she jumps on me and tries to sit on my head whilst I'm trying to encourage sitting on my lap….😵
    Life without a cat would be so peaceful/boring.
    But she does run and greet me when I get home from work as I open my car door, she jumps in..😍
    It's a cat's life.

    Thank you Simon and team for years of you tube video fun I have told every cat lover I are a 'must watch'.
    Keep up the excellent work, I look forward to the next installment.

  75. Mr.Chicken bone Ö says:

    This is so my cat she has a scratching poster in my house and it is Simons cat

  76. Mustafa Mustafazade says:

    Just you say me Simon did you wrote my comment 😏…???

  77. Kathleen May says:

    I have at least one saber tooth tiger at home


    Ha Ha Ha!!!! 😂😂😂👍👍👍

  79. Useless zmywara says:


  80. Whiteowl says:

    Is it Cat-ass-trophy?

  81. Paola Romina Prieto says:


  82. Sketchbook Corner says:

    This is so amazing 😍

  83. -- says:

    Literally nothing scarier than a Sabertooth Moggie!

  84. Sway Tree says:

    We used to have a cat that was found by someone somewhere, lost her mom, very young and very small. The moemnt she realized that my mom who adpoted her was a nice person she started following her like a dog would. She was trying to as close as possible to my mom. Including climbing her shoulders when she was brushing her teeth. 🙂

  85. Raquel Santos says:

    Kkkkkkk eu não aguento

  86. Shaun Rambaran says:


  87. C21L01 says:

    Yes that reminds me so much of the late Miss Cuball… especially when she was a kitten.

  88. Wanda Murphy says:

    One time I was walking to get something I dropped and all of the suden I fell something on my back I looked up and my cat had hoped on me then to the old bird house in my yard! (No birds were in it)

  89. Jim Hall says:

    The heart of a lion in the body of a domestic house cat lol

  90. Zeta Reticuli says:

    Simon´s Smilodon cat

  91. TedBronson1918 says:

    This hits the nail on the head, I think.

  92. Rhonda Varley says:

    Cat is a sabertooth simons a elephant

  93. card. b gomez says:

    # Brasil

  94. Melissa Sweeney says:

    My cat keeps wanting to go IN then OUT of the house EVERY SECOND

  95. cixusiako fortnite says:

    słabr buuuuuuuuuu

  96. Catchi KitKat says:

    Reminds me when my cats attack my slippers

  97. agenttheater5 says:

    That would explain a lot…..

  98. D J says:

    Love love this!!!

  99. agenttheater5 says:

    Well, that certainly would explain a lot.

  100. Марина Евстюнина says:


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