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I’m Julia Szabo, also known as a Pet Reporter,
and I am the “”Living with Dogs”” columnist for I’ve actually written 6 books and I’m hard
at work on my next one. It will be about about dogs — that’s as much
as I can say right now. I love dogs and I think nobody’s life is complete
without one. So I’m here to tell you about a variety of
different dogs breeds that might suit your lifestyle. I hope you’ll adopt one soon. The Bernese Mountain Dog; is really a symbol
of Switzerland. There, was a movie recently called, “”North
Face””. Um, and it was about a famous couple of climbers
out in the Alps. And, um when the camera sort of panned in
the cross, we knew it was Switzerland because we saw a farmer with his Bernese Mountain
dog. It’s a really iconic dog, beautiful dog, ah,
gorgeous coat, like tri-color, black, brown, and white, marking. Switzerland, obviously the Alpine region,
it’s cold; and the dog thrives in a cold environment. But, you see these dogs, in Texas; you see
them in the hot summer in New York, and, you know, this isn’t really their environment,
but people want to have them. So, they will actually, super refrigerator
air-conditioning the air, so, for the dogs comfort. Because it is such a special dog, and it’s
a sweet dog, but these dogs can, can, if not properly trained and managed, can also be
destructive and do things. You know, they need a job to do, because that’s,
what they were breed to do, is work with farmers. So, the most popular job, you can give to
any dog, is, doing therapy work. It’s an incredible rewarding thing for the
dog but also for the person, the therapy partner human, that goes with the dog. You, basically, go through a training period,
where you learn how to behave when you visit, hospitals or nursing homes and more and more
people are finding out just how rewarding this work is. And, NOW! We have a new book, that’s just about to come
out in April of the author Martin Kind has written about his own Bernese Mountain Dog,
as a different kind of species of life savor, because he talks about how, she helped him
overcome his addiction to alcohol. It’s a very funny book. It’s a darkly funny book. It’s kind like “”The Lost Weekend”” meets
the shaggy dog. And, I really think that it’s going to raise
the Bernese’s profile. Even more.

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  1. d.m.m. pelletier says:

    awww : )

  2. Archie Quizon says:

    title fail, this is not about bernese mountain dog, its about Pit bulls!

  3. pvtparts69247 says:

    This videos b.s. man!!! You shouldn't try and force your "pro-pitbull" veiws on people by mis-advertising your video with a picture of a Bernese Mountain Dog and the words "Bernese Mountain Dog" in the discription….. It's exactly that kind of IRRESPONIBLE pet(or PEST) ownership that the person in this video talks about that has given Pitbulls a bad name!!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

  4. micaela rojas says:

    I LOVE pit bulls my aunt has one she's adorable!

  5. felicitycheesesweety says:


  6. Jessy Nguyen says:

    you suck, u have the fuckin same vid, but just dif tidles

  7. Lydia Hilles says:

    Okay….. Why are we talking about pit bulls in a video that is titled "pros and cons of Bernese mountain dog" if this was a video for pit bulls great…. But…. Lol….

  8. Cassie VXM says:

    My dogs picture is being used on the title screen and I did not give authorization.

  9. 303acidxtc says:

    Ummm……the thumbnail picture for this video on Google search (Celebrities who own Bernese Mountain Dogs) is of our Berner. How did you get it and why are you using it?ย 

  10. Andrea Kloess says:

    this was supposed to be a video about bernese mountain dogs.. not pit bulls..

  11. genniecooper says:

    Why use a misleading title? #liar

  12. Matt Gacy says:

    where's the berners though

  13. Thin Thread Advised says:

    I wrote to Youtube about your video content that is not AT ALL concerning Bernese Monutain Dogs !!!

  14. Edejamir Costa says:

    kd o bernese????????…………………..tomรกti cru

  15. Matt M says:

    Zero of this was about the title breed mentioned. 0/10.

  16. Acidic Beats says:

    This had nothing about Bernese mountain dogs in it

  17. Marcus Rompf says:

    Youโ€™ll never convince me on pitbulls. They are super unpredictable

  18. Jj Bb says:

    Wtf this is not a Bernese mountain dog

  19. aus_Chili says:

    Booo… why the misleading title?

  20. Caleb Rocha says:

    Pit bulls are sweet dogs

  21. Selena C Y says:

    Did anyone read the description under this vid? Made my brain hurt.

  22. Rob van der Sluis says:

    wtf is this title?

  23. Rob C says:

    I hate Pit bulls

  24. Tequila Denise says:

    What is this? I choose this video because it was supposed to talk about Bernese Mountain dogs.

  25. chokybearstudios says:

    Wtf . This is literally nothing sbout bernese mountain dogs.

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